Saturday, February 28, 2015

[Musing] The Sea Is Calling

To be drifted away, this Saturday it is, to a place far, far away, 
where letting go of things in a bottle, hoping that the waves will carry them away, like how the wind shoulders our dreams into the open sea, is something of a dream in reality. 
As though the call of the nature, could prove our sheer existence, this very moment.

I put on a white dress, and a black pair of heels, running incessantly, towards the sea,
hoping to catch, a final glimpse of you leaving, but only the gleaming ocean, heard my silent whisper, wishing you could stay, ever so slightly. Oh such silly of me. You never wanted to, in the first place,
do you?
That piece of reality, hits me at that instant, there and then, every so timely.

But no, I open my eyes, that image is only but a sequence, as if replaying from a scene in a movie,
like the flickering light, from the projector, it is not even real, to begin with.
Life is now great, all over again, as the time has come, for me to take a look at life,
really seriously, with a fresh eyes and a cleansed mind.

This life on my own, can be as beautiful, as the sea itself. 

I no longer wish that thing could have been different, as I begin to comprehend, life unfolds, naturally, for a certain reason, and purpose for me. Today is the day, my life has just begun, for whatever comes my way, it most definitely will be, as pretty as how I imagined it to be - no more, no less. Be happy to be not only alive, but to be LIVING a life worth dreaming about.

// All visuals via LUMI's pinterest //

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Friday, February 27, 2015

[Inspiration] Style Crush: Moderosa By Roos-Anne van Dorsten

As always, we stumbled upon our style crushes by accident and many a times, it always surprises us with good outcome. Of recent, we discovered a space called WhatsTrend Blog which comprises a few influential bloggers around the region of Europe. One of them caught our attention. Her very basic style appeals to our senses and that began our love affair with her (her blog actually *_^ oh and her instagram too!). She is Roos-Anne van Dorsten, the beautiful blogger behind the blog, MODEROSA.

We don't really know much about her, except the fact that she is based in the Netherlands and jet-sets around the world with a good friend of hers (whom we love as well). Why so, you may wonder. It is because there is basically not much to read about, each blog post is often kept very brief but the visuals are enough to keep us not only entertained, but most of all, inspired.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

M.A.C Spring/Summer 2015 Makeup Trend: ENLIGHTENED

Always setting makeup trends and leading the way in beauty on runways and backstage shows across New York, London, Milan and Paris, M.A.C yet again presents us with another magnificent line-up of Spring/Summer 2015 makeup trends, used during these four major fashion shows worldwide. First up, we would love to share with you this trend from the four main ones, entitled ENLIGHTENED. We love the look and sound of it already! So, let's dive in, shall we?

This beauty direction bathes the skin in light and connects it to brightness. Replacing the carved shadows and conscious contours of seasons past, this new skin treatment plugs into a purity that "offers a more spiritually optimistic vision of how we'll all look in the future, rather than a sci-fi view of it. We'll be gorgeous and gleaming." predicts Lucia Pieroni.

Basically it is a trend that highlights the FACE. Skin looks luminous and clear. Cream colour base is used for highlighting, focusing on the orbital bone and C sector (above eyebrow). It is a look of creamy and high shine. Below are the products used to get the look for this season. We even had the pleasure of working with a M.A.C makeup artist recently to recreate this look on us! (Exciting indeed). So, stay tuned for more updates on that coming your way real soon *_^

Makeup items: 1 | 2 (candy yum yum) | 3 (pink plaid) | 4 | 5 | 6 (slightly tauped) | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Diorama The New Panoramic Elegance

Misleadingly classic with black and white, yet punctuated with bold strong colours, accentuated with graphics, this re-interpretation of the long standing signature of Dior cannage and refined masterful work of embroidery, Dior has presented us an array of style through its latest handbag collection which is aptly called DIORAMA. The range debuted at Dior's Spring Summer 2015 show recently, it has since fast becoming the IT bag for not only the runway, but perhaps on the streets and hands of discerning lovers of Dior in time to come, we believe.

This piece above (first visual, Diorama in black) happens to be our top favourite among others, this simple classic yet modern pick has all the elements that we love - classic black, solid boxy silhouette, detailed and magnificent decorations inspired by historical motif, the highly crafted chain with openwork and engraved links may be used in two ways, on the shoulder or across the body (which we love).

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Burberry Prorsum Menswear AW2015 Classically Bohemian

What do men look for these days in fashion? It is that power dressing that suit up a man and make them look sharp, or is it that laid back airy British feel with a sense of easiness towards life and fashion in general, yet is not afraid to embrace a little flowery patterns and a dose of mother nature motif? Maybe it is a little of both, depending on occasion and mood, we feel. 

We had the pleasure to live stream on LUMINNEJ and witness the unveiling of Burberry Prorsum Menswear Autumn/Winter 2015 collection recently and menswear has never been this exciting. There is a certain look that makes a Burberry man stands out. What Christopher Bailey describes this season  of collection is that Classically Bohemian kind of look and feel that he was going for. 

We are loving that whole colour range of purple, ink, green, ochre, camel, charcoal and red. Especially captivated by the fringe details on the document case, scarves, with mixed layering of coat, cashmere ponchos or huge luxurious fringe shawls and that oh so classic looking scholar eyewear collection, with a modern flavour. We also find the bomber jackets a good fit. The Burberry Carryall bags look pretty cool to be carried around as well, especially if you are in the creative industry, quite some room space for things, we imagine.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

[Instagram] Lumi's Feature 4: Gustav Brostrom

One of our favorite Instagram feeds comes from this fashion blogger from Stockholm, Sweden. We find his styling of objects and things he fancies really interesting - kind of what we presume, most people would call it, organized chaos? But we would rather call it a sense of chaotic beauty *_^ We do mean it in a really good way though (honestly!)

Gustav Brostrom is a Swedish fashion assistant for Elle Magazine and we find his art of arrangement rather meticulous (like most Instagrammers), yet, there is a certain degree of beauty in them. Especially loving his cool blue-ish tone to some of his pictures! We have been enjoying his feed for a while now, and we hope to share the joy with you.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

[Sneak Peek] M.A.C Lightful C Marine-Bright Formula Skincare

We were at a makeup learning session recently with M.A.C Malaysia and at the end of all the fun, our friends at M.A.C surprised us with their skincare range called LIGHTFUL C. Yes, we all know that the brand is famous for its makeup collection all over the world, skincare from M.A.C is something new to us, but their 'marine-bright' formula does sound intriguing already! 

Let's see how these two products will work on our skin. We shall give them a try and let you know in due time. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for this space as we shall be sharing our makeup session with you soon!

If you can't wait to check out the Lightful C skincare range, here for more. 

Till then, have a great weekend, lovelies *_^

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Friday, February 20, 2015

LIVESTREAM: Burberry Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2015

Another great way to start the Lunar New Year of 2015! As we are ushering in the year of the GOAT, we are collaborating with Burberry once again, to bring you the yearly anticipated runway show, streamed here LIVE at LUMINNEJ. 

We are spotting some embellishments with glass pieces? Interesting! We can't wait to watch the show live, at the comfort of our home. Are you ready? Check back here on the 23rd February, 01:00PM London time (or Malaysian local time 09:00PM) to watch it with us, will you?

Looks like London is looking pretty this coming Monday *_^ Thanks Burberry for the opportunity!

Till then, have a luminously happy week ahead and enjoy your festive holidays.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gong Xi Gong Xi From LUMINNEJ For The Year Of The Goat!

Hello from small town Sungai Petani, Kedah! Northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. We are back home (my in-laws' place) for this year's Chinese New Year. You know, home = awesome home cooked food! How to keep those waist line in checked *_^

Anyways, we hope that the year of the GOAT will usher in good luck, great fortune and most of all, excellent health for you and loved ones, who are celebrating this festive season. Oh, if you are into Chinese zodiacs and fortune or luck for the year of the goat, here for more. (It says don't work too hard this year, for us, hmmmm.... what do you think?) Just for fun anyway.

We take this opportunity to say a huge big thanks to all of you out there who have been supporting LUMINNEJ, be it brands and friends from near and far (and future potential ones *_^). We love you all to bits! 

Let's catch up when we come back, all right? Stay luminous and happy, always.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

[Inspiration] Preen Pre-Fall 2015 Looking Chic

Having high profile women wearing their designs, Preen is a British brand which we came across accidentally and immediately fell in love with their recent Pre-fall 2015 collection. Those high profile women we mentioned earlier include A-listers like Cate Blanchett, Diane Kruger, Michelle Obama, Carey Mulligan, Gwyneth Palthrow, Scarlett Johansson, just to name a few.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lunasol 2015 Spring Makeup Elegant Purification

Taking inspiration from the gracefulness and fluidity of a ballerina, Kanebo’s LUNASOL 2015 Spring Summer collection promises a varied of colour makeup that delivers crystal-clear tones and delicate textures, imparting a sense of graceful air to the wearer. Immerse yourself in the world of elegance purification with the latest offering from Lunasol. 

Lunasol Stain Colour Lips (RM111)
Most prominent of all is the 7 new Lunasol Stain Colour Lip colours. The vivid colours give the lips its stain, yet maintaining its natural texture. The soft matte textures leave the lips vibrant yet natural. The final look - an elegant prima ballerina.

Lunasol Tender Clear Eyes (RM185)
A four-colour eyeshadow colour palette, it is inspired by the ballerina’s dignified posture. A moist soft texture, simply adheres to the eyelids, it creates a translucent depth, with some sparkles on the eyes, drawing one’s attention to the window to the soul feature on the face. It comes in 3 variations of colour tones along the line of spring hues.

Lunasol Tender Shine Eyes (RM95)
Five limited-edition colours of single eyeshadows, paint your eyelids with soft sparkles for a spring-filled, airy look. We love the subtle pastel and earthy combination colours that works well alone, or perhaps combined to create a much more dramatic eye looks, as desired.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015!

This could be the best (or worst) day of the year! When all couples are eagerly smoldering each other with overflowing sense of love, some of us may feel the contrary, like another love song playing on the radio can seriously make us pull all our hair out or suffocate ourselves to tears with a pillow! Gosh.

So, an age old question, what is love?

Is it the butterflies in our stomach, the dizzy feeling we feel on our first kiss, the tingling sensation when we hold the hand of that special someone for the first time, that quiet moment spend out at the sea, the soft whispers in the ears, the endless giggling, the long phone conversations (or rather FaceTime and texting back and forth these days), the list goes on and on. 

What happens if that first rush of love fades away ever so unintentionally as time goes by? Aptly pointed out by the Wongfu Production fellas in their infamous relationship video (Strangers, Again), laying out the stages of relationship each couple usually goes through? What then? 

Well, it remains a mystery (or hard cold reality for some of us) for each and everyone of us looks at this thing called LOVE very differently, and therefore, holds different meaning to us.

Each of us love in various ways, some are not capable of doing so. Let's love the way we love, no matter.

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