Monday, June 9, 2014

Loving Creative Work Spaces

We really believe a nice "office" need not be huge to produce great works. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity to make it your own, a space that breathes air and gives you that signature that is truly yours. Some like it simple, some believe in organized chaos (like how my hubby puts it *_^), whatever it maybe, it most definitely should be a space that inspire you to keep those creative juice flowing, especially if you are in the line of work that requires you to do so, most of the time. 

Here are some of the spaces we find absolutely stimulating, some are more elaborate than others, but we believe it tells a great deal about the person(s) who work(s) at these spaces. Don't you agree? 

We wonder what sort of items you surround your special personal space with? Our ideal work space? Loads of sunlight, preferably more white as the main colour theme, few statement pieces of furniture (wood based), a little industrial feel type of texture in terms of material used, loads of personal memorabilia and mood boards pinned up on the wall. Of course, a MAC machine as the "work horse"... oh, and soothing nice music playing all the time! All images via pinterest. You can explore more of the spaces we love via our pinterest board here.

What's your ideal creative space?

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  1. These are some dreamy workspaces! Especially loving the the window front space from 79 ideas. Lots of bright natural light is a must for me since I don't like to have to set up my photography lights to shoot.I currently share a computer desk with my husband which I don't really mind :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Yes Rowena, I know! Such bright window view and space, right? Haha, I definitely can understand about not having to set up lights! Sometimes, nothing beats natural lighting *_^

  3. I love a work space with loads and loads of sun light! Definitely brightens up some one's day =)

  4. Don't we all just love more sunlight? We are lucky that we stay in Malaysia and get it all year round (except during rainy days, of course) haha

    am sure you soho has plenty of sunshine?


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