Saturday, June 7, 2014

[Inspiration] That Sunny Day Called Saturday

That sunny day called Saturday, with natural fresh makeup on my face, throw on a comfy earthy brown sweater, I took off and wandered along the street,  in search of that thing called beauty in life... that sunny day called Saturday, I could almost smell the breezy scent of love that came my way, how could I not love this Sunny Saturday...

I love a good dose of skincare, to soothe my skin, to keep me comfortable, but perhaps beauty is more than this - the little space in me, the little sprinkle of curiosity in me, to discover beauty that is beyond this world, like how the morning sunshine creeps into my room, and hide within the palm of my hands, perhaps, that is true beauty revealing itself... I often wonder

That sunny beautiful morning, I stood by the doorway, I closed my eyes, thinking how lucky I am, to be surrounded by such beauty in life... to enjoy, perhaps an afternoon tea with friends and family, to wind down time a little, and maybe even stop time, for a little moment... I love a day, that I could walk out of the door, with just bare minimal makeup on my face...

I love, and just love, that kind of magical Sunny Saturday, where all things are possible, as long as you have the imaginary mind, to dream of it.

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  1. Oh this does sounds like a nice day! I headed to the beach on Saturday and today a friend and I headed to the east end of long island. We had a really nice day.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. My, that sounds so awesome! Life is always good when you have good company *_^


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