Friday, April 25, 2014

Lunasol Celebrates 15 years Of Purifying Makeup

When refined beauty means taking each step of your makeup routine attentively, with acute gracefulness and gentleness that breathes life to your face, one that showers your own skin with tender loving care, you will realize that sense of carefully sculpting light and shadow approach that is the core of what this long established Japanese brand, LUNASOL from Kanebo is really all about, that makes the difference between just putting on makeup and being ONE with makeup. 

Even though we at LUMINNEJ have been eluded by any event invites from Lunasol so far, we would still love to share some beautiful information about their latest up-and-coming collection as we truly adore the brand's concept of putting makeup as a purifying process, almost enhancing one's soul in search of that subtle true beauty within everyone of us who loves makeup. Besides, our friends at LUNASOL is also celebrating 15 beautiful years! The big ONE FIVE, congratulations from us!

With this vast and deep experience over the years, Lunasol has sought with passion a perfect hue for every colour and they know very well that the impression of colour can truly give a difference depending on the glow added to it. Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, Lunasol presents to you a special purifying Makeup collection for summer, featuring the glow that is such a signature of Lunasol,  this time around called "Double Lighting" - dazzling sparkles like summer and a dewy luster. Sounds lovely already, isn't it? So, what does this collection entail? Have a look.

15th Anniversary Summer Eyes
2 limited types RM185
A five-colour eye shadow set with the sparkling 15th Anniversary logo decorated in the center, a combo that promises to layer elegant sparkles and dewy luster to the eyes to give them the clarity and three-dimentional look that you would adore. It comes in a beige tone (EX01) and a coral tone (EX02).

W Lighting Eyes
3 limited types RM93 (TBC)
A limited edition bi-colour eye shadow set, featuring the same logo as well, contains large and small brilliant pearl pigments, over a Clear Colour with a bright colouration. This will give you a fresh lustrous summery look.

W Lighting Mascara
1 limited type RM111 (TBC)
This is a limited edition deep hue mascara that combines a Base Colour that provides colour to the lashes and a Lighting Colour that adds a sparkly accent. It is a dark purple shade that combined with a layer of navy blue with gold lame accent.

W Light Lips
3 limited types RM104 (TBC)
A limited edition as well, lip colour that combines liquid lips that delivers magnificent adherence and a succulently lustrous lip gloss all in one. After applying this in combination, it is stated that it will give your lips that plump three-dimensionality that cannot be achieved with just one colour (think Angelina Jolie, perhaps? Well, a slightly tone-down version *_^)

Nail Finish
3 limited colours RM56
Limited edition nail colour featuring two different types of glow - luster and sparkles, that look absolutely perfect in the summer sun (well, tropical Malaysian sun will do too!). Three vibrant dullness-free carefully selected according to the nuance of luster type of vibrant colours to choose from (only two are shown here, you can click on the link below to discover more)

So, don't you think it is a complete package for you to get ready for that summery lustrous look? For more of the 15th Anniversary collection and a walk down memory lane with the brand, click here and LUNASOL here. By the way, the collection will only be available June 2014 onwards! Once again, congratulations to LUNASOL for giving us 15 alluring years of beauty and we look forward to more glowing years ahead from this brand! Stay luminous always and have a happy weekend *_^
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  1. I wish Lunasol was available in the States. This is such a gorgeous range!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. I know, aren't they pretty? I kind of like RMK lately as well... both brands are under Kanebo anyway, so, they share a little similarities, but I guess targeted at different market groups *_^


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