Saturday, May 17, 2014

Get Funky With Your Designs

Do you love DIY? Do you have a tendency to want to move your furnitures around once in a while, or have the urge to decorate your wall with DIY items? If yes is the answer, then this wonderful website is where you should head to and check out. It's called Funkytime (here for more) It is full of interesting designing ideas and how you can beautify your space with some DIY approaches. They are packed with wicked ideas like how to iron-on your own minecraft t-shirts or create your own party invitation cards! We came across some home styling ideas which are awesome to spice up a space, especially with that bright yellow splash of colour to add some zest into your life. See for yourself what a difference a colour can make. 

We love the way they style the wall of framesd pictures and how the big yellow cross breaks up the white area of the living space, to create that contrasty look. Simple yet eye-popping *_^ Actually, if one learns the tricks, it is not that difficult to do. Here for more.

Want to know how that black beautiful sofa above was transformed from its original stale state? Here for a step-by-step guide.

Hope this gives you some inspiration if you ever wonder what to do with all your lovely family pictures. May you get your funky juice flowing with many more ideas from friends at Funkytime! Happy surfing. All pictures via the site.

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  1. I suck at DIY and fortunately, my bf is good at it! LOL! This idea is great and definitely suitable for the younger generation. That's in my opinion. I believe my parents will not enjoy it as much as me. I definitely like the touch of yellow on the wall.

  2. haha lucky you then to have a DIY kind of guy as your bf! Yup, older generation may find it a tag too bold for that splash of yellow! haha


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