Monday, May 19, 2014

Shiseido Professional SS 2014 COLOR ME KNOT Hair Trends Looking Very Edgy

We love a good combo of nice hairdo to go with the fashion trend. We are currently loving the new Shiseido Professional latest hairstyles as they go really well with the fashion styles and makeup designs via the Spring/Summer 2014 collection aptly called Color Me Knot. It was unveiled recently at the Shiseido office with the guest appearance by Yoshiyuki Takahashi from the Beauty Creative Team in Japan. WHITE is being spotted on the runways for both men and women's fashion, minimalist, clean, providing a white canvas for Color Me Knot to accentuate the hair colour further, to communicate an aesthetic technique that infuse hairstyles and fashion that goes hand in hand, more often than not. It further seals the position of Shiseido Professional in the hair industry for being a brand that constantly pushes the boundaries of creativity when it comes to both products and artistic presentations. Check out this previous blog posts here and you will know what we mean.

When one think of this basic colour white, words like soft, pure, natural, romantic would conjure up in your mind, but this Spring/Summer 2014, under the interpretation by Shiseido's team, white has a new meaning - powerful, futuristic, sharp and mysterious, it goes well with everything, but it cannot be ordinary! As for hairdo, be prepared for wet and dry, natural and strong, tight and flared hairstyles by Shiseido Professional. 

At the presentation, guests had the opportunity to witness how the latest looks were created first-hand using the two main featured products,  new Stage Work Spiky Booster and Powder Shake. Under the skillful hands of Mr. Yoshiyuki, the models' hair were transformed on the spot, giving them that edgy look that the season promises. 

Now, you may ask, what's trending now in Japan in terms of hairstyles for this Spring/Summer look? With Color Me Knot, the men's fashion has a bold presence with a touch of playfulness and relaxation. Hairstyle will be square and off-the-face, with deep side-parts that emphsize on masculinity - combined with a rough, unruly sense of movement and a wet feel like freshly towel-dried hair. These slightly laid back hairstyles focus on male sensuality and they go well with the fashion trend of formal wear that is worn slightly dishevelled for a pop-like sensation. 

As for lady's style, this season, the focus will be on "bold" white, with powerful fashion styles highlighting the contrast between light material textures and voluminous silhouettes. Hairstyle will add playfulness to the texture and shape, giving it a natural styling finish. The main makeup trend will be natural-looking makeup, focused on the skin, with colour accents around the eyes.  Check out some of the cool looks above for both men and women, under the Color Me Know collection inspiration. How to achieve those looks? Click on the image below for details *_^ Our favourites? Spicy Loose and High-end Side Part! 

Here are the two featured hair products for the season which you can apply to achieve the latest looks. We do hope it has inspired you to try out some new trends, whether you have short hair or long, it doesn't really matter, does it? Style to your heart's content according to your mood and occasion for the day! It is so versatile. It's great to be able to keep up to date on what's trending in the hair industry. Before we sign off, we shall leave you with a tantalizing video from Color Me Knot. Check out those edgy futuristic fashion pieces, absolutely HEART them! Have a great  hair day, lovelies *_^ All pictures courtesy of Shiseido Professional team. Both products above are available at Shiseido Professional authorized salons.

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  1. These hairstyles look so chic and modern! I'm especially loving the look of the innocent bob and that powder shade sounds like a product I'd like to try!

    The MJB line is like candy! Once you get one thing you just want more ^_~
    Hope your week is off to a wonderful start Jenn!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Yeah, I guess the bob will suit you much since you have short hair, right? Are you able to get these products there, I wonder?

    Haha tell me about getting hooked...seriously, MJB does know how to make their line looks super chic and gorgeous, very simple and streamlined in terms of silhouette of the product casings themselves. Are they great in terms of application and performance?


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