Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Places | Beautiful Bali Experience: Part 1

We absolutely, completely fell in love with Bali! Yes, no question about it. As naive as it may sound, even though it was only a weekend trip and a short 3-day stay (our first time to Bali), this beautiful place has stolen a piece of our heart away, the moment we stepped feet there recently. See how we packed for the trip here

Jetlag? No way as Malindo Airline was such a pleasant flight that time whisked away like the late morning breeze that welcomed us. We had so much fun with the shoot, our stay at Centra Taum Seminyak Bali and the lovely villa and local delights. Come with us and discover more!

We had to head to the beach to cover some shots for our shoot of the Allianz Junior Football Camp (AJFC) some time after lunch, so off to the beach we went. It was pretty near where the boys were staying at, Villa Lumbung, Seminyak. The hotel is just a stone throw away from ours, which we had not have the time to check in just yet. 

Idyllic and windy, the beach greeted us with open arms and with its nonchalant way of the people of Bali. While shooting, I managed to grab some shots for LUMINNEJ. It was such a beautiful late afternoon. A magical sunset was imminent. That was really relaxing and fun. 

Our stay was at the Centra Taum Seminyak Bali (here for more), it is located at the heart of a tourist district area which is a heaven for shoppers (shopaholics arrive here will have no cure anymore!). The small boutiques are packed with delights that you can literally shop till you drop! We won't go there any further as we didn't even have a chance to do so since this was a working trip, haha *_^ Back to Centra, we love love love the industrial and hideaway kind of feel to the small little villa. 

Don't be fooled by the entrance as it is just a facade that will revealed more once you head on towards the rooms. We had a really nice room with a balcony (though not much view), but we were contented as we completely dived straight onto our comfortable bed which was so inviting by then already, at the end of our day shoot! Gosh... it was heavenly. 

The next two days were mostly spent at this world-class recreation and sports club called Canggu Club (here for more) since the training for AJFC was held there. It is a really relaxing environment and there is also a newly built theme park just next to the football field. This is a place for family and those who really love sports and want to sweat it all out and feel alive and heathy! 

Back in our villa, we had great yummy breakfasts for the duration of our stay. Breakfast by the poolside and guess what? We were so busy with our shoot that our swimsuit was still packed in our luggage, nicely and neatly folded (gosh! What a waste, just look at that pool *_^) That was the one thing we didn't get around doing at Centra Taum Seminyak! Oh well, guess it is a sign to call us back for another trip, perhaps? Haha!

Nonetheless, we managed to squeeze in some time during our shoots and head to somewhere REALLY amazing! Stay tuned for our second parter to find out more ya *_^

We wonder if you have ever been to Bali and what was the best part of your travel? All right, signing off for now! See you all soon on our next adventure. To learn more about this beautiful location called Bali, we feel this is a good place to start. Click here!

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  1. Your pictures reminded me of my failed Bali trip (it's supposed to happen this year but it didn't, hah!) and that I should really go there for vacation. IT'S TIME FOR ME TO PLAN AGAIN.

    1. Yes, Max! You really need to have a look into heading there this year! We are sure you will love it as much as we have *_^

      Looking forward to reading about your adventure real soon!


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