Monday, January 23, 2017

Introducing BOSS The Scent For Her | Enigmatically Seductive

The air was heavy, the room was empty, the floor echoed a certain vulnerability yet with a sense of certainty the moment the door was opened. I turned towards the door and there you were, radiating with that strong vibe of sensuality, an intoxicating allure that I could not seem to put into words, yet could only smell it in the dead silent air of that night. You looked stunningly beautiful, clad in a long black dress, effortlessly, accentuating your curve and silhouette, I could not get my eyes off you, my love. Tell me, how could I resist a woman like you, smelling this intoxicating?

As if you could sense my yearning for you, you walked towards me, across the room, elegantly confident, sensually feminine and seductive, each step you took, set me on fire. Your gaze was strong, determined yet warm, coming together to meet mine which was equally powerful and intense. It felt like a match made in heaven, the way you smell that night, coming together with mine, mingled with the minds that were racing wild. As you drew closer, I reached out to you and grabbed you by the waist, your arms locked over my shoulder, for that brief moment, our first contact seemed inevitable. Our eyes met, deeply and passionately. Time stood still, almost eternally. You smiled. I turned you around, eagerly searching for that hypnotic scent on your neck, tracing it ever so gently, along your neck line. I could almost smell your innate power to seduce, your strength to render me your prisoner, yet I was ready to step up to meet your demand, requesting for my full attention for you. 

We drew each other closer, and with that little moment of linger, our lips met and we kissed

It brought back all those memories of us together, the walk in the park, the coffee moment we shared together, the nights when we just danced a slow dance under the chandelier and just immersed ourselves in each others arm and embrace. Those were the moments, I could remember so vividly, sharing with you, and your one and only BOSS The Scent For Her, my love. You never cease to amaze me and take my breath away, like how this scent took away yours. Promise me that you will always be mine... mine and mine alone, my love.

That was how this new scent from HUGO BOSS made us feel, whenever we wear it - a strong sense of womanhood, mixes with that notion of adventure, sweetness yet toughness of the mind, the mind to be who we want to be, be it the seductive one, or the cheeky one for that little fun and light moments. This being Jason Wu's first debut design of fragrance for the brand, it is inspired by the iconic BOSS cufflink - and the idea that, with the twist of the lock, the worlds of male and female could merge into one - Jason Wu sought to capture this duality in every aspect of creative development. The BOSS woman is equally strong, stylish and sensual, she is, after all his ultimate counterpart. 

The top notes of the fragrance reflect the first interplay between the fragrance and the act of getting closer. Fruity and floral Honeyed Peach and Freesia compositions making it light and delicate on the senses. It sets the tone for the next step of intimacy and the art of seduction. Warm and voluptuous heart notes of the oriental flower Osmanthus starts to reveal themselves at this point, a hidden force beneath that is uniquely feminine, transforming that lightness into something more alluring, darker with a heady quality. To cement and seal that final act of seduction, the irresistibly rich base note of Roasted Cocoa comes into play. It offers an additive boost that arouses the senses, exuding intensity and mystique, allowing both BOSS man and BOSS woman to willingly fall and succumb to the power of THE SCENT.

We have been enjoying this one ever since we received it, all thanks to Hugo Boss Malaysia for the love and the chance to explore the sensual side in us. Most definitely one of our favourite scents of last year, and moving into this new year as well. Here for more about the fragrance. BOSS The Scent For Her is available as Eau de Perfum in these sizes - 30ml at MYR214, 50ml at MYR311 and 100ml at MYR427. The scent is also available in shower gel, 200ml at MYR128 and body lotion at MYR139. If you are curious about the ad campaign for the fragrance, you can watch it here, which is really seductive, to us *_^

All ad campaign visuals of Anna Ewers and Theo James via here. Other visuals via LUMI Pinterest here 
Lace and Bra Strap | Dancing Under The Chandelier | Coffee With Him

With love, 

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