Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review: clé de peau BEAUTÉ Autumn/Winter 2014 Makeup at ROCHAS and Its Runway Looks

This is one runway look we absolutely covet and feel it can definitely be transformed effortlessly into our daily makeup look! Yes, we are talking about one of our all-time favourite Japanese makeup and skincare brands, clé de peau BEAUTÉ, a brand that embraces the belief of beauty comes from within, with its concept, Radiance Becomes You, the lovely Hollywood actress-singer Amanda Seyfried as the brand ambassador is the perfect testament to this ideal by the brand.

What is beauty, and how to achieve the radiant looks of these models at the Rochas runway show previously with  clé de peau BEAUTÉ's latest Autumn/Winter 2014 collection? Let's dive into it, shall we?

Lucia Pieroni, Creative Director and official Colour Creator of clé de peau BEAUTÉ created the looks that travel back in time for Rochas runway show where models were transported back to the past, carrying the 60s "dolly" look. Her concept was to create a "messy, Sophia Loren on holiday" effect, which we completely heart!

The makeup focused very much on the eyes, lots of lashes, big big lashes. According to Lucia, each model at the show had threes sets of fake lashes methodically cut and pasted in an overlapping pattern onto the upper and lower lash lines coated with clé de peau BEAUTÉ's new-for-all mascara! Don't they just look deliciously divine?

The faces are carefully prepped with the brand's radiant boosting Le Sérum (here for more) and its new Illuminating Concentrate Mask (here for more) , and applied with the latest clé de peau BEAUTÉ Silky Cream Foundation (we shall review this fabulous product in our future post soon!). The lips are kept natural and almost neutral, with the latest delicate nude pink tones from the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection.

We are totally in love with the new limited edition lipstick, Silk No.210 right after the preview of the collection (here if you missed our blog post) It is a silky nude colour that gives the most natural neutral shade to our lips. It accentuates the contour and leaves the lips with a luscious moisture, like other clé de peau BEAUTÉ lipsticks that we own. They always make your lips feel so loved and tender and never drying. The other two new shades are Satin No.111 and Velvet No.312 More on Extra Rich Lipsticks here. Definitely a must have item in our purse!

Another wonderful item to have in our makeup collection is most definitely the new concealer. All the late nights working do take a toll on us. This is the key to "faking" a well-rested bright eyes for the day (instead of those panda-looking ones!). This emulsion-based treatment concealer works wonder in concealing dark spots and under eye circles to create a beautifully even and toned complexion. We shall never go out without this anymore *_^ Here for more. We love the texture and the easiness in smoothing the product out under our eyes. The two new shades are almond and mocha. Definitely a life-saver!

Of course, we can always re-create those beautiful soft eyes look from the Rochas models with this new and latest clé de peau BEAUTÉ's Eye Colour Quad. We got one in the shade number 306. It is a range of four lovely nude to darker shades: One peach beige nude, one almost chocolate, one shimmery silver and one dark noir. The textures are very smooth and with four stunning shades, one can create any gradation and the smokey eyes of your choice, complete with a soft shimmery look if you like, as it is pretty pigmented, but in a refined and not too over-empowering way. That's what we love about this latest quad. Here for more lovely shades in the palettes.

Back to those Rochas runway look, we are most definitely going gaga over those doll-like lashes! If only we know how to put the fake lashes on! Darn... must start learning already *_^

All right, luckily, Lucia shares a few good tips for keeping a single strip of fake lashes or a few individual clusters on the right side of retro. So, are you ready?

Rule #1
When doing a heavy lash, the rest of the makeup should be minimal to give the look a more modern spin.

Rule #2
Attempting a full strip of lashes is more complicated for some than gluing a few individual clusters between your natural hairs at home.

Fake lashes are typically straighter in shape than the natural curvature of your eyelids. "I usually bend them around with something first, like a pencil," Lucia suggests as a preliminary step to better fit.

Always curl your lashes before applying false ones. The action will create an anchor for the false lashes to sit on.

Lash glue can be tricky business. Once you've lined your lashes with clear adhesive, wave it around so it gets a little tacky, otherwise the lash is not going to stay on.

Faux lashes work extremely well with a few coats of your favourite mascara, which works to bind them with your natural lashes. A heavier application lends them a slightly messier "cool girl" feel that's hard not to love. Use just the tip of your mascara wand for more control to fully coat each individual lash.

Now, those are some great tip for a have-no-idea-how-to-put-on fake lashes kind of gal *_^

We know this post is a tad long but hey, guess you all know why as we love the looks and the brand dearly! Hope you have fun creating your own looks that you heart and remember, if it's not fun, it won't be makeup after all, right? Here for more of clé de peau BEAUTÉ!

Stay tuned for more luminous stories and be happy, always *_^

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  1. Totally gorgeous lashes! It does remind me of Shu Uemura a little. After all, Shu is also a Japanese brand =) These Japanese brands do have very beautiful pastel colors and I'm always very amazed with their color combo =)

  2. Yes, loving those lashes too! So pretty right? Thanks for dropping by dearie *_^ Have a great holiday tomorrow, shall we?


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