Sunday, April 1, 2018

[Inspiration | Musing] April Kind Of Change

That moment when you realise what you miss most is just the feeling of that unspoken sense of belonging, even if it means to know that you mean something to someone, that you are truly who you are, uniquely your own self.

March saw a drastic change in life, moving onto new and different challenges in our professional work life, a mixture of excitement and adventures, rolled into one, felt and tasted like Vietnamese spring roll. Lethargically stimulated, we took it on with an open mind and heart. 

Looking at you, it seems inevitable, yes, change, we are looking at you. You fooled us well, yet we can only invite you in for a cuppa and work our way around to what seems certain at this moment, at least it is for the better of everyone. We miss certain things in life, capturing beauty, advocating the appreciation of beauty in life, time somehow is working a little against us, the tide is retreating so quickly that it takes us by surprise ... please stay a little longer, will you, please?

Perhaps it lies in our stars, wanting to live a vivacious life with memorable moments that take our breath away, always! Here's to a unprecedented April, it should be a revelation, one we hope we can face with great courage. Stay happy always, lovelies *_^

All visuals via LUMI's Pinterest | Flower Girl Under The Tree | LUMINNEJ Insta Feed | Words Go Where Alive | Lace In Bed | All White In Bed

With love, 
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