Friday, May 23, 2014

Burberry Dances Its Way To Shanghai Elegantly

Only one word could describe how Burberry as a brand always succeed in delivering - MAGIC. They did it again last month, with their opening of Shanghai Burberry flagship store! Burberry took more than 1500 of its attended guests on a journey from the streets of London where the brand was originated, to the Autumn/Winter 2014 runway in Shanghai, amidst a dreamlike storm of beauty, from design, colours, magnificent visual presentation to live performances, music and fashion, all melt into one harmonious emotive performance that was breathtaking, to say the least. Burberry literally dances in Shanghai that beautiful night.

This British luxury brand celebrated its mark in Shanghai with a global audience eagerly watching and many celebrities guests on the night, followed by a paved London street flanked by city street lamps into the auditorium of the cinematic theatre style set. On the banks of Huangpo River, the custom-built venue in the Shanghai Shipyard features handcrafted elements inspired by the brand's global flagship, 121 Regent Street, which was the original site of one of the first cinemas in London. This night, the place came alive with all the glitz and glamour and guests were in for a huge surprise! 

Guests were treated to a short film unveiling the brand's rich heritage and history, live performances by British musician George Ezra performing "Did You Hear The Rain?". It soon followed by a neatly choreographed dance piece by dancers in Burberry's signature trench coats. The sound effect of the dripping rain by British DJ Gary Powell was most intriguing to ease the guests into this dreamy hypnotic mood of enjoying a romantic melody of an umbrella waltz, followed by the lightning and thunder. Ed Harcourts' "You Can't Stop The Rain" on the piano live was truly amazing! 

What ensued was even more mesmerizing for the guests as huge colourful visuals were lit up on the event space. We could imagine how excited and in awe it must have felt like for the audience, looking at those beautiful imagery of makeup and fashion shown on such huge proportion, so immersive! We could only wish we were there, feeling the vibe LIVE instead of watching the show on youtube *_^

What followed was the beautiful Burberry Bloomsbury Girls runway show (similar here) including models Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse and Qin Shu Pei. With hand-painted patterns filling the event space, followed by British musician Paloma Faith performing one of our favourite numbers from her, "Only Love Can Hurt Like This". The lovely journey culminated to a finale with British model Cara flying above the audience. 

It was such a visual feast indeed. We could only wish that one day, we could be invited to one of Burberry's shows. Till then, we are extremely loving the special Burberry Shanghai capsule collection shown here. We look forward to more beautiful things from the brand we continue to adore and fantasize over. Have a beautiful weekend ahead. Do check out the highlight video of the show below, but we would highly recommend you watch the entire full show here!

Want a tour of the Shanghai Burberry flagship store? Click onto our magazine above and have a look! Till then, stay luminous and happy, always *_^

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  1. Luxury brands like Burberry are very smart to focus on the Asian market where there is a big demand for luxury goods and they certainly know how to put on a marvelous show and draw in the big stars.

    Happy weekend Jenn!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Yes, indeed they are, Rowena! I love the fact that they always manage to maintain that certain standard of work put forth and how they connect with their consumers these days through technology and social media. They are pretty forward in that sense.

      You are have great one too, my friend! Thanks for dropping by *_^

  2. Burberry just seem to keep impressing us with classic pieces. Like what Rowena said, they're smart to start moving towards the Asian market which is huge right now. Though, I must say their quality is great and their style definitely dance around the classics still.

    1. Most definitely, Yen! Can't agree more with you *_^ Wonder if you have tried their makeup products?


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