Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mood Inspiration | Tuesday Raining Blue

Today is quite a day.
It's been raining for almost big part of today
we felt a little BLUE...
that denim blue that seems to creep ever so silently into our mind
we could not help but to be pulled into this world...

Let's take a break and have a cup of tea, and think of all things blue, shall we?

The one good thing about denim or jeans is that one can easily dress down for a casual weekend out, or one can even dress up a denim look with heels and accessories, it's all up to your mood and style for the day.

Denim is so versatile that one can pair and layer it with any textures or materials to essentially create any looks - lace, coat, blazer, t-shirt, silk, sneakers and so much more. Here are some of our favorite looks for today! For more inspiration on how to wear denim, here.

And if you ever run into a situation like "I have nothing to wear"! Just throw on a white-tee and a short denim shorts will do the trick, no? Haha *_^ All pictures via pinterest. You can see more of our blue inspiration via our pinterest board True Blue.

The rain has come to a stop, finally! The air is cleared and our day dream of this lovely colour has also come to a temporary halt. But we will always love the colour and denim because denim can never really go out of trend or style *_^

Here is one of our all-time favoutire piece of accessories, which we feel will go well in dressing up our ripped denim one of these weekends out *_^

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