Monday, April 28, 2014

[Instagram] LUMI's Favourites 1

We absolutely LOVE Instagram! Such a great app to explore the wonders and beauty of the world through some of the most amazing eyes of the wanderers. We cannot seem to get enough of it. We have been following some instagrammers for quite some time already, and here, we would like to share with you, some of our favourites, among many others more. You can see more over at our special facebook LUMI's Insta Fav album here. Meanwhile, check out some of their amazingly breathtaking photography/capturing work! Click on the list below to go to their IG feeds.

1. artifactuprising | 2. buck_to_the_street | 3. heygorgevents | 4. erikheywood | 5. thisisglamorous |
6. nicolegst | 7. cannellevanille | 8. negin_mirsalehi | 9. sayurimatsuda

10. belgravecrescent | 11. tomyk | 12. cottds | 13. jennysun | 14. beetle_eyes | 15. beyoutiii |
16. _asyuka_ | 17. jovanpeh | 18. stylishbag

Here is a collage of LUMINNEJ's over the weeks. A glimpse of our simple life. Till the next time, have a great week ahead, lovelies *_^

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Lunasol Celebrates 15 years Of Purifying Makeup

When refined beauty means taking each step of your makeup routine attentively, with acute gracefulness and gentleness that breathes life to your face, one that showers your own skin with tender loving care, you will realize that sense of carefully sculpting light and shadow approach that is the core of what this long established Japanese brand, LUNASOL from Kanebo is really all about, that makes the difference between just putting on makeup and being ONE with makeup. 

Even though we at LUMINNEJ have been eluded by any event invites from Lunasol so far, we would still love to share some beautiful information about their latest up-and-coming collection as we truly adore the brand's concept of putting makeup as a purifying process, almost enhancing one's soul in search of that subtle true beauty within everyone of us who loves makeup. Besides, our friends at LUNASOL is also celebrating 15 beautiful years! The big ONE FIVE, congratulations from us!

With this vast and deep experience over the years, Lunasol has sought with passion a perfect hue for every colour and they know very well that the impression of colour can truly give a difference depending on the glow added to it. Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, Lunasol presents to you a special purifying Makeup collection for summer, featuring the glow that is such a signature of Lunasol,  this time around called "Double Lighting" - dazzling sparkles like summer and a dewy luster. Sounds lovely already, isn't it? So, what does this collection entail? Have a look.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

[Inspiration] Kate Moss x Topshop New Collection Looking Oh So Sultry And Sensual

British supermodel Kate Moss is back in collaboration with Topshop for their new Spring Summer 2014 collection! We love her sense of style in terms of apparel and loving this looks of hers - chic yet has a certain character in them, and fashionable too *_^ Love how the shots were taken, playing around with lights and shadows to bring out her sexy silhouette and the flowiness of the dresses. Isn't the fringes thingy going on there fun? In fact, we can see ourselves wearing these pieces! 

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We LOVE Desserts! Period.

Yes, we love dessert, but we are also very aware of its drawbacks (fingers counting those calories already). So, how to satisfy such cravings? At times, we will just admire from afar, through dividing glass refrigerator, through drop down windows, anything but really eating them *_^

Small little note, even though we do really love desserts, but we don't fancy macaroons as they are way too sweet! They look lovely though, right??! There we go again! All right, these are two of our favourite brands for desserts: Komugi here and Tous les Jours here

Here are some of our favourite hunts. 眼看手不动! (See, no touch, please!). Hope you are having a sweet sweet week ahead! Pictures taken at Tous les Jours Bangsar.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Answer To Ultimate Sun Protection With Lancôme UV EXPERT!

I have to confess, I am personally not a great fan of BB cream. Now, there you have it. Why? I have had make-up artist friends advised me previously BB cream may not be for everyone. Second of all, after much testing with samples given to me, I always find BB cream a tag too heavy in terms of texture for my combination skin to handle. They felt sticky, thick and leave a mask-y kind of feeling on my face, as if, I had put on quite a few layers of foundation! (which I personally do not favour *_^).

When I received a special package from this luxury French brand, Lancome, it was a tube of Lancome's latest sun protection product, the word BB stared right back at me. I was thinking, oh gosh, hhmmm... should I give BB another chance? But then again, it is not exactly a BB cream, is it? It's also a sun block that works hard to shield my skin while even out my skin tone, no? So, I braved myself this time to just give it a go. No harm since it says SPF50 PA+++ (which is pretty high and good protection for someone like me, who would need it once I go outdoor, on shoots, especially!).

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Comyns Beautifully Bloomed Padma Collection Revealed

On an enchanted Wednesday morning, the petals of the lotus bloomed beautifully at Neo Tamarind, this time, it will be for eternity, never will they fade away into time for they have been sealed in The 925 Sterling Silver. Walking up the steps brought us into a refreshing new world of the flowers, the call of Comyns latest The Padma Collection gathering. It was a serene clean morning as we were greeted by lotus seeds with flower arrangements in the bowls brightly displayed and some guests gradually signing in. We were informed there will be a flower arrangement session (excited *_^)

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Edit Your Life

LIFE is a little bit of editing, here and there, to make things look and feel  different *_^ A Quick note to say hello and may your week be magical and luminous!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

[Instagram] Phases In Life

Previous month had been an equally challenging one for me, personally. As we go about life, doing the things we love to do, at times, harsh reality does sets in, once in a while. It makes you realize how fragile this life can be. Within the same weeks, much was happening. On a global scale, our plane went missing, it became a worldwide attention, around the same time, I received news of passings within the family, one of which involved a young mother and her two children, perished in a car accident. They were robbed of their growing up years, turning old, but sad to say, that is life/death. That by nature, is karma at work. It came so sudden that it was as tragic as one could not seem to be prepared for it, no matter how much you try to remind yourself the impermanence of life, it does slip through our fingers. As the days pass, the weeks follow, we tend to forget, all over again, we then move back to our daily pacing, plunging ourselves into living once again, without contemplating enough the notion of death (embracing death makes us treasure life). 

Stepping into my 40s, personally, age is but a number, yet I would like to eat more healthily (for the first time, going meatless to cultivate compassion towards animals). Now, I try to begin to constantly remind myself, secretly whispering into my own ears that life is short, do what is important or necessary, to be happy (and to bring happiness to others), no matter what, to be loving and kind, to be all that is good and to nurture that Buddha within me, to awaken the ignorance that clouded me all these while. We are but only human, but that in itself, should not be the excuse for us to not remember, not be diligent in reminding ourselves that how lucky we are to be alive. More so, to start living, really living a meaningful life, to be of some significance to this world and the people around us.

Hope your life is as colourful and as meaningful as you set out to create! Have a luminous week ahead *_^

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

20 Artists, One Icon - The Little Black Bottle by Lancôme

We are extremely thrilled to be invited to attend such an exclusive event by Lancome Malaysia (our first event with this luxury French brand) recently at Publika. A big thanks to the team. Upon arrival, I was personally given a quick tour and short explanation by the friendly Tanguy Le Baud, Lancome Brand Manager in regards to this artistic event called The Little Black Bottle.

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The White In Your Dream

There is something very hypnotic about white spaces (though it is a cleaning and maintenance nightmare, we know *_^) for they bring out everything simple and pure about the environment. It enhances any pop of colours that may be introduced into this empty canvas, almost like painting. We would most definitely love to wake up to a bedroom full of sunshine creeping in every morning, just like this one below.

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