Wednesday, March 15, 2017

LifeProof Your Gadget & Have The Best Adventures Of Your Life | LifeProof NÜÜD

Live beyond your limits! Have you wondered where is the further you can go in life and what would you do to just have that in life? To live life knowing that there is still so much more to explore and experience is such an amazing feeling. When LifeProof Asia (here for more) approached us to give their nifty gadget a look and review, we were immediately captivated by the brand's philosophy and idea of pushing the boundaries and live life to the fullest. As adventurous as we hope we could be, we do (secretly) harbour such wishful dreams of climbing the Mount Everest (ooops! haha, maybe not that, but somewhere closer to home, the Mount Kinabalu!) or surfing the rough sea or waves of the Point Break of Noosa, Queensland, Australia, we could only settle for our daily walk and run, or an occasional tennis session for now. We bet that day will come, eventually for us to cross those off from our bucket list. We are hopeful, in that sense, no matter how foolish it may sound.

So, what remarkable gadget are we talking about here then? It is none other than LifeProof's new NÜÜD iPhone Casing. You may ask, what so special about this casing? Aha, sit back and we shall reveal it all here. How about the sound of 4 Proofs with Zero Doubts - Water Proof, Dirt Proof, Snow Proof and Drop Proof! Super duper cool, right?

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Monday, March 13, 2017

SOS Skincare | Flawless & Luminous Skin For All

We had the opportunity to be invited to attend a brand new skincare launch some time back. It was one which is called SOS Skincare (Science On Skin). The place? Roost KL in Bangsar. Looking at the chic white simple packaging, it was already something interesting that got our interest piqued. We shall let our contributing writer, Nalini shares with you her experience of using the skincare range, shall we?

Hey y'all! Hope 2017 has been treating you well so far! 

It is Nal and I am excited to be back yet again with another review. This time on skincare. Truth to be told, I am not for it, hardly ever used any type of skincare products besides the St. Ives Celanser or Scrub. So, when I got a hold of this new pair of SOS Skincare, I was rather intrigued to find out what it can do for my skin. I sampled the Cleanser+ and the Multivatimins+ for over a month. 

For those who have not heard about the brand, it is not because you have been living under a cave. It is simply because it is the new kid on the block. Launched in December 2016, the Science On Skin (SOS) features three products to begin with - Cleanse+, Acne+ and Multivitamins+. Developed by French researchers, the SOS products are specially formulated for all types of Asian skin! SOS products differ from other over-the-counter beauty products, as its dermatologist-developed formulations boast of higher concentration of active ingredients that deliver multiple benefits to treat, rejuvenate and protect the skin from free radicals.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Introducing Dior Colour Gradation Spring 2017 Collection

Time flies and spring announces its arrival with such energy that it feels like there are so much more to experience, explore and do during this season. One of them would be to uncover what Dior, the beauty brand has to offer this season. Thanks to Dior Malaysia, we had the opportunity to try out some of the beauty items that are available this spring, they called it the Colour Gradation Spring 2017 Collection. (here for more) Shall share our thoughts on them today.

Dior Colour Gradation Eyeshadow Palette (4.5g at MYR260) - Limited Edition
There are two shades of this 4-colour palette, 001 Blue Gradation and 002 Coral Gradation. The one we have is 001. Comes in Dior's signature casing and pouch, the four blue shades of colours look impressive in the pan, adorned with the pleated pattern of the house of Dior, simple yet alluring we feel. 

From sky blue to azure, the cool tones compliment each other and we love how it can be subtle yet the intensity of the eyeshadows are good enough to build up to a more smokey effect for the eyes.  Soft yet buttery feel to the eyes, matte finishing, this palette is versatile. If you love the colour blue, you will fall in love with this one. We did notice the staying power of the eyeshadow was not as expected, an eye base product would be advisable. Here for more.

Rouge Dior Brillant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour
If you had known us long enough, we are not really a lip gloss kind of gal, more lipsticks instead, but we have to say this new one by Dior took us by surprise. We totally enjoyed it as it glides on effortlessly, leaving the lips feeling moist, light, not sticky, very much liquidy kind of feel, yet the colour payoff is intense. It looks more like opaque liquid lipstick rather than a gloss. We are pretty in love with this shade, 878 called Impulsive, really as it gives our lips a pop of colour, looking classic yet with a twist of fun element to it!

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Spring 2017 (Limited Edition)
We have tried pink mascara before but BLUE would be our first, this one from Dior spring 2017 collection is one really pretty one in terms of the shade of blue, 284 Overnight. Love the packaging of the tube and the wand is built in such a way that it does catches a lot of eye lashes and coats our lashes well with the blue hue. Quite electrifying, the final look and effect. The only little qualm we had with this one is the fluidity of the formula, it feels a tad too thick and dry. If it were a little more watery, it would be so much more easier to glide onto the lashes. Here for more.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

[Inspiration | Musing] My Own Way of Believing

Time and time again, life beats you down with rain from a thunder storm that could only leave you feeling all drenched with coldness that cuts through your bone and strips you bear naked, feeling totally defeated. Yet, it is this very rain that makes you realise its beauty, so that you could completely rejoice in the next sunlight that sips through your subconscious and makes you feel all hopeful again, with the arrival of a brand new month. 

We hang on to our last breath, hoping that things will change for the better, much better as time goes by. Tired but never once felt that this life is not worth fighting for. Embrace that little happiness, no matter what, for change will bring you to a much more peaceful place, one that has your name on it, one you can finally feel all at home, free and loved.

Hello March. Let's just shake hands and be good friends, all right?

Visuals via LUMI's Pinterest here. Woman in the sun.

With love, 

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Monday, February 20, 2017

[LIVE STREAMING] Burberry February 2017 Runway Show

Burberry has been one of our favourite fashion and beauty brands for some time now, though the past two seasons had been somewhat mind boggling for us, as we could not seem to get what was actually brewing in Christopher Bailey's mind for the collections, we still do very much look forward to this new February 2017 Collection, judging by the sneak peek visuals that Burberry had released some time last week.

Following the success collaboration between the brand and the Makers House, an exhibition on the sculptor, Henry Moore's work, which is co-indicentally the inspiration that this collection is based on, will be held at the Makers House, exploring the inner works, ideas, concepts and the evolution of his artistic work to the public.

According to Burberry, it is an exploration of sculpture and silhouette, material and process. The artist's influence is articulated through form, texture and crafted details, as well as vivid prints referencing his designs from the archive at the Henry Moore Foundation. Doesn't it sound pretty exciting already?

So, claim your front row seat, check back here tonight (early morning from where we are, 3.30pm Malaysian Time), 21st February, 2017 and watch the runway show LIVE from London Fashion Week, at the comfort of your home *_^

Thanks again Burberry for choosing LUMINNEJ for this live streaming opportunity. It has always been our pleasure to bring you the best of the best in British Fashion.

Let us know which piece(s) that would tickle your fancy ya, lovelies *_^ Enjoy the show!

With love, 
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Friday, February 17, 2017

[Review] La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Lotion | A Fluid Expression of An Icon

Sometime last year, luxury skincare and beauty brand, La Mer introduced to the world its first The Moisturizing Soft Lotion, and we had a chance to take a first look during an intimate press preview at the St. Regis Hotel here. We believe a brand with such huge followings, raving fans and skincare lovers, there must be something that La Mer have been doing right all along. So it got us really intrigued to find out all about this latest addition to its family of moisturizers which consists of the iconic Crème De La Mer, The Moisturizing Soft Cream, The Moisturizing Gel Cream and The Oil Absorbing Lotion. (here to explore). We shall share with you a little of our experience using this new invention from La Mer today.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

[Inspiration | Musing] Beautiful Life, Beautiful Day and Beautiful Love

January left without a name, February took over with such subtle vengeance that it felt like we have been swept off our feet by a stranger with strong hands and arms, lifting us away from the daily grind and worries of the world upon our shoulder, looming like a dark soul on that path of no return. We came out feeling alive, eventually came to discover that life is beautiful, in many ways, despite its broken tiles and worn off paints. 

Connecting with our own being, in such a naked manner, emotionally, ever so often, or with another, who understands our chaotic mind do seem to yield a certain sense of calmness within. Exploring deep within, what it takes to be a woman, in flesh and blood, we felt we have come to know a different side of us we have not understood before this. It is equally liberating and fearful at the same time. Ultimately, we have come to learn that whichever path we decide to take, it should be one which comes from a purposefully good intention.

We have come to appreciate our physical body more this year by embarking on a whole new fitness approach, getting our body back on track again, after what seemed like eternally a sedentary sort of lifestyle that we were leading, in denial. It feels great after all. We take each day one step at a time, trying to survive the moments, without leaving us scratched with thorn-filled scars of the mundane meaningless dispute or misunderstandings. Focus on us, only then we could be whole again to love others and life itself. 

How has this new month of February been treating you, lovelies? Have a beautiful new week ahead and be happy always *_^ Here is a beautiful song we so adore, and would love to share it with you all. 

All visuals via LUMI Pinterest here

Woman In shadow | Word February | Word Hello | Girl With Camera | Words Find Your Place | Sensual Morning Lady | Couple Hug | Lady with Camera | Fit Beach Lady | Words Beautiful Sparkle |  Headphone and Coffee | Pink Tulips

With love, 
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

[The Hair Affair] The Soloist Salon | All About Hair Cut

Who better for us to talk to when it comes to all things related to hair? Most definitely our official hair partner, The Soloist Hair Salon. So, we headed over to one of our favourite places to hang out and had a chat with one of the founding partners, Marcus Chin about hair cut, something which we were keen to find out more about, apart from what we have discussed previously here, about hair colouring. So, come along and you shall find out a thing or two about hair cut from the professionals, from the British way of cut right down to the Japanese style of aesthetics  *_^

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Introducing BOSS The Scent For Her | Enigmatically Seductive

The air was heavy, the room was empty, the floor echoed a certain vulnerability yet with a sense of certainty the moment the door was opened. I turned towards the door and there you were, radiating with that strong vibe of sensuality, an intoxicating allure that I could not seem to put into words, yet could only smell it in the dead silent air of that night. You looked stunningly beautiful, clad in a long black dress, effortlessly, accentuating your curve and silhouette, I could not get my eyes off you, my love. Tell me, how could I resist a woman like you, smelling this intoxicating?

As if you could sense my yearning for you, you walked towards me, across the room, elegantly confident, sensually feminine and seductive, each step you took, set me on fire. Your gaze was strong, determined yet warm, coming together to meet mine which was equally powerful and intense. It felt like a match made in heaven, the way you smell that night, coming together with mine, mingled with the minds that were racing wild. As you drew closer, I reached out to you and grabbed you by the waist, your arms locked over my shoulder, for that brief moment, our first contact seemed inevitable. Our eyes met, deeply and passionately. Time stood still, almost eternally. You smiled. I turned you around, eagerly searching for that hypnotic scent on your neck, tracing it ever so gently, along your neck line. I could almost smell your innate power to seduce, your strength to render me your prisoner, yet I was ready to step up to meet your demand, requesting for my full attention for you. 

We drew each other closer, and with that little moment of linger, our lips met and we kissed

It brought back all those memories of us together, the walk in the park, the coffee moment we shared together, the nights when we just danced a slow dance under the chandelier and just immersed ourselves in each others arm and embrace. Those were the moments, I could remember so vividly, sharing with you, and your one and only BOSS The Scent For Her, my love. You never cease to amaze me and take my breath away, like how this scent took away yours. Promise me that you will always be mine... mine and mine alone, my love.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Introducing The Brand New Lancôme Boutique

There is always something to look at, something that catches your eyes or something that tickles your fancy and interest, or perhaps many more treasures that make your heart flutter and you feel like you are in a magical land of wonders, filled with colours and spoilt by choices. That was exactly how we felt when we first stepped feet into Lancôme's very first South East Asia boutique, which recently opened its door at The Gardens Mall to beauty addicts and lovers. We were invited to a cosy comforting session and it was such a wonderful afternoon. 

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