Monday, March 28, 2016

Introducing Phillip Wain's FRX D-White Divine Perfector Whitening Facial Treatment

With the new year came a new leash of life and this year it was a little extra special for LUMNNEJ as we were cordially invited by Malaysia's leading luxury ladies fitness and beauty club, Phillip Wain to experience their new launch for the 2016 - The FRX D-White Divine Perfector Whitening Facial Treatment.  This is a skin brightening and line perfector targeted facial treatment, one which is formulated with advanced technology to help one reduce these areas of concern over a period of time. We are excited to share our facial treatment experience with you now and read till the end of our blog post if you would like to enjoy a very special discount brought to you by Phillip Wain x LUMINNEJ, specially for you lovelies out there. 

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

[Inspiration | Musing] Learn To Love

To love deeply, to love unconditionally, we fell into that trap, often than not, thinking that love is meant to be, believing that all we need is only love, but never to question ourselves, have we loved, properly or in fact, correctly? Is there a proper way to love? Is there a formula that is perfect? Unfortunately, there is none.

Having said that, we do believe there are some ways to make us feel like, love is all worthwhile after all. We wish to have the love of the world, we wish to be happy, eternally, without ever to worry that the love we receive will ever cease to exist, but of course, this is a wishful thinking, for ultimately, no one can love us more than we allow them to, or no one could ever love us, more than we love ourselves first. 

Distanced, separated, we felt we need some time away, away from it all, including writing, for writing discloses the deepest part of your secrets, the secrets of the heart, the unspoken words of your mind, they could have played hide and seek a little longer, in your mind, and not be exposed to the world, your heart which is truly aching, your body that is truly weakening, your soul that is utterly broken, broken by the circumstances, abandoned by destiny that is not willing to bend for us, not just yet, but we believe, when the right time comes, magic will happen to remind us that miracles do exist.

We wish for a kind of love, a special kind of love that transcends space and time. A unique kind of love that brings you far beyond this world, to see more, to explore more, to feel more, to learn more, to create more, to love deeply, to love fearlessly, to see the sky and clouds in their most beautiful form, to have a lovely space to retreat back to, at the end of each day, to just hop on a bike ride spontaneously, and be whisked away into the winding roads, lost in the nonsense of life has to offer, and just be silly and enjoy the comfort of one another.

We honestly believe, we need to learn, to learn to LOVE, all over again. Perhaps this will be a lifelong lesson that we shall need to do, continuously, for as long as we live, for each love brings a different perspective, and holds a varied meaning after all. One thing is certain, each love that passes you by or crossed your path, it makes you better, stronger and wiser. Do you believe in that?

All visuals via LUMI pinterest here.

Dedicated to the lover of life and beauty, the one out there, somewhere , who is able to see, what real love, truly is and meant to be

With love, 
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Friday, March 18, 2016

[Review] L'Occitane Reine Blanche Whitening Sleeping Mask & Illuminating Eye Care & Mask

Radiance of the skin is something we hope to achieve over time and come to treasure its quality, but more often than not, in this modern day of stressful life and aggressions of the environment and many other contributing factors like dehydrating weather, pollution, it can be a challenge. Last year, the French brand, L'Occitane introduced the essence of pure white, made in Provence, the Reine Blanche range. This March, the brand introduces its new additions to the whitening family - Reine Blanche Whitening Sleeping Mask and Illuminating Eye Care & Mask. LUMINNEJ had the pleasure to attend its campaign launch recently at Delectable By Su and be a part of this lovely experience and to share with you our thoughts and experience on these two new releases to the existing range.

The REINE BLANCHE whitening and illuminating program is a luxurious beauty routine formulated with Organic Reine des Prés. The petals of this unique flowers grow whiter over time, lightening from a creamy shade when it first blooms, to pure white. Hence, that explains why this natural wonders is incorporate as part of the skincare ingredients due to its whitening and illuminating properties. 

From the Organic Reine des Prés flowers, L'Occitane laboratory created the Reine Blanche Complex which contains natural salicylic acid, known for its mild exfoliating action, mulberry root extract and vitamin C (only in the serum and the cream). This unique association have a proven biological action that helps to illuminate, whiten and refine skin texture, revealing a complexion that appears brighter, fairer, more even and more translucent. Have we gotten your attention and curiosity already? Well, let's dive into the two main star products this March then, shall we?

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

[Inspiration | Musing] March, You Can Be Beautiful

March announces it presence quite nonchalantly to the point that it seems like soft petal of withering white roses, too soft to the touch, but subtle to the heart. We could imagine the vibe of spring, that dreamy quality, as if, taking a deep breath, means we have awaken to a new exciting month.

Work has been pretty hectic, a little crazy, quite far off from what we were wishing - taking things slow. Perhaps life is still life after all, one needs to make a living... how we wish we could just forget everything else and keep writing, stringing words together here and just take pictures and keep photographing, and sharpening our skills, every step of the way. Could we? Looks like not, at this point.

A few good things come with March though, started binging on a highly anticipated Korean series called Descendants of The Sun, starring the adorable looking Song Joong Ki and the beautiful Song Hye Kyo (here for a glimpse). Really loving the chemistry between the leads and the story progression. We do hope that it will progress in an interesting manner and ends well. As the universe has somehow arranged, our wish to travel more this year is coming true, somewhat. We are hitting the road again starting tomorrow. Perhaps a more relaxing trip this time around, please?


All visuals via Tokyo Bleep Tumblr here, except the white roses, the word March (here) and the gif images. Hope your March is looking fabulously magical so far, lovelies. We shall leave you with a Korean number and wishing you all the best for the month, and guess what? We shall be thinking about you, most definitely. 

With love, 
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[Review] The Face Inc, Doctor Prescribed Skincare At Your Fingertips

Doctor's prescription skincare is something quite new to us, as growing up right till now, we never really had any drastic or major skin concerns or issues we face with our skin (thank goodness *_^), unlike some other friends whom we know, continue to battle with acne, blemishes and troubled skin, we are quite sure that they would be very familiar with visiting a dermatologist or skin doctor. 

Now, with the existence of this beauty brand, The Face Inc, which gets serious with our skincare regime with serious science and technology, and using the online platform to make consulting a medical practitioner for beauty purposes much easier for those who require such assistance. The brand's goal is to provide accessibility to formulations and therapeutic protocols usually only available through prescription by skin doctors and dermatologists. We had the pleasure to attend The Face Inc's official launch in Malaysia (the brand was established in Singapore first) and their new release of the Eye Lift at Ruyi & Lyn recently and learnt more about the brand's approach and philosophy from the founder and Managing Director, Wilson Goh and Wenda Tan, The Face Inc Professional Affairs Manager herself. We shall also share with you our experience of using our own set of personalized Dr. Rei's prescribed skincare.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

[Inspiration] That Lovely Thing Called Tulle

In a perfect make-believe world, all angels would be dressed in a magical material in fashion called tulle, this is what was conjured up in our dreams, whenever our mind went overdrive and could not stop but day dreaming away. 

Of course, in this close to perfect real world (depends on how you want to look at the glass *_^), for us, there is this magical and endearing quality about tulle that it seems to never go out of style, its timeless quality makes it so everlasting. Strangely, no matter how much we love the look of it, we do not own a piece of this garment in our closet but always dream of wearing one, honestly. 

Tulle the name itself actually originates from a city called TULLE in the Southern central region of France, where it was well known as the center of lace and silk production in the 18th century. Learn a little more about tulle here. Whenever we think of tulle, we immediate picture some lightweight fabric/material or netting commonly used in veil, wedding gowns or ballet tutus. Most definitely due to its feminine feel, touch and look that it presents itself. Nonetheless, as you can see here, there are more ways to incorporate tulles in the things in our lives to give it that extra lovely dreamy quality to them.

Here are some looks which we love and put together, hope that you will enjoy this classic yet modern form of fashion which can never go wrong no matter when you put one on. All visuals via LUMI's Pinterest here. Do you own a tulle skirt in your wardrobe, we wonder?

How has your week been treating you, lovelies? So much to do this week, we are hoping for a more relaxing upcoming week ahead *_^

With love, 

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Missha Has Arrived In Malaysia At Sunway Pyramid

Most of us have been beaten, yes, beaten by the Korean wave bug - from the infamous Korean dramas, K-pop, Korean food, right down to K-beauty, fashion and what not. We could not help it, can we? The Korean wave sweeps across the entire globe (still remember PSY's Oppa Gangman Style?) like a hot fever, refuses to subside. So, we are pretty sure most of us would be excited to hear of another famous Korean beauty brand that has successfully made it to our Malaysian shore, aren't we? This time around, it is a Korean brand called MISSHA. We had the pleasure to attend their launch some time end of last year and we were super excited to check it out, as we chanced upon their famous BB base products online (with snail slime extract which got our interest piqued), and they look promising indeed. 

Apparently, Missha is a very popular beauty brand in Korea, hence, we believe the brand is finally here, adding to an already mushrooming and existing prolific Korean beauty brands in Malaysia (one will be surprised how many are there). Chose to open its very first store at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (L1.39), Missha selected a corner unit, right above the skating ring, just across Haagen Daz and all beauty products, skincare and makeup are flown in directly from Korea. So, you can shop with a peace of mind, rest assured that they are authentic.

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