Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Photo App That Matters by VSCO

We at luminnej absolutely love beautiful visuals, we adore the fact that these days, any picture (even the ones taken with a mobile phone) can be beautiful, as long as you know how to achieve that, with some help from mobile apps which are so prevalent out there. Some of our favourites are snapseed, Fotor, Line Camera, Tadaa SLR, among others.

Of late, we stumbled upon an app that is so so awesome. It's an app basically for enthusiastic photographers, for artists to showcase their work, with the use of some built-in filters, which the fine people at VSCO called presets. It's truly amazing how much you can achieve just by tweaking your pictures with the app. It is also a community which truly appreciate the art of photography. They make it a point not to make it too social driven with likes and number of followers like Instagram (which in a way, is the fun part of it too), it's solely stunning visuals to be admired upon, in their exact words, "Beautiful imagery trumps social clout, therefore number of followers, comments and likes are absent from the platform".

So much talents and excellent work out there. Just to elaborate how far the range is and how much you you could manipulate and enhance your pictures, here are some of ours, with different look and feel. If you love to play with visuals, you will love this. Check out the mobile app called VSCOCAM here or their main website here. We had so much fun fiddling with it recently. The only thing that the app doesn't have is the ability to "sharpen" your pictures. Once you are happy with the end result after the editing, you can upload them onto the space called GRID. They have a curated grid where good works are being featured constantly. Must check it out there!

All pictures were taken with mobile phone except image2, 4 and 7 (the wholemeal bread on Home Journal Magazine) We hope you like our shots. Do check out more of our VSCO pictures here. Give it a try, we are pretty sure that you will love it too. Have a great weekend *_^

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  1. You take some really good pictures too! I have VSCO on my phone as well but recently I discovered one which is pretty cool too but it's not free. It's called PicLab. I'm sure each and every app has it's own special function which the others does not have. So just as long as you're comfortable in using it, that's good enough =)

    1. Thanks for liking my pics. Oh really? PicLab ya? I have not tried it yet... yup each app has its own merits, the only thing about VSCO is that they don't have the "sharpening" function, so I usually end up combining a few apps together to create the look I am going for *_^ can be time consuming a little but much fun once you see the end result.

      Thanks for stopping by dearie and leave me comments *_^


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