Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[Inspiration] Flying Solo: Hailey Clauson By Gemma Booth For Marie Claire October 2014

Now this could be interesting! Wearing your earrings solo instead of a pair? We never really thought of it, perhaps we should give this a try one fine day (doubt that we have got the guts, but hey, what's life without a little crazy adventure, right?!) 

Have any of you done it before? 

We sure have not...

Love the simplicity and the gray tonal look of the pieces worn here by Hailey Clauson, and they sure look very comfy and warm. Autumn is here at some parts of the world already, maybe these are good inspiration. In fact, our AC is pretty cold here, we are also in a thick black sweater while typing this blog post away (seriously *_)

Heart the makeup look as well, keep the face very daisy-fresh while playing up the eye looks with mascara and liner, while the lips look extraordinarily subtle and pinkish, with that light-airy feel. This final chunky earrings can be a challenge, we find wearing, especially long hours. The earlobes would have gone through quite some exercises.

Here is a chunky pair of new earrings we scored recently at Promod, on a discounted rate. Nothing fancy but has quite a fair bit of weight to it. Look at the size of it compared to our watch *_^ Below are a few picks of chunky earrings which we love.

Be bold, be solo!

Editorial pictures via Visual Optimism blog here. Accessories Picks 1 | gemmed doubledrop earrings at anthropology || 2 cadenza drops at anthropology || 3 XL Teardrop and spike teal earrings at Wanderlust & Co. More of our favourite accessories via our pinterest board here.

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