Tuesday, July 16, 2019

[Inspiration | Musing] Call My Name

Call me 
The summer heat that sizzles and melts you down, dripping with the sapphire intoxication of gemstone littered in the sand of time

Call me
The lonely darkness that is hidden deep within, waiting for someone to unleash its fearless calling, one who is brave enough to see beyond everything else

Call me
The serenity that fits right into your hand when you are reaching out for a touch of  gentleness, hoping for that little peace of mind 

Call me by my name
If you know me well enough, if you know that all I truly wanted is just a little love, a little kisses, a little gentle touch, a little more understanding, a little more tender loving care

2019 has left us gingerly, without making a huge fuss, yet we could not help but missing her so much, yet we are excited about what the rest of 2019 will bring. New challenges in life, new things to discover and learn, after all. 

We hope you have lived your first half, luminously and of course, remain your happiest selves, always, lovelies *_^

Visuals via LUMI Pinterest

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With love, 
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