Sunday, September 14, 2014

[Inspiration] Arizona Muse by David Bellemere for Porter Magazine #4 Fall 2014

How you ever had that feeling that strong women are rather very appealing and hypnotic? Well, at least those who have a strong makeup look on? We find that element in this editorial from Porter Magazine #4, featuring the model, Arizona Muse by David Belle yet it also brings out the soft feminine side of the woman, right?

Glowing In The Sun

There is something very alluring about the pictures taken, perhaps it is the make up done by Lindsey Warren, that soft wash of cheeks and lips, yet, at times radiantly golden glow complexion in reflection under the sunlight, the eyes with the little eyeliner and coats of black mascara that accentuate the whole eye-look, the eyebrows are so primly groomed and of course, that beautiful flowiness of the hair looking all effortless by Maxime Mace. Could it also be the skillful lens of David Belle?

We simply love everything about the editorial, fashion edited by Ondine Azoulay. Now, we attempted to re-create the looks using some of our favourite things, some others perhaps are on our wish list (perhaps to be granted by dear Santa later in the year? haha) and hope that you will have fun with it too! 

Healthy Glow

Editorial pictures via here. Do you think we have re-created the look with our own mood boards close or well enough? Well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder anyways. Just for fun *_^

Here for more of LUMI's creations on polyvore. Have a fabulous time creating beauty! 

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  1. Arizona Muse looks absolutely stunning and hypnotic in this editorial! What I like most is that her skin looks lit from within but she doesn't have the look of wearing a ton of makeup with the exception of her beautiful fluttery lashes. Great inspiration for fall beauty! Hope you're enjoying your weekend Jeann! Have a fantastic new week!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Yes, I couldn't agree more with you. I love this sort of makeup, it doesn't look heavy at all, yet, the complexion shines through.

    Thanks for dropping by and hope you are having a good week ahead as well!

    Big hugs,


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