Saturday, May 3, 2014

[Star Gazing] The Many Faces of Jeon Ji Hyun

We are pretty sure that you have at least heard of this recent drama, or vaguely have an impression of it by now but the one who plays this outrageous and somewhat funny Korean actress in the series is no stranger to any kdrama fans out there. Unfortunately, we personally have not really seen much of her work prior to catching the series (in an express marathon mode, mind you, within two nights, shown over at ONE!), but managed to follow this drama called My Love From The Star (official Korean website here). She is none other than the sassy Jeon Ji Hyun

Honestly, we find the female lead character Cheon Song-Yi, in the drama quite weak throughout, not much character arch (am putting on my screenwriter glasses here, talking *_^) but we do have to admit that Jeon Ji Hyun plays the role quite "brilliantly" by being, at times, crazily funny and never really take herself (and the character) too seriously to begin with. Actually, what was slightly more interesting about the drama was more of the character of the male lead, Do Min-Joon (played by the cute young actor, Kim Soo Hyun), which we shall not go into for now! 

Nevertheless, this tall lady does look pretty charming and beautiful in these two separate editorials for Harper's Bazaar Korea and China. There is something very "fishy" about them that you really need to check it out at our friend, Rolala Loves' blog post here for she picked it up so sharply that we didn't even notice it in the first place. 

Which version we love? We have to say both as they have a slightly different feel to them (hence we included them here. We especially love the blue and turquoise pieces worn by her. 

For whatever it is, she does stand out in the series, apart from the male lead. We believe with this, she has again, sealed and regained her place in the Korean entertainment industry for playing a memorable role that has become a household name by now. Smart choice! All pictures via couch-kimchi here.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and stay luminous always *_^

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  1. I just finished this drama and even though I didn't love it I do think that JJH gave an outstanding performance and her wardrobe was definitely incredible. As you know I have mixed feelings about these editorials particularly in the way they're styled and retouched. It feels like they did injustice to her because she really doesn't need it. Anyway thanks for the shoutout ^_^

    Have a marvelous week Jenn!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Yup, that I have to agree with you that she looks stunning due to the styling. They really know how to make her "shine" whenever she is on screen *_^ and yes, I absolutely agree with you that she needs no re-touching as she is already so tall and slim... sometimes, we just can't figure out what's going on in the editor's mind by approving such work.

      You have a great one too, Rowena.


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