Monday, September 29, 2014

[Inspiration] Photographer Crush | Fiona Quinn from New Zealand

New Zealand is a perfect canvas for great photography and this time around, our crush brought us exactly there, all the way to Auckland, New Zealand where this photographer, Fiona Quinn captures her beautiful editorial spreads for magazines like M2 Women's Magazine, Remix (just to name a few) and shoots for lookbooks, advertisements, campaigns, among others. We especially love her clean, easy and detailed studio captures of makeup and beauty shots for beauty brands. The makeup looks are vivid and pop right out in front of you. 

We love some of the regal, haunting beauty or a little experimental moody looks of the visuals done by Fiona as well. They look really enticing and seem to lure you into that fantasy world, momentarily. A great escapade, nonetheless. We are pretty sure there will be more exciting ones to come out of her. 

Let's go to the land of Lord of the Rings and see more, shall we?

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[Inspiration] Flying Solo: Hailey Clauson By Gemma Booth For Marie Claire October 2014

Now this could be interesting! Wearing your earrings solo instead of a pair? We never really thought of it, perhaps we should give this a try one fine day (doubt that we have got the guts, but hey, what's life without a little crazy adventure, right?!) 

Have any of you done it before? 

We sure have not...

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The Latest From Burberry Fragrance: My Burberry

"My Burberry
is the true embodiment of our brand in scent, in design and in attitude
A fragrance that takes its lead from the iconic Burberry trench
has to be outstanding in every way"

Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer, Burberry

Walking in the London garden of white roses and sweet pea, I brush my fingers gingerly across the petals, the afternoon rain has just subsided, the water droplets glide innocently onto the grass that greets them, with a warm welcome. The clouds have dispersed to reveal the glorious sun. The scent in the air, is moist and damp, but fresh with the most beautiful clean and elegant smell of roses and sweet pea. This is the only scent I vividly remember, that very afternoon. I remember wrapping myself tightly, hugging my Burberry trench, and walking across the street, to my love who is already waiting. He brushes the little droplets off my trench coat, gives me a kiss on the cheek and smiles, whispering into my ears, "You smell deliciously lovely, my darling!" That was indeed, my perfect afternoon walk in the light afternoon rain. 
Now, here comes the sun! How magical.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dreaming of A White Muted Kind of Saturday

Our habitat is like a vast empty space in the whole wide universe, until we decide to fill it with things that we love. We are creature of habit, and more so, one that loves to accumulate things. But what if the things we acquire in our life time, eventually become more meaningful to us, or conversely, become meaningless to us, once we begin to detach ourselves from them? 

We are not making sense, are we? 

Saturday seems to have this sort of effect on us ... always making us think a little more, ponder a little more, and wonder what life is all about after all. Is it the things that we own because we love them? or it is the things that we collect to subconscious define who we are as a person?  But things themselves have no meaning until we attach a meaning to it, no? Like that special locket or bracelet that is handed down to you as an heirloom... perhaps that piece of ornament you picked up during one of your travel trips abroad?

But one thing is for sure

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Friday, September 19, 2014

[Inspiration] Style Crush: Once Over Lightly By Agnes

By now you would know we love love love strong beautiful visuals! Visuals that tell a certain story within the shot, within that little frame. In films, we call it mise-en-scene

Again, it was love at first sight, when we first chanced upon this beautiful blog by this lovely little lady called Agnes, blogging at her blog simply called Once Over Lightly. Absolutely loving her photography style, making the simplest thing look so exceptionally enticing. This engineer by profession shares her love for all things pretty, which include nail colours, luxurious buys, amazing travels, delicious-looking food snaps and many more with great details, visually!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Suit Up And Look Awesome For Fall With Bonobos

Nothing says a gentleman better than a perfectly fitted and comfortable suit. Think SUITS the TV series and the images of "Mike" and "Harvey", the two always-perfectly-suited-up suave men in suits from that hit series immediately pop into our head! Ooohhh, love that series, by the way. We LOVE men in suits, the well-dressed ones, of course and this fall is looking really enticing with the latest Fall 2014 Men's Suits Collection by Bonobos. (here for more)

The world of men is full of a little mystery here and there when it comes to fashion (some men may not even have the slightest clue, or even be bothered *_^) yet it can be very simple and straightforward, if one knows where to look to dress up smart, to fit different occasions and purposes. One thing is for sure, style, comfort and fit, we feel, for men who love to suit up, do play an important part.

Bonobos believes in style should not be complicated and it is all about finding and knowing yourself and what fits. Bonobos offers well-crafted and great fitting clothing for men, and they don't just stop there, In fact, they are known for their Guideshop concept (personalized shopping experience, that try-it-on-before-you-buy approach) and super Ninjas customer service representatives to help you along the way! (no joke *_^). 

Why Mick Jagger? You will see...

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sneak Peek: Burberry Prorsum Womenswear SS15 Inspiration And Theme

We are counting down to the Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 runway show at at LUMINNEJ! The show will begin in less than 24 hours from now, later tonight at 8:00pm Malaysian time.  Are you ready? We can't wait *_^

Be sure to stay tuned and check back to watch it LIVE here! (or just scroll down a little, you will see our Burberry blog post!) Meanwhile, before the show, we shall leave you with a little sneak peek that we have put together, on the theme inspiring this seasons's collection. Enjoy! All materials courtesy of Burberry. Thanks again for choosing LUMINNEJ. We are thrilled to be able to work with such a huge brand, yet again.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review: clé de peau BEAUTÉ Autumn/Winter 2014 Makeup at ROCHAS and Its Runway Looks

This is one runway look we absolutely covet and feel it can definitely be transformed effortlessly into our daily makeup look! Yes, we are talking about one of our all-time favourite Japanese makeup and skincare brands, clé de peau BEAUTÉ, a brand that embraces the belief of beauty comes from within, with its concept, Radiance Becomes You, the lovely Hollywood actress-singer Amanda Seyfried as the brand ambassador is the perfect testament to this ideal by the brand.

What is beauty, and how to achieve the radiant looks of these models at the Rochas runway show previously with  clé de peau BEAUTÉ's latest Autumn/Winter 2014 collection? Let's dive into it, shall we?

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[Inspiration] Arizona Muse by David Bellemere for Porter Magazine #4 Fall 2014

How you ever had that feeling that strong women are rather very appealing and hypnotic? Well, at least those who have a strong makeup look on? We find that element in this editorial from Porter Magazine #4, featuring the model, Arizona Muse by David Belle yet it also brings out the soft feminine side of the woman, right?

Glowing In The Sun

There is something very alluring about the pictures taken, perhaps it is the make up done by Lindsey Warren, that soft wash of cheeks and lips, yet, at times radiantly golden glow complexion in reflection under the sunlight, the eyes with the little eyeliner and coats of black mascara that accentuate the whole eye-look, the eyebrows are so primly groomed and of course, that beautiful flowiness of the hair looking all effortless by Maxime Mace. Could it also be the skillful lens of David Belle?

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Celest Thoi at Intercontinental Wedding Series: An Exquisitely Beautiful Collection!

If you had followed LUMINNEJ long enough, you would have known by now one of our all-time favourite Malaysian bridal designers would have be to be our dear beautiful friend, Celest Thoi! (previous blog post here) Yes, she will make any bride-to-be look absolutely beautiful on her wedding day *_^

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[Inspiration] The Fun of Phone Casing

As we were strolling around at Sunway Pyramid few days back after a long day seminar, we chanced upon a pretty interesting small little outlet at Asian Avenue, where one could find all sorts of variety of cute little things and fashion wardrobe (and food stalls), this particular outlet is called Facttor: 

What caught our eyes there were the custom-designed iPhone casings that one can either purchase off the shelf or have them make your own ones with your favorite family pictures and what not! How fun is that?

We spotted a few of our favorites, which include the superheroes Batman versions and the Captain America one! Aren't they just cool? In fact, we came back and did some research and found more lovely iPhone casings on IG. These ones are more fashionably feminine and stylish too *_^

Come, let's check out more, shall we? Just for the fun of it, since today is Saturday *_^

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Counting Down To Burberry Prorsum Womenswear SS15!

Thanks again Burberry for giving LUMINNEJ this honour and opportunity to LIVE stream the brand's latest up-and-coming Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 runway show! 

Like many fans of Burberry out there around the world, it is a highly anticipated event and every time, Burberry does not fail to mesmerize her fans with stellar fashion, impressive set designs, top-notch models (and guest celebrities appearances), artful inspiration and great live music. We believe this coming one is no exception! 

What's more, congrats to Christopher Bailey, the visionaire behind Burberry for winning the "Designer Of The Year" at the 17th Annual British GQ Men of The Year Award at The Royal Opera House in London recently!

This Chief Creative and CEO of Burberry was presented the award in recognition of Burberry's significant contribution to the world of fashion, supporting and nurturing emerging British talent and innovations in the digital space. 

We feel he absolutely deserve the title, based on all the work that he has done for and with Burberry as a brand *_^

We are extremely excited for the show, come count down with us and watch it LIVE here at LUMINNEJ on the 15th September, 2014, 8:00pm Malaysian time. See you then *_^

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Mood Inspiration | Tuesday Raining Blue

Today is quite a day.
It's been raining for almost big part of today
we felt a little BLUE...
that denim blue that seems to creep ever so silently into our mind
we could not help but to be pulled into this world...

Let's take a break and have a cup of tea, and think of all things blue, shall we?

The one good thing about denim or jeans is that one can easily dress down for a casual weekend out, or one can even dress up a denim look with heels and accessories, it's all up to your mood and style for the day.

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