Saturday, June 12, 2021

[Review] Herlovito | Clean and natural skincare made with love

We were first approached by Herlovito with their very first clean and natural skincare product - the Original Lip Balm. We love the fact that the brand's mission is to transition and move towards a cleaner way by producing beauty products that are free from harmful ingredients. It's definitely a philosophy that is commendable. We found the 100% vegan lip balm a lovely lip care product to have. Fresh from the tube, the edges might be a little sharp on the lips but after repeat use, the smooth gliding texture and the absence of fragrance made this one a keeper, leaving the pout feeling soft and protected. Here for more.

The brand name, Herlovito was inspired by the Spanish word "lobo", which represents love. That explains the no harmful chemicals, natural and sustainable ingredients and their eco-friendly uber simple packaging. 

Fast forward to 2021, the lovely people at Herlovito (here for more) came up with more beauty products, This time, it was their new Jojoba Hair Oil, Damask Rose Hydrating Mist and Tea Tree Blemish Serum. We felt the roll out of these new items were pretty timely. Let's take a look at them, shall we?

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Sunday, November 8, 2020

[Review] Back To The Origin | The Notion of A Good Night Rest With Origin Mattress Malaysia

We have a little secret to share - we were having neck issue while sleeping when the MCO lockdown started in March this year. We noticed the problem persisted throughout that stressful duration - must be the sudden change of lifestyle, working from home, extended period of time spending in front of the laptop working those virtual meetings, honestly, it took a toll on us, physically and emotionally. That stress somehow transferred over into the night. The next morning, when we woke up from our sleeps, we had fairly severe neck and shoulder pain. So, we thought, perhaps it was a good time to change our pillow already. The new pillow did ease the issue and we noticed improvement over time. 

So, when we were approached by Origin Mattress Malaysia (they recently launched their Malaysian website at Origin Hybrid®️ Mattress) offered us to give their  Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow a try, we were excited to give it a go as we are a strong believer of a good night sleep! Not only that, it was also being featured as one of The Best 8 Pillows In Singapore, to boot. So, we slept on it *_^

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Thursday, November 5, 2020

[Inspiration | Musing] Distancing

Life took a detour and arrived at a place with no name, no identity, no words could have ever described how deserted this stop looks like, an island without visitors. 2020 was, and still is remarkably unbelievable and truly unexpected. The wind looks kind of stagnant, the sky looks awkwardly gloomy at times, most of all, the human hearts turn terribly fragile and inward (can be a good thing when one goes into self reflective mode). 

Social distancing leaves us further apart in physique but draws us closer in the heart, thought and mind. We attempt to embrace the change, the new normal as much as we could. Could possibly pass off as "not too bad", given the circumstances. Life is unpredictable anyway, but was never such a huge surprise that comes with adverse impact to almost everyone, and the world at large. 

A great deal have changed, we fumble, we pick ourselves up, we forge on and continue to look ahead and forward. We hope that everyone else are doing well, evolving and growing. We will say a huge thanks to what we have at this moment, feeling the gratitude and the lesson learnt. Time is irrelevant and has become a luxury. 

Never let what needs to be said unspoken. Now means so much more than the next moment.  

Human are very distinctive and highly adaptable to change. We will be all right after all. When all this has to come to end, or at least, way better, we have healed ourselves with so much hope and love that our strength and tenacity will shine through. We can do this! 

Visuals via LUMI pinterst 

With love, 
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Sunday, June 28, 2020

[Review] Booster With Vitamin C by Novexpert Skincare Paris

We are always intrigued by a beauty product that could possibly tackle our pigmentation and overall dullness in our complexion and improve our skin texture and radiance in general. Novexpert Paris is a skincare that was introduced to us by a friend and by works of fate, one of their best-known products eventually landed in our mailbox many moons back. We were advised to give their Vitamin C range a try, hence we received their star vitamin of anti-aging approved by dermatologist, Booster with Vitamin C serum (here for more). What really got our attention about this cosmeceuticals brand is the fact that it is 100% natural origin, hypoallergenic and ...

0% preservatives
0% parabens
0% phenoxyethanol
0% silicones
0% mineral oils
0% animal origin ingredients
0% PEG and more.

Dubbed as "my anti-aging cosmeceuticals signed by French doctors", Novexpert is a skincare brand created by a team of four French doctors who are recognised experts and researchers in the skincare industry and believe that effective anti-aging formulations should be suitable for sensitive skin as well as safe for long term use - based on medical research. In fact, certifications issued by Ecocert guarantee and highlight the best environmentally friendly and socially conscious practices, and Novexpert is one of them. Ecocert certified products contain 99% ingredients of natural origin but this French brand goes beyond that, they are 100% natural, vegan  and hypoallergenic certified.

Let's talk a little about the Booster with Vitamin C Serum, shall we?

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

[Inspiration | Musing] Call My Name

Call me 
The summer heat that sizzles and melts you down, dripping with the sapphire intoxication of gemstone littered in the sand of time

Call me
The lonely darkness that is hidden deep within, waiting for someone to unleash its fearless calling, one who is brave enough to see beyond everything else

Call me
The serenity that fits right into your hand when you are reaching out for a touch of  gentleness, hoping for that little peace of mind 

Call me by my name
If you know me well enough, if you know that all I truly wanted is just a little love, a little kisses, a little gentle touch, a little more understanding, a little more tender loving care

2019 has left us gingerly, without making a huge fuss, yet we could not help but missing her so much, yet we are excited about what the rest of 2019 will bring. New challenges in life, new things to discover and learn, after all. 

We hope you have lived your first half, luminously and of course, remain your happiest selves, always, lovelies *_^

Visuals via LUMI Pinterest

Woman in black | Woman in white sheets | Inspirational words | Gal in the sunshine | Earthy space |

With love, 
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Monday, May 13, 2019

[Review + PRODUCT GIVEAWAY] Project B Hydrolyzed Biomarine Collagen Peptide 5,000mg & 100% Natural Fruit Booster (Mixed Berries)

On this Mother's Day, we are truly blessed. Having lived our life more than 4 decades now, we have always been blessed with decent health and a complexion that does not wreak havoc as and when it wishes (that's a huge bonus if you know what we mean *_^) and we do believe you are what you consume. We were delighted that we started a clean regiment with Project B Asia (here for more) two months back here, with their Project B Hydrolyzed Biomarine Collagen Peptide 5,000mg & 100% Natural Fruit Booster Kiwi flavour! It has been delightfully lovely as we truly love the philosophy (here) and the seriousness of the brand to commit to its research and development and its fundamental belief in being transparent and bare by publishing their reports of findings online, publicly (here for more). This post comes with an amazing GIVEAWAY and discount code, so stay tuned till the end *_^

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

[Inspiration | Musing] Touch Me Like You Do

Saturated rain hits the sunshine like a pair of whirlwind lovers who believes in opposite attracts, perfuming each other with an intoxicated mind and living in the moment, losing their mind, yet a colourful rainbow peeks through the clouds that drifted away just to make way for such little magic.

You touch me in ways you could not even comprehend, in ways I could not even utter a word myself to describe this feeling of sunny stormy disposition. I have hidden away long enough to confide in my own consciousness, not certain if I should even show this other side of me, but never was a shred of regrets for I can only be who I am, and more. 

I have come a long way, discovering the woman that I should have been. 

Lifting my face towards the sunny sky, I brave myself for what has yet to come and will eventually come my way and take a seat at the table of destiny, sipping my gorgeous cup of tea and my music, now who says you can't have it all in life? 

It is about living in the moment and find your little happiness, one that touches you deeply, in a quirky meaningful way, only you know best. 

Have a luminously beautiful new week ahead, lovelies *_^

With Love, 
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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Introducing The New Project B Hydrolyzed Biomarine Collagen Peptide 5,000mg & 100% Natural Fruit Booster

Life has its way of presenting you little pleasantries and its surprises, like star dusts leaving their trails across the clear midnight lonely sky, utterly unannounced and create that sparkles within you that would make you smile in silent happiness. That was what happened to us in February. One of them was the request to connect with a new brand which dares to bare it all - that would include their product planning (current product pipeline here) and development progress (trial reports stating the critical measures they take to confirm their product formulation here). Sounds too serious and scientific, right? Absolutely! That is how serious PROJECT B. ASIA (here for more) takes on what they do and feel passionate about - to be transparent about their business of health supplements. 

If you had been following LUMINNEJ's Instagram, you would have noticed that we have been adopting a healthier and cleaner approach to diet and exercise regiment. We have always believed in "you are what you eat", hence Project B's Hydrolyzed Biomarine Collagen Peptide 5,000mg and the 100% Natural Fruit Booster piqued our interest and we gladly said yes to the collaboration, now giving the both a try, also the fact that we do feel strongly about the philosophy behind the brand (here for their  project mission), hence we gave our collaboration a nickname - Be Bare, Be Beautiful. When you could bare it all, letting your true beauty shine from within and feel totally comfortable about it, that is indeed beautiful. We hope we could at least achieve that with Project B. Let's explore what exactly are these two little powerhouse, shall we?

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

[Review] Introducing The Mamonde NEW All Stay Foundation | Blooming Rose Beauty Sort Of Complexion

Visuals via

Our love for flowers is undeniably real, though it may seem understated for we always feel that flowers represent a certain state of mind of a woman and her femininity and vulnerability yet with that certain underlying innate strength that cannot be ignored nonetheless. That is how we view the power of flowers and their meaning. We believe this Korean beauty brand, Mamonde has successfully captured and harnessed the true essence and purpose of flowers and bring with it a range of beauty items which does not only smell and look fantastic but work wonderful for the skin too! Read some of our crushes for the brand here previously. 

Mamonde Malaysia recently surprised us with a beautiful blooming bouquet of delightful 3 shades of the brand's new foundation - The All Stay Foundation and its All Stay Sponge. Let's have a look at them and discover what they can do for our makeup routine, all right? And oh, a huge thanks to team Mamonde Malaysia for sending along the love, we are spoilt to brim, indeed *_^

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

[Review] Dior Backstage | Glow & Shine Like A Dior Model On The Runway

If one watches enough backstage behind-the-scene videos of fashion runway shows, one would be very familiar with the rush and adrenaline that come with prepping and preparing the models' makeup, hair, wardrobe and all, the list seems to go on and on. Makeup is a crucial part of the whole process. This brings us to this blog post (which is long overdue by the way, our apologies), we got a taste of the models line up and got an exclusive VIP pass to witness the launch of Dior's recent Dior Backstage professional performance makeup line at KLCC. It was uber cool and fun! Thanks #DiorMY for having us *_^

The concept behind this first ever makeup collection inspired by Dior backstage was developed and designed by Peter Philips, Dior's Creative and Image Director for makeup to give women around the world a taste of professional makeup. Surprisingly the collection is very extensive and broad, beauty products from face, eyes, lips, makeup brushes right down to nail (here for more)We shall share with you our experience using selected products from the range. Let's get started, shall we?

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

[Review + Discount Code] Sudio NIVÅ, Free The Sound Wireless Earphones From Sudio Sweden

If you had followed LUMINNEJ long enough, you would have discovered that we are quite a music lover. We enjoy music since gosh know when. We could remember we grew up with MTVs and watching them and recording the music videos we love onto empty VHS tapes (yes, that was how long ago, our generation *_^). So you could probably guess how excited it was when we received an email from this established Swedish brand who takes sound and music absolutely as serious and go as far as handmade most majority of their parts in the production process and is a true believer in bringing the best sound to the world. Yes, we are talking about yet another Swedish design aesthetics here. This time around, it is SUDIO, Swedish design in earphones. Here for more.

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