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[Review] L'Occitane Reine Blanche Whitening Sleeping Mask & Illuminating Eye Care & Mask

Radiance of the skin is something we hope to achieve over time and come to treasure its quality, but more often than not, in this modern day of stressful life and aggressions of the environment and many other contributing factors like dehydrating weather, pollution, it can be a challenge. Last year, the French brand, L'Occitane introduced the essence of pure white, made in Provence, the Reine Blanche range. This March, the brand introduces its new additions to the whitening family - Reine Blanche Whitening Sleeping Mask and Illuminating Eye Care & Mask. LUMINNEJ had the pleasure to attend its campaign launch recently at Delectable By Su and be a part of this lovely experience and to share with you our thoughts and experience on these two new releases to the existing range.

The REINE BLANCHE whitening and illuminating program is a luxurious beauty routine formulated with Organic Reine des Prés. The petals of this unique flowers grow whiter over time, lightening from a creamy shade when it first blooms, to pure white. Hence, that explains why this natural wonders is incorporate as part of the skincare ingredients due to its whitening and illuminating properties. 

From the Organic Reine des Prés flowers, L'Occitane laboratory created the Reine Blanche Complex which contains natural salicylic acid, known for its mild exfoliating action, mulberry root extract and vitamin C (only in the serum and the cream). This unique association have a proven biological action that helps to illuminate, whiten and refine skin texture, revealing a complexion that appears brighter, fairer, more even and more translucent. Have we gotten your attention and curiosity already? Well, let's dive into the two main star products this March then, shall we?

The New Reine Blanche Whitening Sleeping Mask (100ml at MYR333)
To address the damage we mentioned above overnight, when skin is at its most receptive state, we have this wonderful mask to reach out to. Comes in a steady jar and with a spatula, this gel-cream formula whitening sleeping mask has a fresh bouncy texture and melts into our skin beautifully. We were immediately attracted to the light-weight texture and its fluidity in terms of spreadability. Glides on to the skin effortless and that mild natural scent of this sleeping mask is something we absolutely ADORE! Apparently, the mask melts into the skin during sleep and is released gradually into the skin for an overnight action. The feeling on the face and neck is truly a luscious feeling. The next morning, the skin feels plumped, hydrated, supple, very much rested and slightly luminous.

The illuminating Reine Blanche Complex is supplemented by a major new ingredient, Scutellaria Baicalensis, which help to combat the damages caused by aggressions. To enjoy its full benefits, one should apply the mask in a generous layer to clean, dry skin (after cleansing), avoiding the eye area, then follow these simple, sensors massage ritual:

To stimulate surface microcirculation - position the index finger and the thumb on the chin, then sliding from the chin towards the jawbone.

To smooth skin - massage the face using light circular motions with the fingertips, then, with the palm of the hands, smooth outwards from the centre several times. For more details on how to apply the sleeping mask, refer to the video above.
We can't tell you enough how much we LOVE this sleeping mask. It is simply luxurious and divine, you have to try it to experience exactly how we feel each time we put this on. Definitely a major love for us. Now, that's what we call a true beauty sleep *_^ We even took this sleeping mask (in a smaller tub) and the eye care mask along during our recent short Hong Kong trip last weekend and it really helped keep our skin hydrated at the end of the day in the chill cold Hong Kong weather! 

The New Illuminating Eye Care & Mask (15ml at MYR193)
To complete the Reine Blanche Day & Night Illuminating range, comes this Illuminating Eye Care & Mask. Developed with a gentle formula in mind, it is specifically targeted to the delicate skin eye contour. Enriched with the Reine des Prés, and supplemented with caffeine to help reduce puffiness, this eye cream comes in a lightweight texture. 

What we also love about it is that it is built with an expert massaging applicator with a rounded metal tip for an immediate cooling sensation that helps to stimulate the micro-circulation of the eye areas. Our late nights and extended long hours on the laptop do make our eyes extra tired, and coupled with our sensitive nose, dark circles and puffiness are some of our concerns. With this little wonder, it does help to soothe and calm our under eye areas. The texture is none sticky but it gets absorbed really fast after a few rounds of massages, we noticed. To learn how to use it daily as well as a mask, do watch the video below.

The organic Reine des Prés used by L'Occitane grows wild in the mountain meadows of the Drome region of Southern France, where both air and soil and pure and preserved. The flowers are carefully harvested only when they are fully ripe - that is to say, when they have lightened from their original pale yellow to pure white.

We are currently enjoying the pure white goodness of these two combo, thanks L'Occitane Malaysia for the love. To discover more about these new releases, please check it out here and here for more about L'Occitane the brand. Visuals of the provence and ingredients courtesy of the brand.

It was a beautiful afternoon well spent with L'Occitane Malaysia and we would also like to thank Clozette Malaysia for the special invite. If you have a sweet tooth and love all things sweet, do check out Delectable By Su here, we thoroughly enjoyed the lemon meringue and blueberry tarts served that day *_^ It was most definitely a cosy afternoon.

Till our next beauty escapade, have a luminously beautiful and happy week, lovelies *_^

With love,
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  1. This L'Occitane event looked amazing! I'm a fan of their brand and regularly use their beautiful hand-creams.

    The Reine Blanche Day & Night Illuminating range sounds really impressive and one I would happily check out that's for sure :)

    Thanks for a great review!

    Laura xo

  2. While all of these sounds amazing, I am a little reluctant about the price. I see L'Occitane as a mid-range instead of high end so to see those prices, I feel my money is better invested in Shiseido or Clinique. The one and only product from this range that I am really interested in is the eye care & mask, that sounds really good.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. This range sounds really good. I have a feeling it might not be released to the Western market since Westerners don't seem to favor or understand whitening skin care. I've been using a brightening sleeping mask from a Korean company called Belif that I really like. I'll have to try that application method with it.

    Hope you had an amazing week and cheers to an even better weekend dear Jeann :D


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