Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Missha Has Arrived In Malaysia At Sunway Pyramid

Most of us have been beaten, yes, beaten by the Korean wave bug - from the infamous Korean dramas, K-pop, Korean food, right down to K-beauty, fashion and what not. We could not help it, can we? The Korean wave sweeps across the entire globe (still remember PSY's Oppa Gangman Style?) like a hot fever, refuses to subside. So, we are pretty sure most of us would be excited to hear of another famous Korean beauty brand that has successfully made it to our Malaysian shore, aren't we? This time around, it is a Korean brand called MISSHA. We had the pleasure to attend their launch some time end of last year and we were super excited to check it out, as we chanced upon their famous BB base products online (with snail slime extract which got our interest piqued), and they look promising indeed. 

Apparently, Missha is a very popular beauty brand in Korea, hence, we believe the brand is finally here, adding to an already mushrooming and existing prolific Korean beauty brands in Malaysia (one will be surprised how many are there). Chose to open its very first store at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (L1.39), Missha selected a corner unit, right above the skating ring, just across Haagen Daz and all beauty products, skincare and makeup are flown in directly from Korea. So, you can shop with a peace of mind, rest assured that they are authentic.

Some of the famous skincare lines from the brand include MISA (美思) series, Time Revolution Anti-aging and Super Aqua range. Guests were basically spoilt by the variety of choices available. We just felt like a whirlwind of deja vu, we have to admit that the packaging of some ranges do remind us of other beauty brands out there *_^ It felt like they are a mix match of some sort. Perhaps, that is the concept of the MISSHA brand? But then again, it is very much the content and efficacy that is crucial when it comes to skincare. We may have to look beyond the packaging instead. Having said that, we did find some of the makeup items fun and interesting. With the vouchers provided, we did pick up a few things we were running out of and was keen to try. 

We immediately fell in love with their The Style Triple Perfection Eyeshadow, the combination of shades and selections. We also picked up their Closing Cover Liquid Concealer, Eye Makeup Remover and some sheet masks. We could not resist to also add to our basket the cute heart-shape bottled The Style Lucid Nail Polish.

Indeed the triple eyeshadow did not disappoint. By now, you should know that we love nude shades when it comes to our eyeshadow colours, this little compact is one that we have been reaching out for since we got it from the launch. With a little shimmer, they glide on the eyelids easily and brighten up our eye makeup. Super loving this one. The liquid concealer is another surprise. It performs really well in concealing our dark under eye area and some redness around our nose. The consistency is just right and feels comfortable on the skin. 

How cute and lovely can a nail polish bottle be? Apparently, this one from Missha is one that oozes cuteness. How can we not fall in love with it? The only thing is that we find the consistency not as good, need at least two layers to get the colour shown nicely on the nails. The Eye Makeup Remover is a mild one, it performs all right, nothing outstanding about it but gentle enough to remove our eye makeup at the end of the day. The sheet masks do not live up to our expectations, they are made of materials which are quite fragile and do not feel as soothing or comfortable on the face, compared to other Korean brand's sheet masks that we have tried. 

Overall, it was a great launch event. Thanks Missha Malaysia for having us. We feel we have not tried the products enough to understand the brand better. Maybe in the future we shall *_^ Congratulations again to your new store opening in Malaysia! Wish you all the best. More about Missha via their Facebook page here and Instagram here. Check out their latest Spring/Summer 2016 pink makeup look via the video above, if you are curious about the brand.

Till our next Korean beauty adventure, have a luminously beautiful week and stay happy always, lovelies *_^ 

With love, 
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  1. I'm a huge aficionado of Kbeauty products and count Missha as one of the very first brands to having made a convert out of me :) it was their snail gel line, an absolute miracle worker. In other news though, how lovely it is to meet a fellow Malaysian, Jeann xo


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