Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Suit Up And Look Awesome For Fall With Bonobos

Nothing says a gentleman better than a perfectly fitted and comfortable suit. Think SUITS the TV series and the images of "Mike" and "Harvey", the two always-perfectly-suited-up suave men in suits from that hit series immediately pop into our head! Ooohhh, love that series, by the way. We LOVE men in suits, the well-dressed ones, of course and this fall is looking really enticing with the latest Fall 2014 Men's Suits Collection by Bonobos. (here for more)

The world of men is full of a little mystery here and there when it comes to fashion (some men may not even have the slightest clue, or even be bothered *_^) yet it can be very simple and straightforward, if one knows where to look to dress up smart, to fit different occasions and purposes. One thing is for sure, style, comfort and fit, we feel, for men who love to suit up, do play an important part.

Bonobos believes in style should not be complicated and it is all about finding and knowing yourself and what fits. Bonobos offers well-crafted and great fitting clothing for men, and they don't just stop there, In fact, they are known for their Guideshop concept (personalized shopping experience, that try-it-on-before-you-buy approach) and super Ninjas customer service representatives to help you along the way! (no joke *_^). 

Why Mick Jagger? You will see...

This latest Bonobos Fall 2014 Collection was inspired by the early British rock invasion style, before they were even became all glam rock stars! Now, that's why. One of the muses that this collection draws inspiration from is none other than the famous Mick Jagger (this is way before he went big, okay!).

Looking at the young Mick Jagger back then, he already seemed to master the art of style in suits, even before being famous in his singing (now that's a great strategy, don't you think? They say, at least, you must look the part!). Among other bands in their early days include Kinks, early Who and Screaming Lord Sutch, which this collection draws inspiration from.

Bonobos has made their signature Italian wool Foundation suit even better this fall with brand new fabrics and updated interior details, including a more ergonomic interior pocket so that grabbing that business card is as smooth as your first impression. Now that's attention to details, which is awesome!

A fine tailored wool suit is warm on its own, but one can always add a topcoat into the mix. Bonobos suits come in Standard and Slim fits, and Short, Regular and Tall sizes. See, you can always find the perfect fit, no matter what. (and don't forget, a Ninja is always on standby to assist you *_^)

We took the liberty to put together some mood boards, based on the latest collections and some of the things that we feel would go well and complete or compliment the looks. We are no pro when it comes to men styling, but we imagine how our man would look dashing (in our imagination) when we conjured up these ideas. Hope you will like them (perhaps for those who have no clue at all, this may spark some interest in you to just suit up *_^)

There are endless possibilities with Bonobos when it comes to men's apparel and accessories that go with completing a look, be it office wear or being out and about, but most definitely you can be sure looking absolutely charming and put together.

Picture sources: Bonobos suits courtesy of Bonobos. Mick Jagger here and here, and The Kinks here and here. More on Hermes watches here and Dolce&Gabbana men fragrances here. Explore the world of Bonobos here.

Till our next rendezvous into men's world, have a fantastic week ahead!

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  1. There's nothing more dapper than a man in sharp suit. My husband works in a business casual environment so he doesn't have to regularly suit up but I do love it when he does :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. haha yes, I have to agree with you, Rowena! I love a man in a sharp suit!


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