Tuesday, January 31, 2017

[The Hair Affair] The Soloist Salon | All About Hair Cut

Who better for us to talk to when it comes to all things related to hair? Most definitely our official hair partner, The Soloist Hair Salon. So, we headed over to one of our favourite places to hang out and had a chat with one of the founding partners, Marcus Chin about hair cut, something which we were keen to find out more about, apart from what we have discussed previously here, about hair colouring. So, come along and you shall find out a thing or two about hair cut from the professionals, from the British way of cut right down to the Japanese style of aesthetics  *_^

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Introducing BOSS The Scent For Her | Enigmatically Seductive

The air was heavy, the room was empty, the floor echoed a certain vulnerability yet with a sense of certainty the moment the door was opened. I turned towards the door and there you were, radiating with that strong vibe of sensuality, an intoxicating allure that I could not seem to put into words, yet could only smell it in the dead silent air of that night. You looked stunningly beautiful, clad in a long black dress, effortlessly, accentuating your curve and silhouette, I could not get my eyes off you, my love. Tell me, how could I resist a woman like you, smelling this intoxicating?

As if you could sense my yearning for you, you walked towards me, across the room, elegantly confident, sensually feminine and seductive, each step you took, set me on fire. Your gaze was strong, determined yet warm, coming together to meet mine which was equally powerful and intense. It felt like a match made in heaven, the way you smell that night, coming together with mine, mingled with the minds that were racing wild. As you drew closer, I reached out to you and grabbed you by the waist, your arms locked over my shoulder, for that brief moment, our first contact seemed inevitable. Our eyes met, deeply and passionately. Time stood still, almost eternally. You smiled. I turned you around, eagerly searching for that hypnotic scent on your neck, tracing it ever so gently, along your neck line. I could almost smell your innate power to seduce, your strength to render me your prisoner, yet I was ready to step up to meet your demand, requesting for my full attention for you. 

We drew each other closer, and with that little moment of linger, our lips met and we kissed

It brought back all those memories of us together, the walk in the park, the coffee moment we shared together, the nights when we just danced a slow dance under the chandelier and just immersed ourselves in each others arm and embrace. Those were the moments, I could remember so vividly, sharing with you, and your one and only BOSS The Scent For Her, my love. You never cease to amaze me and take my breath away, like how this scent took away yours. Promise me that you will always be mine... mine and mine alone, my love.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Introducing The Brand New Lancôme Boutique

There is always something to look at, something that catches your eyes or something that tickles your fancy and interest, or perhaps many more treasures that make your heart flutter and you feel like you are in a magical land of wonders, filled with colours and spoilt by choices. That was exactly how we felt when we first stepped feet into Lancôme's very first South East Asia boutique, which recently opened its door at The Gardens Mall to beauty addicts and lovers. We were invited to a cosy comforting session and it was such a wonderful afternoon. 

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mamonde Flower Day | A Glimpse of The Refreshingly Beautiful Park Shin Hye

When one of our lovely and favourite Korean beauty brands, Mamonde Malaysia extended their invitation to us for their very first Mamonde Flower Day celebration previously at One Utama, we were ecstatic. Why? Because their beautiful brand ambassador, Korean actress Park Shin Hye would be making her appearance for the very first time in Malaysia! Mamonde Flower Day is celebrated to inspire us to show love and appreciation to those we love and admire with the gift of a flower. It is also a day dedicated to admiring the beauty around us, be it the beauty of people or the beauty of Mother Nature. Doesn't it sound lovely already? We totally love the concept of it as we ourselves do truly love the alluring and captivating nature of flowers in general. 

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Introducing White Factor | Your Best Bet For Bacteria & Virus Prevention, A Cleaner Home and Safer Lifestyle

Visuals via LUMINNEJ Instagram

Today, we live in a modern fast-paced world that is highly strung, be it our emotional stress level, or even our physical environment which is full of threatening aggressions or elements. New epidermic outbreaks, bacteria and virus are just part of our lives. With the frequencies and present development of new strains of virus, new epidemic outbreaks, situations may get worse as time passes by. Acknowledging this fact, White Factor comes into the industry to fill such gap, with a revolutionary technology, a disinfectant (shield) which is highly effective, efficient and most importantly, safe for everyone to use, giving your family the ultimate protection. We had the opportunity to attend its soft launch recently, and guess what? We were even lucky enough to win the grand prize during the lucky draw session *_^ Here we are sharing with you a little of our experience using the White Factor Home Humidifier today.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Neal's Yard Remedies x Deliciously Ella | A Deliciously Refreshing Occasion

From natural and organic, inner health to outer beauty, women today are beginning to embrace that healthy lifestyle which encompasses all aspects of our busy life - eating clean, maintaining an active lifestyle (exercising), and also extending it to the skincare and makeup that we choose to put on our body and face. Naturally, Neal's Yard Remedies invitation for us to discover their latest release of  skin loving skincare range, Deliciously Ella, (here for more) which they called it 'Superfood' Skincare collection, caught our interest, previously.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Here's To 2017! Love Yourself More Each Day

Once again, time is all we have to hold onto, yet it manages to slip away, and just let us be. 2016 left without a trace, 2017 announces her presence ever so softly and swiftly. Who would you like to be, in this brand new year? A better version of yourself perhaps? For us, one who hopes to grow wiser, learn more, discover more, love ourselves more and more each day, and pamper ourselves for we truly deserve it and own up to our small little achievements in life, no matter what they are. 

Scents of late brought us to many places we least expected it. We will continue to strive to seek beauty in life, and see the good that life has to offer us. We hope you shall come along with us, on this journey of self-discovery and appreciate beauty in all forms, lovelies. Be your own kind of beauty! Happy happy 2017 

Visuals via LUMI Pinterest here. Visual 1 | Visual 3

With love, 

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