Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Better Version Of You Is Always Possible!

lumi vsco red petals dwell on beauty

We are a strong believer in that saying, "there is always room for improvement", in anything in life and we try our best to stick to that motto. That is why we made that decision to give LUMINNEJ a face lift recently. We could not have been happier with the final result. Of course, it is always a work-in-progress but we are contented for now. 

A super huge big HUG (+kisses) and thanks to Angelina Su, the amazing designer who is the major "engineer" behind this superlatively challenging task which set upon her the moment we decided to put her behind the wheel. Luckily, she has such wealth of experience designing webs that she delivered with flying colours (after a great deal of hassle and much headaches "bestowed" upon her by our never-ending demands and requests!). We hope we are still the best of friends at this point in time, haha *_^

sky and stars

There is something truly special about her (though she is relatively young), she understands great aesthetics and knows how to make things work. That's what we love about her (a huge dose of patience is a plus). We would love to extend our heart felt gratitude and love to this Indonesian girl for such an excellent work. We hope you would check Sky and Stars out if you ever need an upgrade for your blog (or for anything blog related). We are very sure that she would be more than happy to assist you! 


We hope you love our new face lift and we look forward to bringing you more exciting contents, created with the same amount of love and care, which we have been doing since we started LUMINNEJ here. Love to also take this opportunity to say a big THANKS to all our friends, brand supporters and "fans" (really?), no matter near or far, who have been following and supporting us by reading, leaving your comments and most of all, extending your true friendships to us! We would not have come this far without you, truly.

Enjoy the ride and we shall see you back here again *_^

With love,

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

[Inspiration | Musing] Becoming Me, Becoming You

smoking bnw lisasorgini.com word dreamers designlovefest.com green record nock-nock-nock.tumblr.com word no time for boredom tulle ahiddenkissbehindeverysmile.tumblr.com word to be happy be yourself

All visuals via LUMI's pinterest and board Words.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

[Review] Christopher Kane x NARS Collection: Excite . Enhance . Electrify

nars christopher kane set nars mv07

NARS in Malaysia was expending and it was our pleasure to be invited to their latest boutique opening at Midvalley Megamall recently, also in the conjunction of the launch of NARS artistic collaboration with London-based famous fashion house, Christopher Kane. We remembered the hype started way back long before the collection actually hit the market here in Malaysia and we were eager to find out what the huge hype was all about.

nars christopher kane collage02 nars christopher kane set01

Having graduated from a well-known fashion design school, the Central Saint Martins College and multiple award-winner fashion designer, Christopher Kane has carved himself a name (and fashion house for that matter) by churning out distinctive designs, often re-invent and using materials, elements that tend to be conventional and turned them into fresh and super fun cool pieces and collections. Perhaps the partnership with his older sister, Tammy Kane was indeed a good idea to begin with as great minds think alike and siblings-love makes it the more exciting and fun to run a fashion label, right?

nars mv collage

That Saturday morning was an intimate session, and the new NARS boutique was pleasantly decorated, simple but most definitely iconic of NARS’s signature look and feel. Let’s get into what our thoughts are using the Christopher Kane x NARS collection first and we shall leave the boutique experience for our future blog post, all right?

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Exotic Looks From M.A.C For The 16th Annual IIFA 2015

IIFA emcees01
The two lovely Emcees for the night, the dashing Vivek Oberoi and beautiful Neha Dhupia
IIFA bts mac makeup06

We were super excited and honored when M.A.C Malaysia extended a special media invitation to LUMINNEJ recently to enjoy a night of Fashion Extravanganza Show in conjunction with the 16th Annual International Indian Film Festival 2015 (IIFA2015) and a chance to go back stage to take a closer look at the looks that M.A.C team has put together, specially for the 3 famous Indian fashion designers for the night.

M.A.C Cosmetics is the official sponsor of IIFA15, celebrating the brand's 10 years of support of the event globally - Dubai (UAE), Yorkshire (UK), Bangkok (Thailand), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Macau (China), Singapore, Tampa Bay (USA), Toronto (Canada) and the latest addition this year, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). 

IIFA bts mac makeup05 IIFA bts mac makeup07 gaurang collage03

The day started off really long and early as we had another event to attend in the morning, by the time we headed over to have our makeup done by the M.A.C team (thanks for the kind arrangement by the way) at The Westin Hotel in the afternoon, we were a little lethargic but nonetheless could not wait for the show to begin later at Shangri-La Hotel. Super excited *_^

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Alessandro Dell' Acqua's Resort 2016 For Rochas

02-Rochas-Balenciaga-Resort-2016 Rochas-Balenciaga-Resort-2016 collage04 06-Rochas-Balenciaga-Resort-2016 01-Rochas-Balenciaga-Resort-2016

Super dreamy and lovely soft pastel hues punctuated with bold orange, lavender, muted gold, this collection speaks "beautiful" to us, in a subtle way. Absolutely falling in love with the campaign looks and the simple pieces put together, with materials like laces, cotton, silk made into ruffled skirts and sheer gingham, and that oh so romantic pink and all white coat and pants combo, long floor skirts, really mesmerizing indeed.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

[Inspiration] Beauty In Odyssey By Ruslan Khasanov

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Just being, just existing, just a speck or particle, element in the water, formation with oil, glitters that sparkle with laughters that is insanely gorgeous, everything in this world has its place and purpose. Beauty breaks down into tears, tears of joy that could only uplift and inspire. 

Have you come my way to show me your true colours or have you come armed with the brightest and most beautiful side of you to entertain and please? For whatever reasons, you have succeeded, terribly well, I may add. I am more than elated. I am beyond happy... speechless.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Colours, emotion in motion... a moment fast, the next second slows down in your pace, you move with the music, in such grace that I could hardly take my eyes off you, even for that single moment in time, you have captivated my mind, and possibly my soul too.

If you had asked me, are you willing to stay, I had told you, I am more than ready to go away with you, wherever you had wanted me to, any moment, any time... but right after that, you disappeared, without a trace. How could you have left, without saying a word?

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[Review] Lunasol 2015 Summer Makeup Sheer Breeze Collection

Untitled Untitled

Loving the fact that summer is fast approaching for the rest of the world, but we are uber late on this blog post as our specially arranged makeover session for us by Lunasol Malaysia team was done way back gosh know when! But like they say, better late than never, right? Nonetheless, we did review  the base makeup range from Lunasol's Summer collection here though. So, let's move onto their colour makeup for this coming summer, all right? It's called Sheer Breeze Collection and we were super lucky to have our makeup done by the Japanese makeup artist, Satoru Inokubo previously.


We have always been fascinated by this Japanese brand's philosophy of creating and enhancing women's beauty through the creative use of light and shadow, with a great deal of refinement. With this Sheer Breeze Collection for summer, it is no exception. It is about draping the skin with purifying point makeup that is translucent and sheer luster, in a mature atmosphere, with vivid lip colours to summery breezy sparkling hues, refreshing with a cooler tone, almost as if purifying the soul, according to Lunasol.


Satoru Inokubo San worked really fast by prepping our skin with some lunasol skincare, then followed by base makeup and moved onto using the summery point makeup colours that we shall be reviewing here. Working with swift and experience hands and explaining his applications all the way in fluent Mandarin! (yes, we were as surprised as you *_^) He actually picked up the language during his travel makeup work trips to Taiwan over the years and he is an avid photographer too *_^ It was so great seeing the professional worked, really!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Shu Uemura Skin:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation Preview - A Beautifully Fresh Experience

shu uemura skinfit on display02 shu uemura skinfit foundation pack MAIN shu uemura skinfit on display01

A fresh lovely Wednesday morning, a new brand connection, this time around, we were cordially invited by one of the leading Japanese cosmetics and skincare brands, Shu Uemura to attend and experience, first hand, their latest new Shu Uemura Skin:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation at the Proof Cafe & Sky Lounge at The Signature. We were more than happy to find out what cosmetic water foundation is all about *_^

Breezy and cosy morning wind greeted us upon arrival, coupled with huge smiles by the team of Shu Uemura Malaysia, this was off to a great start already. The beautiful sky lounge and cafe inside was transformed and displayed with lovely main star for the day. We spotted pentagon-shape looking sponges in huge glass bottles, pomegranate and some greens, perhaps those were the hints for the guests already *_^

shuuemura skinfit display01

To start off the session, all guests were requested to complete a huge puzzle, with individual pieces given upon arrival earlier to each guest. Well, you have guessed it, the complete big picture was none other than the the Skin:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation and its ingredients.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

[Review] L'OCCITANE Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc

loccitane iris blanc01 loccitane iris blanc02 package

Bath ourselves in the glory of the morning sun, pamper our sense of smell with flowers upon flowers and fall into the dream world of fields filled with beautiful flowers carefully nurtured and planted over the famous perfumed land, Grasse and mediterranean, this is exactly how we felt and transported into when we first put on this latest offering called Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc from L'OCCITANE, a brand that is synonymous with natural beauty that is all things French.

loccitane iris blanc collage01
loccitane iris blanc03 package

Grasse was once overflowed with fields of fragrant flowers that accompanied the delicate movements of the pickers in the language of the mistral wind. It is indeed amazing that how L'OCCITANE as a brand established as far back as in the 1970s have upheld the tradition and continues to bring the best of flowers and their scents infused into bottles that we can now totally enjoy, just with a few spritzes. "35 years later, we are defining the first accords of La Colletion de Grasse. A collection that pays homage to the know-how of the land of Grasse", announced Olivier Baussan, the founder of L'OCCITANE.

loccitane iris blanc collage02

Well, thanks to the passionate producers of The Damianos who are still patient enough to grow and pick orange blossoms (it is a long painstaking and laborious task undertaken while keeping one's balance on a ladder) and their partnership with L'OCCITANE, only then we have the luxury of experiencing a floral perfume like Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc. Anne Dor, the vineyard owner, gave new meaning to this heritage by reinitiating the cultivation of iris on the property. L'OCCITANE called on her to enhance its production of Iris Pallid with a sustainable farming approach at Val d'Iris in Grasse.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

[Live Stream] Burberry Menswear Spring/Summer 2016

Having live streamed previous Burberry Menswear shows before, we are super excited and honoured to work with our favourite British brand, yet again, this time around, to bring you right-to-the-seconds LIVE STREAM of Burberry's Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 collection, unveiling right here at LUMINNEJ soon.

Burberry Menswear Spring_Summer 2016 Show - Pre Show Imager_001 Burberry Menswear Spring_Summer 2016 Show - Pre Show Imager_002

We have always enjoyed watching the show at the comfort of our home, yet felt so much connected. Of course, our ultimate dream would still be attending one of Burberry's show right there at London, but till then, we are happy to catch it live via our blog and social media platform like Facebook.

The show will be on the 15th June, Monday Malaysian time 8:00pm (12.30pm London Time). So, check back here and watch the show with us, will you? See you on Monday then, lovelies *_^

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