Friday, April 28, 2017

The Good Co. | A Perfect Place For Honest Clean Healthy Food

What would be the first thought that comes to your mind if the word fast food is mentioned? Ultra fast to fill up that hungry tummy but most often not that healthy for the body, right? What if we tell you that fast food now need not be unhealthy? On the contrary, it can be nutritious, freshly prepared and packed daily, with a whole load of wholesome organic and vegan goodness and love. Would you be keen to know more? We are most definitely! That was exactly what we did, during the press launch of this latest cool place called The Good Co., one that serves up plenty of honest good food on-the-go. That was a great afternoon of exploration and discovery after all.

Located within a stylish sales gallery, Bön Estates - living, well crafted which stands on the pinnacle of Jalan Maarof, opposite Bangsar Shopping Centre, is a boutique developer that focuses on well crafted, sustainable and healthy living concept developments with The Good Co. as its healthy lifestyle partner, a healthy fast-food cafe, in essence.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

McQueen Eau de Parfum | The Night Queen Who Came And Reigned Our Heart

When we were told that a surprise from the house of Alexander McQueen would be arriving to the world of LUMINNEJ, we were extremely excited, as the name always seems to remind us of opulent, serious creativity, wrapped with the element of surprises, avant-garde almost, yet steep in tradition and gothic genetics and the fascination of dark beauty. As expected, the white packaging itself reflects that simplicity with the hint of blush feather embossed motifs, coupled with a degree of mystery. When we unboxed, the quant little clear glass bottle with a very unique lacquered cap cover which is filled with a grid of tiny studs (which is meant to mimic the texture of fabric) revealed itself to us, almost like walking out of the woods in the dark, emerging for the first time to its rightful owner.

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