Saturday, June 28, 2014

[Inspiration] Saturday Summer White

White has been the kind of love that seems to linger in our mind, it seeps in quietly when we open our eyes in the morning, it meanders through our day without crying out for our attention and it gracefully retreats to its rightful place when the day ends, it will always be our friend in beauty and style.

Life has been quite a ride lately, but we believe everything happens for a reason. We are hoping that the challenges will come and go to teach us the lesson of life that we need to learn and embrace, while simplying our approach towards things, decluther and "detox" our mind stream to have better and clearer path ahead. 

Personally, I do not wish for a storm but only the rain that soothes the scorching heat of ignorance and delusions which at times clouded my vision. 

A gloomier Saturday than usual? To the contrary, a more peaceful way of easing into different stages of life. At least, I prefer to think of it this way *_^ All pictures via Pinterest, except Freshel Clear Soap from Kanebo. 

Oh my work horse, please do come back to me soon! Have a beautiful white summer weekend, my lovelies *_^

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Sneak Peek] KL Fashion Week

It was such a great fun weekend at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week for us! Not only did we get to support our local fashion designers, but we also had a chance to catch up with some of them! 

Lots of interesting pieces and collection. We shall share more with you once we are fully up and running and out of this rut *_^
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Friday, June 20, 2014

KL Fashion Week 2014 Is Here!

Believe it or not, we are actually updating this post via mobile, simply because our computer came crashing on us two days ago! What a downer. Life without the tech can be quite upsetting when blogging revolves around it to get things done. We feel so out of place now *_^

The past two weeks had been pretty hectic due to a film workshop that I was attending and our KL Fashion Week started two days ago, though we could not attend. We hope to catch a few shows which we were invited by some of our beloved local designers, like Jimmy Lim, Eclipse, Farah Khan and Sandra Azwan this weekend! 

Hope your week was way better than ours! Have a fantastic weekend, lovelies.
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

[Sneak Peek] Burberry Beauty Summer Showers Makeup Looking Refreshingly Beautiful

We have always been fascinated by Burberry's approach to beauty. We have spotted some beautiful summer makeup collection from this British brand coming our way soon. Before that, here's a sneak peek *_^

There are some new products in this Summer Showers Collection - Fresh Glow Blush, Fresh Glow BB Cream, Lip Glow Balm and pretty pink shades Nail Polish, all looking refreshingly tempting and glowing. We are loving them already. How about you?

Keep an eye out for the collection. We are pretty sure they will arrive here soon *_^ Here for more if you can't wait. Cheers!

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[Inspiration] Kendall Jenner By Mikael Jansson for Interview Magazine

There is a certain hypnotic mysticism about black and white, coupled with the absence of colours - monotone in its muted form. We seriously find this editorial of Kendall Jenner, photographed by Mikael  Jansson for Interview Magazine super sensual and alluring. It oozes a whole load of feminine elements and young burst of quiet beauty.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

[Instagram] Lumi's Feature 1: What For Breakfast

We stumbled upon this amazing talented artist and we instantly fell in love with her feed on instagram! So, we decided to share it with you here. What a cool IG name, What For Breakfast. Now, they really make you feel like such a downer if you ever are the type who skip breakfast, really! See how beautifully serious they take their first meal of the day? Now, you really don't have any reasons not to eat yours *_^

We love the way she styles her food, love how she enjoys this time of the day, and absolutely adore how wonderful it is to love what you eat (and take great photographs of them too) and spend quality time with love ones during such a time of the day. We feel if one cares enough to wake up early each morning to prepare or take her breakfast, she must be someone who truly knows how to treasure life's little pleasure and wonders and her family is a lucky one too. She is none other than Marta Greber *_^

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Loving Creative Work Spaces

We really believe a nice "office" need not be huge to produce great works. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity to make it your own, a space that breathes air and gives you that signature that is truly yours. Some like it simple, some believe in organized chaos (like how my hubby puts it *_^), whatever it maybe, it most definitely should be a space that inspire you to keep those creative juice flowing, especially if you are in the line of work that requires you to do so, most of the time. 

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[Inspiration] Bonnie Chen By An Le For Yue Magazine Spring 2014

Elegance is like the master of the night, knowing that what makes a woman a woman and what defines her as being mysteriously sensual and beautiful. We love the classic combo of black and gold, bringing out that feminine side of a woman, perfectly exemplified here by this fashion editorial, Yue (China)  of the former rhythmic gymnastic national champion turned model, Bonnie Chen (here for more), photographed by An Le, styled by Ise White. Let's enjoy the rest of the evening, shall we?

Bonnie Chen by An Le for Yue Magazine Spring 2014
Hair by Katsumi Matsuo
Makeup by Konstanze Zeller
Manicure by Mayumi Abuku
Creative directed by Dean Quigley

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Beach Ready With Nars 2014 Summer Collection Adult Swim

NARS summer collection is sizzling up the beach with their new collection called Adult Swim. The seductive collection of 12 pieces perhaps will keep us fresh and add that signature pop of colour for the summer days (and nights).

In this latest collection, it comes with three eye shadow palettes - Lost Coast Eyeshadow Duo (suede and lavender shades), Tropical Princess (stunning combo of lime green and a pretty pale eggshell blue) and lastly, a super single colour called Malacca (medium dark brown with a cool green frosted finish). To layer on for more dramatic effect for the summery eyes for nights out, one can also add on the Baalbek Eye Paint (a shimmery golden brown bronze) and the Iraklion Soft Touch Eyeshadow Pencil (a smoke rose shimmer) for that definitive eyeline.

Adult Swim is completed with 5 lip glosses to choose from, ranges from peachy pink with shimmer, to sheer mandarin orange with pinka and gold shimmer. NARS also added a very on trend nail polish called Libertango. Of course, any NARS collection will not be complete without the Hot Sand Illuminator which will give one the summery sheen complexion. Here for more of the collection. 

It's always a good time to take a leisurely drive with friends to the beach, kick off those sandals, put on your favourite swimwear and just let your skin bathe in the warm sunshine and feel the windy breeze on your face. What's more, if you are lucky,  the day is complete with that pleasant surprise of spotting a beautiful seashell by the beach. That, we would call, a perfect summer getaway *_^

Hope those of you at the rest of the part of the world will enjoy your summer!

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

[Inspiration] That Sunny Day Called Saturday

That sunny day called Saturday, with natural fresh makeup on my face, throw on a comfy earthy brown sweater, I took off and wandered along the street,  in search of that thing called beauty in life... that sunny day called Saturday, I could almost smell the breezy scent of love that came my way, how could I not love this Sunny Saturday...

I love a good dose of skincare, to soothe my skin, to keep me comfortable, but perhaps beauty is more than this - the little space in me, the little sprinkle of curiosity in me, to discover beauty that is beyond this world, like how the morning sunshine creeps into my room, and hide within the palm of my hands, perhaps, that is true beauty revealing itself... I often wonder

That sunny beautiful morning, I stood by the doorway, I closed my eyes, thinking how lucky I am, to be surrounded by such beauty in life... to enjoy, perhaps an afternoon tea with friends and family, to wind down time a little, and maybe even stop time, for a little moment... I love a day, that I could walk out of the door, with just bare minimal makeup on my face...

I love, and just love, that kind of magical Sunny Saturday, where all things are possible, as long as you have the imaginary mind, to dream of it.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Are You Ready For A Fun Summer Time With RMK and Kanebo Impress?

Most other parts of the world, except here in Malaysia, a tropical country with sunny (and these days rainy) weather all year round, are gearing up to feel the breeze of summer very soon! In the spirit of summer, let's take a look at some of the fun summer makeup and skincare that will ease us off the heat a little and enjoy the sun (and beach) to its full glory, shall we?

The Japanese brand, RMK just launched their RMK 2014 Summer Collection with some limited editions of Gloss Lips and Nail Colors, as well as new eyeshadows and cheek colours that will make you flush even long after you hit the waves. The collection contains the RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N with 24 summery shades to choose from (including 5 limited edition), come in a frosted case, with just the right amount of a pearly shine and RMK Ingenious Eye Shadow Base, which basically brightens the eyelid, counteracting any dullness and helps bring out the beautiful colours of the eyeshadows. We spotted quite some pastel colours in this latest collection. Quite fun that one can mix and match, according to your beach-surfing mood for the day *_^

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Turn Heads With JOICO, The Hair Colour Expert

It was another hair affair for us recently. This time around, at The Roof, First Avenue. The evening took off with the media session, Missie Madeja, the Senior Director of International Sales of JOICO explaining to us what JOICO as a brand is all about, its philosophy and its direction, while Aileen Ong, the Brand Manager of JOICO in Malaysia told us the brand positioning of the brand within the local hair industry, since JOICO has now come under the big family of Shiseido in Malaysia. After that, it was a pleasant dinner at the Malt & Leaf before the show commenced. 

JOICO as one of the pioneering hair companies has been pushing its boundaries in hair-science technology and artfully infusing it with the latest innovations in hair care creating beautiful, healthy hairs that Turn Heads since 1976. Stylist are passionate about revealing the potential of every person's individual beauty, clients walk out of the salon into the world with a new look, JOICO gives stylist the tools to TURNS HEADS. We were eager to find out more about how JOICO can truly transform a person's look with their innovative formula and range of hair colours. The show perhaps will reveal it?

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