Saturday, September 13, 2014

Celest Thoi at Intercontinental Wedding Series: An Exquisitely Beautiful Collection!

If you had followed LUMINNEJ long enough, you would have known by now one of our all-time favourite Malaysian bridal designers would have be to be our dear beautiful friend, Celest Thoi! (previous blog post here) Yes, she will make any bride-to-be look absolutely beautiful on her wedding day *_^

We were fortunate to be invited to her recent 2014 bridal collection showcase, in conjunction with Hotel Intercontinental's 2nd Wedding Series. We actually rushed to her show from the KL Fashion Week 2014 at Pavilion but it was all worth the while! Trust us.

Believing in creating timeless, simple and elegant bespoke wedding gowns that one will definitely fall in love with, Celest has carved quite a name for herself since she was based in New Zealand, and now mainly working back in Malaysia, and also received tremendous support and compliments from her distinct clientele (and raving fans!). This time around, the new collection is no exception.

At the Hotel Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur 2nd Wedding Series, entitled Naptials In The Know, some of the participating brands for the day included the jeweler De Beer and a Chinese wedding service company. Quite interesting indeed but most of us could not wait for Celest's show to begin.

We shall not elaborate further, but will leave you with the pictures. Each piece of gown was meticulously made and designed with so much love and passion from Celest and her team. We absolutely love the beadings, the laces, the sequins and all things sparkly that very afternoon. Each gown seems to tell a story and make you want to fall in love all over again, truly *_^

We shall also leave you with a video that has best captured the beautiful moments at the showcase, so that you can see all the models in action, wearing Celest's creations. We thought the music in the video is a little overwhelming, but the visuals are lovely nonetheless. Hope you will enjoy the show, as much as we had that day.

Looking at the models wearing such beautiful pieces, one could not help but feel a sense of blissfulness and wonders how much work has been put into each piece - a great deal of time and patience, we are sure, but most importantly, love poured into them too! Such attention to details Celest is when it comes to her work. That's what we love about her.

Congrats to Celest for such a stunning collection. We are very sure that she will continue to create beautiful gowns for those who are planning for their weddings. Here for more of Celest Thoi's latest collection and her work. 

Here's the video and the final piece of the collection, in full view, right after the show. Enjoy my lovelies! Stay luminous and beautiful, always *_^

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