Monday, July 24, 2017

[Review] Niel's Yard Remedies Deliciously Ella Lovely Duo | Rose, Lime & Cucumber Facial Wash + Moisturiser

Yes, this has been long overdue and we have been enjoying both these wonderful duo from Niel's Yard Remedies Deliciously Ella for a while back since we last attended their enchanted event that morning here. We are talking about the Deliciously Ella Rose, Lime & Cucumber series of Facial Wash and Moisturiser. They are truly a wonder to use.

Deliciously Ella is a collaborative effort by Ella Mills, award-winning author and blogger (and proud cafe owner of The Mae Deli in London) and Niel's Yard Remedies, to bring forth a series of skincare range that go hand-in-hand with Ella's philosophies, as well as the brand - healthy, skin-friendly and totally wholesome products that make a difference to the skin, as much as how Ella advocates her healthy living by eating clean and responsibly. She revealed that roses, turmeric, blueberries, lime and cucumber are some of the ingredients she often used in her cooking, hence, she handpicked them to be the basis of the creation of this skincare range. The result? A truly hydrating and refreshing skincare products.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

[Review] Sisley Paris | Phyto-Blanc Brightening Daily Defence Fluid SPF50 PA++++

High level pollution, UV radiation and free radicals impact our skin more than we realised, even more so if we are living in the urban areas. Environmental stresses of such will weaken our skin and this can cause dark spots, pigmentation and uneven complexion over time. We have to confess, we have always dreaded putting on sun block due to its thick consistency and stickiness, some even leave traces of white patches on the skin. Our dark spots and pigmentation was developed way back when we trained for our tennis competition during our university days, right under the scorching hot sun! Believe it or not, we never slathered on any trace of sun protection (yucks!). Thinking back, it was way too gullible of us not knowing better.

Today, we would love to take some time to share with you one sunscreen protection we have come to love of late, a lot. It would be this one from Sisley Paris, the Phyto-Blanc Brightening Daily Defence Fluid SPF50 PA++++. It arrived together with another new surprise from this French brand previously.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

[FACES] The Thinking Hair Creator, Marcus Chin of The Soloist Salon

Fell in love with all things related to hair for more than 10 years now, his love affair has grown even stronger these days with the forming of The Soloist Hair Salon with his other two founding partners, Nicholas Chua and Eewen Yap. Marcus Chin loves cutting and colouring most now, as he feels these two elements go hand-in-hand and they are areas that give him the most satisfaction in terms of creativity. He has found his calling and confidence in the hair industry. He loves cooking and would not mind to invite you for a meal or two some day. We caught up with him recently to get to know more about this talented hairstylist and try to find out what makes him tick and what pushes him in the hairdressing business today. 

Born in 1987 and grew up in Seremban, Marcus has always been a somewhat hyperactive teenager who seemed to give teachers headaches even though he scored wonderfully in his comprehension but just could never get good grades as expected from his teachers. Seen as being relatively naughty, a troublemaker with a mix of street smart, in the eyes of the teachers and peers, he was destined for other things in life besides studying. One thing stood out though, he always loved to style his hair in a particular way and often got the attention of his friends. Naturally, Marcus thought that perhaps his interest would eventually be in hairstyling. 

It was confirmed much later through an incident in school which this young hairstylist-in-the-making was destined to walk down the path that he is now walking - when he had to help cut and fix a friend's hair which was ruined by the teacher's carefree way of cutting due to punishment. Marcus very first hair cut in his life was done in a boys' school toilet back then, as a favour for his friend to "rescue" and "salvage" his bad hair. Even then, he came to realise he still could not find his real purpose in life.

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Monday, June 5, 2017

[Review] Dior Prestige Le Nectar de Teint Foundation & Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder, The One That Stole Our Heart

We have been having quite an affair with Dior for some time now and this time around, we are delighted (though terribly embarrassed by our lateness) to share with you another two of our Dior love - a foundation from the Dior Prestige family and a shimmering powder that we could not say no to (unfortunately, it took us this long to get to it that this limited edition highlighting powder is no longer available, but one can always find her equally enchanting partners within the same family here! No, you are not too late). Yes, we are that Dior gal who adore these little luxury ever so enthusiastically that it feels a tad guilty, but in the most beautiful harmless way *_^ Come with us and dive into the luxurious world of Dior beauty, will you? 

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Monday, May 29, 2017

[Inspiration | Musing] She Is All That She Dreams Of, And More.

Free, drifted, enviable, at times confused, she represents the deepest part of her soul, she hangs onto the final breath of her insanity hoping to infuse herself with that sense of freedom that she longs to keep close to her heart, but never to be forgotten how fragile that could be. 

She is the hero within herself and the stars and the sun and the moon, for only the clouds could gather them all and make a beautiful universe out of them and sprinkle star dusts that leave trails of delight to those who wish to follow her and see where she leads them.

Give her your shoulder of confidence, show her that a whole world of exploration is out there, yet allow her to retreat to her own world of solitude and quietness at the end of each day, so that she could be who she really wants to be, one who loves the lullaby of words and the imaginations they bring. Let her indulge in her musical notes of fantasising. She is, after all, a dreamer at heart.

She embraces what is hard to bear, yet welcomes the unexpected traces of new discoveries and possibilities. She believes that anything is possible, only if you believe hard and deep enough, ever so foolishly. 

Hello June ... in advance

You are all that she dreams of, and more ...

Visuals via LUMI Pinterest here. Her in black and white | Sensual In Bed | Words on Dreams of Hers | Her Writing At The Coffee Table | Delicate Fingers In The Sun | White Cotton Candy Over An Americano | Clouds And Soft Bed

With love, 
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Monday, May 15, 2017

[Review] The Exquisite Skincolor de la Mer™ | Beauty Beyond Skincare And A Luxurious Afternoon Rendezvous With La Mer Malaysia

Basking in the afternoon warm sun, being whisked off our feet by the scent of the beautiful white orchid all around and being enthralled by the simple sight of an exquisite array of gorgeous looking beauty products displayed, one could only expect nothing less than stunning beauty and lovely time from then onwards. Yes, it was such an afternoon tea session at the Orchid Conservatory of The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, and we were about to be introduced to this luxury skincare and beauty brand, La Mer's latest skincare infused makeup collection - Skincolor de la Mer™. We are excited to share with you our own little experience using the collection here today, though it is super long overdue. Let's come with us, will you? 

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Introducing the NEW Gucci Guilty Absolute | An Absolute Seal Of Masculinity And Its Freedom

What defines a man? Is it the man he has come to embrace, or the man he foresees to become? Perhaps that journey of becoming the man whom he wishes to be has a great deal to do with understanding the dichotomy of taking up responsibilities and the freedom that he yearns to have and balancing these two opposing worlds. At times, a certain scent will elicit such qualities in a man or reflect what kind of a man he is.

We had the opportunity to share a beautiful afternoon lunch with Gucci Malaysia at Chinoz On The Park recently, to allow them to introduce us to the brand's latest offering from the fragrance department - Gucci Guilty Absolute. The roadshow and promotion for the fragrance is from 28th April till 7th May 2017. It was a great set-up at the Suria KLCC Concourse area (just like the previous one which we checked out here before), to say the least and we were impressed by it all. 

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Review | Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipsticks

We were totally surprised when our friends at Shu Uemura Malaysia dropped us a message recently and asked if we would be interested to try out some of this awesome Japanese beauty brand's latest offerings in skincare and beauty. Of course, we were super delighted and said yes instantly *_^ Today we shall be sharing a little of our experience using Shu Uemura's Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipsticks. The two new shades that we have here are PK354 Ocha Pink and OR550 Yo-yogi Orange.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

The Good Co. | A Perfect Place For Honest Clean Healthy Food

What would be the first thought that comes to your mind if the word fast food is mentioned? Ultra fast to fill up that hungry tummy but most often not that healthy for the body, right? What if we tell you that fast food now need not be unhealthy? On the contrary, it can be nutritious, freshly prepared and packed daily, with a whole load of wholesome organic and vegan goodness and love. Would you be keen to know more? We are most definitely! That was exactly what we did, during the press launch of this latest cool place called The Good Co., one that serves up plenty of honest good food on-the-go. That was a great afternoon of exploration and discovery after all.

Located within a stylish sales gallery, Bön Estates - living, well crafted which stands on the pinnacle of Jalan Maarof, opposite Bangsar Shopping Centre, is a boutique developer that focuses on well crafted, sustainable and healthy living concept developments with The Good Co. as its healthy lifestyle partner, a healthy fast-food cafe, in essence.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

McQueen Eau de Parfum | The Night Queen Who Came And Reigned Our Heart

When we were told that a surprise from the house of Alexander McQueen would be arriving to the world of LUMINNEJ, we were extremely excited, as the name always seems to remind us of opulent, serious creativity, wrapped with the element of surprises, avant-garde almost, yet steep in tradition and gothic genetics and the fascination of dark beauty. As expected, the white packaging itself reflects that simplicity with the hint of blush feather embossed motifs, coupled with a degree of mystery. When we unboxed, the quant little clear glass bottle with a very unique lacquered cap cover which is filled with a grid of tiny studs (which is meant to mimic the texture of fabric) revealed itself to us, almost like walking out of the woods in the dark, emerging for the first time to its rightful owner.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mt. Sapola | An Enchanted Afternoon of Blissful Home Scent Exploration

We do believe the sense of smell plays a crucial role in awakening the mind and body, especially in today's hectic lifestyle and environment. We were extremely thrilled to discover that we would have a chance not only to explore a wide range of home scents range brought to us by one of the leading experts in the aromatherapy industry here in Malaysia, we could even have a chance to learn a thing or two about scents and how to put together our own signature home scent. All thanks to PR friends at Suppagood and our gracious host for the day, Mt. Sapola of Malaysia.

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