Friday, June 6, 2014

Are You Ready For A Fun Summer Time With RMK and Kanebo Impress?

Most other parts of the world, except here in Malaysia, a tropical country with sunny (and these days rainy) weather all year round, are gearing up to feel the breeze of summer very soon! In the spirit of summer, let's take a look at some of the fun summer makeup and skincare that will ease us off the heat a little and enjoy the sun (and beach) to its full glory, shall we?

The Japanese brand, RMK just launched their RMK 2014 Summer Collection with some limited editions of Gloss Lips and Nail Colors, as well as new eyeshadows and cheek colours that will make you flush even long after you hit the waves. The collection contains the RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N with 24 summery shades to choose from (including 5 limited edition), come in a frosted case, with just the right amount of a pearly shine and RMK Ingenious Eye Shadow Base, which basically brightens the eyelid, counteracting any dullness and helps bring out the beautiful colours of the eyeshadows. We spotted quite some pastel colours in this latest collection. Quite fun that one can mix and match, according to your beach-surfing mood for the day *_^

It's wonderful that Koari comes up with so many shades of pink, coral, and the likes in their RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks N, 15 elegant pearly shine shades all together. The original cheek colours had a makeover, with more vibrant and vivid colours for the cheeks, to bring out that fresh glowing look that most of us are yearning for. Cute or sexy, it's all up to us *_^

Of course, the collection will not be complete without the RMK Gloss Lips N, with 2 limited shades and the RMK Nail Color EX, 3 limited edition shades. The pale Pink Beige veils with an elegant feminine lustre while the Gold Beige gives a healthy look with its sumptuous shine. Both look equally tempting to us! As for the nail colours, they seem a little bit more pastel muted with cool undertone. It comes in Lilac, Pale Blue and Pale Gray (not exactly our cup of tea though) but who knows, some of you out there may heart this colour? More about the RMK Summer Collection here

Now, with summery hot weather, skincare needs to be extra comforting, lightweight and helps us keep off the heat! So, Kanebo Impress's latest edition to the skincare range may just come in handy and do the trick! 

We have our eyes set on the new Kanebo Impress IC Moisture Gel (RM148). This fresh gel supposedly melts on the skin and replenishes moisture giving a pleasing new sensation for a well hydrated summer skin. Upon contact with the skin, it gradually changes to a lotion. It has the function of balancing water and oil levels in the skin to prevent excess sebum secretion and dryness caused by UV rays and air conditioning. Hmmm...sounds like something we totally need! Moisturizing ingredients include Mevalonolactone, MA Extract, White Lupine Extract, Aquaserine, Common Glasswort Extract and Fermented Soymilk Extract. It has a tinge of rose floral scent. 

Another note worthy product from the brand is the new limited edition Kanebo Impress IC Summer Fix (RM135). It is a cooling foam that prevents makeup deterioration. It can be a perfect makeup base for summery hot weather, with a new sensation and function - it tightens the pores and conditions the skin so that makeup can stay longer, controls perspiration and sebum secretion by lowering the skin's temperature as well as enhances the adherence of foundation to our skin to maintain a beautiful finish for hours. Oooohhh lala, sounds delicious already. The ingredients are similar to the moisture gel above, but with added St. John's Wort Extract and Olive Leaf Extract. 

Both products from Kanebo Impress look like they will get you prep and ready to hit the beach. The products will be launched sometime in Mid June of 2014. More about the brand here. Talking about the beach, here's a beauty board that we have put together, via polyvore, inspired by the summer feel and some other additional essentials and items like lip balm, beach sandals, sunnies, body treatment and our all time favourite fashion magazine to spend some great time with (more like a wishlist *_^). Hope you are all fired up for the summer and stay protected, always ya. I wonder how you lovelies spend your summer? Since we never really have one here *_^

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  1. Ooh those Kanebo products sound just perfect for the warm weather! I could sure use something that's cooling and also prevents makeup deterioration. I usually just wear less makeup in the summer :)

    Happy weekend Jenn!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. yes, Rowena, they do sound very promising! Have a great weekend ahead *_^

  2. My sister loves RMK for their foundation and blusher. I on the other hand, haven't try it before. RMK does cater for the Asian skin when it comes to foundation due to our yellow toned skin. Looking at the colors, maybe I should give it a try too =D

    1. Actually I love their base makeup range, pretty good, not too heavy on the face. Their previous Play On Pink collection eyeshadows and face power are really nice too. Yes, perhaps you can give RMK a try:))

      Enjoy your weekend, my friend.


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