Tuesday, June 10, 2014

[Instagram] Lumi's Feature 1: What For Breakfast

We stumbled upon this amazing talented artist and we instantly fell in love with her feed on instagram! So, we decided to share it with you here. What a cool IG name, What For Breakfast. Now, they really make you feel like such a downer if you ever are the type who skip breakfast, really! See how beautifully serious they take their first meal of the day? Now, you really don't have any reasons not to eat yours *_^

We love the way she styles her food, love how she enjoys this time of the day, and absolutely adore how wonderful it is to love what you eat (and take great photographs of them too) and spend quality time with love ones during such a time of the day. We feel if one cares enough to wake up early each morning to prepare or take her breakfast, she must be someone who truly knows how to treasure life's little pleasure and wonders and her family is a lucky one too. She is none other than Marta Greber *_^

For some of us, breakfast time is spent in a hurry and we are off on the road, to the office, stuck in the morning traffic. Sometimes, some may think, it does feel like a luxury, if you can really slow things down, and take time to enjoy every bite that you take. We wonder how you take your breakfast each day?

You will most definitely want to check out her blog here for more lovely pictures, types of food recipes and her breakfast adventures with her family. All pictures here via her instagram feed here. We sure hope you are loving your breakfast each day, the same way she does! We don't have enough words to express how happy and excited we are to have discovered her. We have so much more IG love crushes to share with you, but will have to be the next round then. Here is a collage of our own little food adventure. Bon appetit *_^

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