Saturday, September 13, 2014

[Inspiration] The Fun of Phone Casing

As we were strolling around at Sunway Pyramid few days back after a long day seminar, we chanced upon a pretty interesting small little outlet at Asian Avenue, where one could find all sorts of variety of cute little things and fashion wardrobe (and food stalls), this particular outlet is called Facttor: 

What caught our eyes there were the custom-designed iPhone casings that one can either purchase off the shelf or have them make your own ones with your favorite family pictures and what not! How fun is that?

We spotted a few of our favorites, which include the superheroes Batman versions and the Captain America one! Aren't they just cool? In fact, we came back and did some research and found more lovely iPhone casings on IG. These ones are more fashionably feminine and stylish too *_^

Come, let's check out more, shall we? Just for the fun of it, since today is Saturday *_^

The outlet called Facttor: stocked up quite some intriguing designs and if you would like your own pictures to be printed on directly to an iPhone casing, it will take one day or so. I guess the boss of the outlet will need to look into getting a new machine for the printing real soon, as iPhone 6 is rolling out very soon! But I think this is quite an ingenious idea to have a specific design or picture that you like to be printed onto the casing, no?

As for the more feminine and fashionable ones, we actually found it via their instagram here initially. When we went onto their website called Fashion9shop (here for more designs), we found so much more surprises awaiting us. Here are some of LUMI's favourite pick for the day. Fashion9shop is also an online website that sells other things like fashion, handbag, and others too.

Are you a handphone casing sort of a person? Do you change your phone casing often or are you a stick-to-only-one sort of a person, we wonder?

Anyways, phone these days is not only a communication tool for most of us anymore, it also doubles  up (and triples or more) for most of us as a work phone and an accessory or fashion statement, to in a way, show off our personality, right? All pictures (aside from the factor: ones) from Fashion9shop.

Hope you are having a fabulous day and enjoy the weekend ahead, lovelies *_^

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