Monday, April 24, 2017

McQueen Eau de Parfum | The Night Queen Who Came And Reigned Our Heart

When we were told that a surprise from the house of Alexander McQueen would be arriving to the world of LUMINNEJ, we were extremely excited, as the name always seems to remind us of opulent, serious creativity, wrapped with the element of surprises, avant-garde almost, yet steep in tradition and gothic genetics and the fascination of dark beauty. As expected, the white packaging itself reflects that simplicity with the hint of blush feather embossed motifs, coupled with a degree of mystery. When we unboxed, the quant little clear glass bottle with a very unique lacquered cap cover which is filled with a grid of tiny studs (which is meant to mimic the texture of fabric) revealed itself to us, almost like walking out of the woods in the dark, emerging for the first time to its rightful owner.

According to the creator of this McQueen Eau de Parfum, Sarah Burton, "I wanted this fragrance to come from night flowers, the kind that exude an eternal freshness once the day is gone". The night-blooming floral notes are mellow and subtly mysterious yet commanding. They are rounded and opulent but never brash for a confident newness to assert itself. Inspired by classic perfumes with strong floral signatures, McQueen has the traditional white flower craftsmanship and the beautiful structure too, but with a different, assured balance that captures the wholeness of the modern woman. Its top notes are spices - black pepper, clove and pink pepper - layered on top of the delicate petals of the night blooming flowers that compose the heart. Sambac Jasmine the essence of power and romance melts in the erotic embrace of the Tuberose, with both wrapped by the mysterious and exotic spiciness of the highest quality Ylang Ylang.

A McQueen Eau de Parfum woman is one who has a uniqueness and a real strength of personality. Burton even quietly revealed that she liked the erotic connotations of the notes: The Victorians considered tuberose to be dangerous to young women because of its sensuality and orgasm-inducing powers, while jasmine, one of the most expensive oils on the market, is also considered a natural aphrodisiac.

We definitely find the design of the dainty bottle extremely unique and alluring. A scent that immediate evokes and brings out that sensuality in us. It smells like no other perfumes we have put on before, stands out with its mysterious strength that almost speaks to the deep core of our femininity, capturing the imaginative mind that elicits that deepest desire to seek pleasure, to be seen and felt desirable as a woman, extremely captivating and surprisingly enigmatic in a very sexy way. This is definitely not for the weak hearted, but one who dares to embrace one's own sexuality and never shy away from a thrilling experience that night flowers bring. Definitely reserved for that extra special occasion when we need to feel gorgeously obsessed or lust over with, perhaps *_^

More about the perfume here.  Thanks Alexander McQueen (here) for the opportunity to try out such an interesting scent which is full of character and speaks to the modern women of today, another winner to add onto our existing collection!

McQueen Parfum EDP 50ml (MYR1,499)
McQueen EDP 50ml (MYR415)
McQueen EDP 30ml (MYR310)

Till our next journey and discovery of scents, have a great week and stay luminously happy always, lovelies *_^

Visuals | White Tuberose | Sambac Jasmine | Ylang Ylang | McQueen Parfum ad campaign

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