Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Turn Heads With JOICO, The Hair Colour Expert

It was another hair affair for us recently. This time around, at The Roof, First Avenue. The evening took off with the media session, Missie Madeja, the Senior Director of International Sales of JOICO explaining to us what JOICO as a brand is all about, its philosophy and its direction, while Aileen Ong, the Brand Manager of JOICO in Malaysia told us the brand positioning of the brand within the local hair industry, since JOICO has now come under the big family of Shiseido in Malaysia. After that, it was a pleasant dinner at the Malt & Leaf before the show commenced. 

JOICO as one of the pioneering hair companies has been pushing its boundaries in hair-science technology and artfully infusing it with the latest innovations in hair care creating beautiful, healthy hairs that Turn Heads since 1976. Stylist are passionate about revealing the potential of every person's individual beauty, clients walk out of the salon into the world with a new look, JOICO gives stylist the tools to TURNS HEADS. We were eager to find out more about how JOICO can truly transform a person's look with their innovative formula and range of hair colours. The show perhaps will reveal it?

Celebrities at the JOICO press launch recently at The Roof. Pictures courtesy of Shiseido Professional

We were then escorted over to PLAY, the club where it was already packed with eager guests waiting for the show to begin. We even spotted some guest celebrities attending the press launch as well. The show began with a few colourful-hair ladies trotting on stage, doing a dance number and parading their hair designs. Well, the hair colours did stand out among the crowd, we must admit. Then, the main event came on - the hair show by JOICO guest artists, Kim Judkins Bonadio and Cherry Petenbrink! They looked absolutely great in their vibrant hair colours and edgy all black outfit for the night. Both started to explain and talk about their experiences in the JOICO and hair industry over the years in the States and how they just love making  people look beautiful with JOICO's products.

Kim (left) and Cherry (right) performing their skills on the model's hair on stage

We were pretty much impressed to discover that Cherry actually worked on the hair colours for Jennifer Lawrence and the cast in Hunger Games series! No wonder, when we saw the films, we were always wondering, who was the one behind such vibrant and shiny hair colours? Now we know *_^ She has also worked on Scarlette Johanson's hair in Captain America (oooh Scarlett never looked that sexy before in a movie, must be the red hair colour, plus her killer body!) and Nicole Kidman's in Stoker (which we reviewed here if you are keen to check it out). Cherry is also a member of JOICO's Elite Color Competency Team.

While Cherry is almost always busy with Hollywood actresses and their hair, the bubbly Kim has been engaging with her audience for over 20 years! She is known for sharing her infectious positive vibe along with her impeccable hairdressing skills. Kim's cut, colour and styling talents have been featured in multiple international media and she is a firm believer in the mantra, "Creation, not duplication". Both gorgeous ladies worked on the hair of the models quickly and effortlessly to reveal a new hairstyle that is performance worthy level interesting enough to wow the audience there.

Upon more research and reading, what really intrigued us more, personally, about the JOICO brand is their innovative and green approach to haircare and styling products. They constantly look for creative ways of rebuilding and protecting the structure of the hair, via products that perform time and time again. For the first time, JOICO fuses the power of DNA science and the latest advancements in bio-mimicry to introduce the brand's biggest breakthrough to date. Bio-Advanced Peptide Complexis the most powerful, most targeted hair repair technology ever created. We also noticed that it is sulfate-free.

We love the green aspect of the brand - JOICO is the ONLY professional haircare company on he EPA's Top 20 On-Site Generation list, JOICO manufactures with ON-SITE WIND POWER, voluntarily offsets carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, its packaging is mode from up to 70% post-consumer recycled materials and JOICO was also awarded the EPA's Green Power Leadership Award for its 3.3MW onsite wind generation project! How cool is that, making our hair looking awesome and beautiful while caring for the environment at the same time?

All in all, though the show in general wasn't as exciting as the Shiseido Professional one which we attended previously (perhaps we are just not the club-going crowd and not that fancy those sort of settings to begin with), but it was an eye-opening event that brought our attention to yet, another innovative brand in the hair industry. That is what makes it the more interesting, more choices for consumers to choose from and decide what's best for us. We love the video that the JOICO team shared with us during the media presentation, hence we are sharing it with you here. Hope you will enjoy. As usual, we walked away with some goodies, thanks to JOICO and Shiseido. To get to know the brand better, here for more. Check it out as they have a Drab To Fab make-over wardrobe plus hair styling tip video series happening now, looking interesting.

Looking forward to our next event with them. Till then, have a luminously beautiful week!

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  1. This looks like it was a really fun event. And you are right the vibrant hair colors are soooo cool. Love it.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. Yup Alicia, it was quite a fun event, though we took in quite a bit of second-hand smoke, but other than that, it was fun to discover new things!

  2. Lucky you to attend such a cool event and presentation! I'm totally coveting the hair of that model with the edgy pink bob!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Totally, right, Rowena? I was eye-ing on the pink short bob as well *_^ so nice and smooth looking!


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