Saturday, April 5, 2014

20 Artists, One Icon - The Little Black Bottle by Lancôme

We are extremely thrilled to be invited to attend such an exclusive event by Lancome Malaysia (our first event with this luxury French brand) recently at Publika. A big thanks to the team. Upon arrival, I was personally given a quick tour and short explanation by the friendly Tanguy Le Baud, Lancome Brand Manager in regards to this artistic event called The Little Black Bottle.

According to Tanguy, it is a project whereby Lancome gathers talents from around the world (Korea, China, France, England, America, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and Japan) from varied backgrounds like photographers, graphic designers, illustrators and more, to interpret and "re-imagine" the beauty of this iconic product, The Advance Genifique (the most advanced and potent serum with more than 130 international awards), in as many creative and illusive ways as possible. The outcome, is one a many that is truly fascinating indeed, we feel.

                 Lancome Art Exhibition of The Little Black Bottle by Slidely Slideshow

As we moved along the nicely decorated and well spaced gallerychandran, we were greeted by artwork of various tones, textures, medium, styles, techniques and approaches, all unique in their own way. It was, truly a glimpse into the artists' world. We were told to also, before the end of the night, to vote for ONE favourite piece, and if one's choice was chosen, one could bring home that particular framed artwork! How awesome is that?! Check out the slide video above for the artists' work or high res pictures via our flickr page here.

Apart from admiring the artworks, we were also being spoilt to bits! We had our eyes massaged using the latest from Lancome, the ADVANCED GENIFIQUE YEUX Youth Activating Eye Cream, which has yet to be released in the market! We got the first try *_^ It was rich in texture, yet very smooth and quick in melting into our delicate eyes area. It really did relax our tired eyes. Of course, after that, we get to have our makeup touched up by professional makeup artists, looking refreshed all over again *_^  

LUMI's favourite piece of artwork for the night by Tae-Sun KIM from Korea
The winning artwork for the night by Alena Lavdovskaya
LUMI favourite pick was a piece by Korean artist Tae-Sun KIM (which came in as the 3rd place for the night). We love the free flow of the dark ink surrounding the Genifique bottle, as if drawing out a sense of mystery from this iconic product, simple yet elegant in a pretty artistic way. The audience favourite and top winner for the night was a piece by Alena Lavdovskaya (which some how we had a funny feeling it may win because of its very feminine and fashion approach to its interpretation). Find out more about The Little Black Bottle Project here and more of the Lancome brand here.

Nice atmosphere, great vibe, lovely creative work to admire, it was definitely an enchanting night! We are most definitely looking forward to our next Lancome event *_^

By the way, do stay tuned for our next  blog post on some magnificent new products lining up from Lancome, you will be pleasantly amazed and thrilled by their powerful performances! Want to look your youthful best with the most cutting edge gene technology? You will not want to miss our next feature.

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  1. What a cool way to bring together creative talents from around the world. This eye cream sounds amazing too!

    Hope your week is off to marvelous start Jenn!
    Rowena @ rolala loves


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