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Introducing White Factor | Your Best Bet For Bacteria & Virus Prevention, A Cleaner Home and Safer Lifestyle

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Today, we live in a modern fast-paced world that is highly strung, be it our emotional stress level, or even our physical environment which is full of threatening aggressions or elements. New epidermic outbreaks, bacteria and virus are just part of our lives. With the frequencies and present development of new strains of virus, new epidemic outbreaks, situations may get worse as time passes by. Acknowledging this fact, White Factor comes into the industry to fill such gap, with a revolutionary technology, a disinfectant (shield) which is highly effective, efficient and most importantly, safe for everyone to use, giving your family the ultimate protection. We had the opportunity to attend its soft launch recently, and guess what? We were even lucky enough to win the grand prize during the lucky draw session *_^ Here we are sharing with you a little of our experience using the White Factor Home Humidifier today.

What is WHITE FACTOR then? 
White Factor, a disinfectant solution active ingredient component known as Hypoclorous Acid (HOCI) is conceptualized from within the human white blood cells mechanism of eliminating harmful pathogens from our body. With a patented biotechnology solution from WHITE FACTOR, which produces the same human leukocytes antibacterial ingredient, HOCI, White Factor has the ability to instantly fight and eliminate pathogens with highly proven bactericidal and virucidal efficacy, no wonder it is widely used in hospitals in Japan for disinfectant purposes. Additional benefit of White Factor Products is the ability to deodorise the environment via elimination of undesirable smell or odours instantly. It is 100% non-toxic, 100% no additives added and 100% fragrance free.

Now how is White Factor different from the traditional disinfectant methods, which almost usually do not work? Most of us are using disinfectants, but what we don't know is that many of the ones we use contain alcohol or bleach as the common disinfectants for the households. According to a renowned International Institute widely known as Centres for Disease Control (CDC), it is reported that these traditional methods are unable to eliminate viruses or fungus effectively. On the contrary, if it is used in long term, it may cause harm to our health such as skin allergies, sensitivities, or in some serious cases, may even cause damage to our respiratory system.

With over two decades of extensive and thorough Research and Development by a group of dedicated scientists/professors in achieving a technology breakthrough in stabilizing White Factor solution of HOCI to act as an effective and safe disinfectant. Presently, White Factor holds the sole patent technology from Japan and the products are manufactured in Taiwan. One would be curious, why White Factor over other brands? Here are the simple reasons:

Safe - Does not contain alcohol, essence oil or other harsh chemicals
Protection - Up to 99% virucidal efficacy proven by international laboratories against a list of viruses
Exclusive Patents - America, Japan and Taiwan
Biodegradable - turns into water after reaction with bacteria and virus cells, does not leave any residue

This White Factor Home humidifier (confined space disinfectant series humidifier) looks sleek due to its all white design, very light and it is meant to be placed on a table of a higher flat surface, and can be used regularly with a set timer. Places which are suitable for this would be at home, office, rooms, classrooms or clinics.

The parts of the humidifier can be easily put together. We do realise that the two main parts (round bottom and the curved pipe body) are super easily detached, so best to place it on a flat surface like a table top. If one needs to move it, best to hold onto both parts and not just the top itself alone *_^ White factor comes in two types of nozzle, one shorter one and one long thin version. The refill of White Factor humidifier comes in 2L bottle.

We have a small little confession to make, we have a very sensitive nose, allergic to dust and excessive air-conditioning or the air is not clean. The adverse results? Horrible sneeze (non-stop to be exact if it happens), so having this White Factor humidifier at home was one of the best things. We discovered that it helps to reduce our nose reaction tremendously as it basically eliminates allergens, pathogens and unwilling odours, safely and conveniently. Good thing about it is that it also comes in three different timer and intensity settings and can be easily maintained by just cleaning or wiping with a piece of clean cloth.

White Factor also comes in convenient Disinfectant Spray series of 25ml, 50ml and 100ml and also the Environment Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Spray. The 25ml and 50ml spray are handy on the go, can be used as facial mist, mouth spray or on minor wounds. We used it on our son's post in-grown toe nail extraction previously and it worked miraculously well towards his healing process.

Thanks White Factor Malaysia for introducing such an interesting health product! More details about it can be found here, and their Facebook page here and Instagram here.

Have a luminous and happy weekend ahead, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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