Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lancôme's Latest Kissable Lip Lover Has Arrived

We were extremely excited to be invited by LancÔme Malaysia to the exclusive preview (only for selected bloggers) of the brand's latest must-have lip colours from the In Love range called Lip Lover (feeling so much love now, thanks!). We have to first admit that we are personally not a really lip gloss kind of gal due to most formulas of them tend to be on the sticky side, we were intrigued to find out how LancÔme's version is different.

A small cosy training room was transformed into a fantasy wonderland, according to themes, filled with lovely treats and beautiful decor that would make any girl's heart melt, that was the impression we got when we first arrived on location. One can tell much thought and effort has been put into preparing the place for us. 

After a quick chat with the enchanting Marketing Manager, Melissa, once again, Tanguy, the Brand Manager of LancÔme opened the event by briefly introducing us to how the French lady's take on beauty and makeup - super easy, on-the-go, modern yet that is very French that made them all look beautiful without having to try that hard, which is very true, we feel. See how the famous French blogger, Garance Dore, one of our favourites (here for more) always manages to look her effortless chic, no matter the weather and occasion. You will discover this in many of her subject females whom she shot. We definitely must learn a trick or two from them *_^

Following on from Rouge In Love, the ultra-addictive versatile lipstick, Gloss In Love, the brilliantly styled light-catcher lip gloss and Baume In Love, the phenomenally subtle moisturizing balm, Lip Lover is a three-in-one formula that promises to give us that lip-changing experience! Interesting indeed. The best part of it is that this latest hybrid formula comes in a widest range of pink shades from LancÔme, with a total of 18 feel-good "made-to-measure" shine and shades of pink! Julian, the Assistant Product Manager of LancÔme further explained the technology behind the latest creation, the three main themes - Rosemantic, Amourose and Glamourose

Rosemantic embodies the freshness and delicateness of the rose, main colours are nudes and woody. They have the prettiest pinks, we feel. If you are the girly girly sort of a person, you would love this range. The star shade for this is No. 316 called Rose Attrape-coeur.

Amourose is a pop and joyful rose colour. The main colours are tangy pinks and fruity florals. This range is slightly more bolder interpretation of pink. The star shade from this is No. 337 called Lip Lover, a radiant fuschia that Lily Collins looks absolutely lovely in as the new face for LancÔme

Glamourose moves into the depth and sexiness of rose, hence main colours are fuschias and purples, the more deeper and darker shades of pink. The star shade for this is No.355 called Framboise Étoile. The range can also be divided into basic chic shades, creative chic shades and the star shades. 

After the presentation, bloggers were invited to check out the lip colours, try out the range, we could even have a makeover done by LancÔme makeup artist. Poloroid pictures were taken of us. There will also be a contest running via facebook to see who gets the most likes, to win a whole collection of the lip lover, all the lovely 18 shades! Everyone got excited and we mingled around. Bloggers can even get a custom-made bracelet done with one's initial on it, such fun indeed! The best part of the occasion for us was to be able to meet new blogger friends and exchange makeup ideas and tips. How beautiful is that? Most of us were busy taking pictures away with our favourite lip colours after the makeover. 

We had our lip colour chosen and applied by the makeup artist. This is our lip colour for the day. It was the colour No.357 called Bouquet Final. The metal casing also comes with button that you can click to open, it locks it tight to avoid spilling. Quite ingenious. According to LancÔme, Lip Lover has a trio of best assets, the colour infused with lipstick pigments gives the lips its intensity, like a normal lipstick. The subtle re-plumping shine is buildable, layer by layer to give the lips its kissable full lips look. The lipcare aspect of it gives an 8-hour result and comfort due to its emollient and moisturizing agents, to ensure not only we have a beautiful lip, but a nourished one. It does have the richness of a lipstick without the stickiness, actually. Like what LancÔme promises, the comfort of a balm, the refined colour of a lipstick and the shaping shine of a gloss. Here to uncover more of the product. 

All in all, we had a fabulously enchanting afternoon, thanks to the lovely people of LancÔme Malaysia! Everyone walked away with their Lip Lover choice for the day. We can't wait for you all to try it out. Wait no further as Lip Lover will be officially available in Malaysia starting 1st June! Head to the counters and discover for yourselves how they would feel on your lips. We hope you will find your perfect shade(s) for any occasion. Till then, stay luminous *_^

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  1. Yummylicious stuff!! Those smacking great colors from Lancome, delicious macaroons and lollipops =D Looked like you had so much fun at the event! =)
    Have a great weekend =)

    1. Yes indeed, Yen. It was a great event! Wish you were there. Will pass you the contacts to Lancome, so next time perhaps they can invite you too *_^

  2. Oh I do like gloss as long as it is not too sticky yes. I do not wear lipstick mostly glosses or tints. And these look wonderful! Love your photos and the coverage of the event looked like a blast and so informative! Cool blog following via bloglovin.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. Hi Alicia,

      Thanks so much! Humbled that you find my blog cool *_^ Am the other way round, I wear lipsticks mostly and not gloss:)) Thanks for the follow. Will do so back.

  3. Looks fab! will try as it looks so nice on the lips and I love to use glosses.

  4. What a fun event! And I love the color that was selected for you. I wear Lancome mascara, but maybe I need to look into their lip colors as well!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper


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