Friday, May 9, 2014

Discovering The Wonders of Jaeger-LeCoultre SIHH 2014 Novelties

When time leaves a trace of its existence in a space which all fine watchmaking enthusiasts find their inspiration from, it must have also brought with it the mark of a great master - the artisans, the designers, the engineers, each and every one of the talent behind this pioneer inventor, innovator and illustrious manufacturer whose expertise and virtuosity has been consistently upheld since way back in 1833! Jaeger-LeCoultre has been fueled by the same passion in its on-going quest for technical perfection in haute horology by bringing us the finest in intricately-designed and engineered watches, conveying the designers' ideas through lines, anticipating what tomorrow will bring and subtly blending past, present and future. 

Celebrated its 180 years of expertise in haute horology just last year, this year, Jaeger-LeCoultre takes it a notch higher by combining its deep legacy with the latest cutting edge technology by revealing the brand's latest 2014 novelties recently, featured at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, SIHH 2014. We were lucky enough, to be one of the few, to be invited to marvel at some of the iconic timepieces at Neo Tamarind not too long ago. It was one experience that was hard to forget. Alexis Delaporte, Managing Director of Jaeger-LeCoultre, South East Asia and Australia was also present and even took some time off to accompany us for a quick photo session *_^

The virescent surroundings and quiet corners of the event location imbued guests with a sense of hope and anticipation for the latest collection. One could even come close enough to admire the exceptional work of art of these timepieces. It was such a wonderful way to start off a morning.

Among the pieces showcased were Jeager-LeCoultre's iconic Reverso Night and Day with automatic movement, the Master Ultra Thin 1907, the Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylindrique, Duomètre Unique Travel Time, the Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic and many others.

Guests had a chance to mingle around with Alexis, to get to understand better the workings and design of each timepieces, and later one, a more detailed presentation about the cutting edge technology ensued. All Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are made with high precision and refinement. "A watch is an emotion", emphasized Alexis during the presentation. How very true indeed.

As we were served our delightful lunch, guests were also being shown up close a few pieces of the selected watches from the collection. Looking at them in close proximity did make a whole lot of difference as the craftsmanships and technology was vividly demonstrated.

It was most definitely a morning that was as enchanting, if not, as informative for us to be able to understand, and come to appreciate such fine art in the Swiss horological industry. Our favourite picks? Most definitely a hard choice! I personally love the Master Ultra Thin series, the Rendez-Vous Date and the Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic (especially hubby *_^). Why don't you decide for yourselves? For more of the brand, see here and connect with them via their facebook page here.

Till we meet again at our next event, we shall leave you with an amazing video from Jaeger-LeCoultre to enjoy. It is an art of work most indeed worth investing into if one ever values fine craftsmanships and knows how to appreciate time!

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