Monday, June 1, 2015

An Exquisite Dior Midvalley Boutique Opening Party

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Bonjour lovelies! How shall we put this?

Perhaps no one knows how to pamper a lady better than the French brand, Dior, and we must say, they did it splendidly that very evening at the brand's 4th boutique opening in Malaysia, at Midvalley Mall recently. Perhaps it was the Moët & Chandon champagne that sparkled that evening, perhaps it was the way Dior's J'adore golden perfume glass bottle caught the gleaming light in the boutique, perhaps it was all the beautiful hues of the lovely makeup items displayed at the counter, the way the luxuriously presented skincare collections that begged our attention, or maybe it was the new acquaintances and old friends whom we shared intimate conversations with, or perhaps it was a bit of everything that made the entire experience there, simply... magical. It felt just like that, for us, attending our very first Dior event.

Dior MV makeup03 Dior MV skincare02 Dior MV party collage product03 Dior MV nail colours

We were indeed, pleasantly surprised how comfortable we felt, at the newly opened boutique, which was said designed by the ID team from Paris, emulating the French heritage design concept, in giving Dior's clientele and lovers the best experiential feeling that one can get, while you are there. We found one corner tugged away with skincare range that one can sample and try on, a comfortable sofa that you would want to sink into, makeup counters with mirrors and built in small TV screen panels showcasing makeup tutorials by Dior makeup artists at the middle of the boutique, as well as the Dior nail colours. All corners are strategically located to offer you a sensorial experience that one would most definitely fall in love with, the moment you step foot into the space. This new Dior boutique located at the Groud floor next to the concourse area offers a unique olfactive experience, complete makeup and skincare collection, bespoke services and exclusive events for Dior members and guests.

Dior MV makeup02 Dior MV makeup04 Dior MV party collage product02

It is super hard to choose one corner that we love as we love them all for different reasons. So much to see and so much to discover and try them out. It was a great turn out, even Dior's Asia-Pacific Managing Director of Perfums Chritian Dior, Olivier Dubos was present to grace the glamorous occasion.  The evening wind down to a relaxing one where we had a good chat with new friends and later on managed to grab some pictures, shown here. We had so much more visuals but let's leave that till next occasion then.

Dior MV skincare03 Dior MV cake Dior MV Thank You Note

Thanks Dior Malaysia for having us. We had one of the most enjoyable time there. Congratulations again to your 2nd boutique opening in Klang Valley! You had one lovely pretty cake there *_^ This is most definitely one space that you would not want to miss if you are a beauty lover.

dior beauty awakening rehydrating mask03

We managed to score ourselves something equally enchanting with the vouchers provided that evening. If you are a Dior lover, you would probably know what we have gotten ourselves *_^

Stay tuned, we shall review more about our experience with our first Dior skincare product in due time! Have a luminous start to an awesome week and a new month of June, lovelies *_^

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  1. Omg~!! All the photos are so pretty ^.^
    You must be having so much fun during the event~!
    Can't wait for more of your sharings.
    Envy~ Envy~

    1. haha Venice,

      Thanks for the love, you are too kind. Yes, you are right, I did have such fun at the event! Perhaps you will get to attend some of them as well, one day, if you ever decide to come to KL for a short visit.

      Looking forward to that *_^ and thanks for dropping by!



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