Saturday, April 12, 2014

[Instagram] Phases In Life

Previous month had been an equally challenging one for me, personally. As we go about life, doing the things we love to do, at times, harsh reality does sets in, once in a while. It makes you realize how fragile this life can be. Within the same weeks, much was happening. On a global scale, our plane went missing, it became a worldwide attention, around the same time, I received news of passings within the family, one of which involved a young mother and her two children, perished in a car accident. They were robbed of their growing up years, turning old, but sad to say, that is life/death. That by nature, is karma at work. It came so sudden that it was as tragic as one could not seem to be prepared for it, no matter how much you try to remind yourself the impermanence of life, it does slip through our fingers. As the days pass, the weeks follow, we tend to forget, all over again, we then move back to our daily pacing, plunging ourselves into living once again, without contemplating enough the notion of death (embracing death makes us treasure life). 

Stepping into my 40s, personally, age is but a number, yet I would like to eat more healthily (for the first time, going meatless to cultivate compassion towards animals). Now, I try to begin to constantly remind myself, secretly whispering into my own ears that life is short, do what is important or necessary, to be happy (and to bring happiness to others), no matter what, to be loving and kind, to be all that is good and to nurture that Buddha within me, to awaken the ignorance that clouded me all these while. We are but only human, but that in itself, should not be the excuse for us to not remember, not be diligent in reminding ourselves that how lucky we are to be alive. More so, to start living, really living a meaningful life, to be of some significance to this world and the people around us.

Hope your life is as colourful and as meaningful as you set out to create! Have a luminous week ahead *_^

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