Saturday, April 5, 2014

The White In Your Dream

There is something very hypnotic about white spaces (though it is a cleaning and maintenance nightmare, we know *_^) for they bring out everything simple and pure about the environment. It enhances any pop of colours that may be introduced into this empty canvas, almost like painting. We would most definitely love to wake up to a bedroom full of sunshine creeping in every morning, just like this one below.

We love white clean spaces. Came across this interesting post by one of our favourite blogs we follow, The Design Chaser, on white spaces, featuring a Denmark design company called Designa, which we love. If only all our homes can be as clean and cluttered-free as these, wouldn't it be great to come home to spaces like these every single day?

Best part is, some of the pictures are 3D generated! For real?? Yes, they are that good. Look like real photography, no? You can get to know more about Designa here or check out their online catalogue here for more design inspirations. Of course, please do visit loads more beautiful designs and fabulous styling ideas featured on The Design Chaser here! Pictures via both sites. Have a lovely weekend!
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