Friday, May 2, 2014

[Star Gazing] The Cool and Gorgeous Daniel Henney

Our very first impression of this cool American-Korean hunk was way back when he acted in the Korean series, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, playing the nice guy who could never seem to get the girl. Much later, we caught him again, playing the "Mr. Perfect" in Seducing Mr. Perfect. There is something attractive about a dude like him who is fluent in both the English and Korean language (having the good looks to go with is not a bad thing too *_^ though he needs a little more work in his acting skill).

Here's a sizzling hot editorial of Daniel Henney for Elle Korea, the February 2014 issue, seen here, together with Kim Soo Hyun (not the "alien" though, *wink wink*). We love the retro and wild west feel to the spread, yet oozes with a certain ruggedness and feminine sexiness! Pictures via couch-kimchi here.

Man: Let's make a move, shall we?
Woman: Where, my love?
Man: Somewhere no one will find us...
Woman: Is it time already?
Man: Yes... but first, let me finish my coffee! 
Woman: Are you sure?
Man: Have never been this sure in my life.
Woman: I meant running away... like this
Man takes a long look at her, without saying another word. She knows, right there and then.
Woman: I shall wait for you in the car.
Man: Perfect! 
Man nods silently, hiding his razor-sharp gaze. 

Man grabs his car key and walks towards his car, but woman is no where to be seen.
The air is hot, the sun is strong, his throat is dry... bloody dry from the coffee!
Woman resurfaces and strolls towards man. He opens the door and lets her in.
Engine roars like a tiger, and they ride into the horizon, disappearing into the Californian murky sunset.

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  1. I wasn't really feeling this particular editorial but I do like the narrative you came up to accompany it :) I see Daniel Henney occasionally on American tv shows now and it's fun to recall his start in K-dramas. My Lovely Sam Soon is still one of my all time faves.

    Have a fantastic week Jenn!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. haha I guess everyone relates to certain visuals differently:)) Yes, My Lovely Sam Soon remained one of my favourites too as female lead is very real and down to earth as a character.


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