Friday, September 19, 2014

[Inspiration] Style Crush: Once Over Lightly By Agnes

By now you would know we love love love strong beautiful visuals! Visuals that tell a certain story within the shot, within that little frame. In films, we call it mise-en-scene

Again, it was love at first sight, when we first chanced upon this beautiful blog by this lovely little lady called Agnes, blogging at her blog simply called Once Over Lightly. Absolutely loving her photography style, making the simplest thing look so exceptionally enticing. This engineer by profession shares her love for all things pretty, which include nail colours, luxurious buys, amazing travels, delicious-looking food snaps and many more with great details, visually!

The visuals are to die for (only wish we can take as beautiful pictures as hers!). Well, long way to go, but we shall get there, one day *_^ Before that, we shall leave you to marvel over the results of her skillful captures and her fashion and beauty adventures. 

The chosen pictures here are only glimpses of a treasure throve of many more stunning visuals. Go over to her blog here for more pictures in full view with vivid colours and textures! All pictures via her blog. Don't they just look gorgeous? This is one of the few Malaysian blogs that we feel has gotten the visuals truly right and looking oh so fabulous! 

Missed our previous style crushes? You can see more here (A Minute Away From Snowing) and here (The Chronicles of Her). Till our next new discovery, have a beautiful weekend ahead, lovelies! Stay luminous and happy, always *_^

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  1. love the blog! thanks for this post! I always love your style crush post. xx

  2. Thanks thanks dear Arely! Glad that you love our style crushes so far *_^ Hope you are having your own crushes since the NYFW times!

  3. Thank you so much, Jeann! I did not expect this at all!

    Let's meet up for tea/minum soon!

    1. Haha I share what I love, Aggie... I have quite some crushes as I go along, which is pretty fun for me!
      Oh sure, you have my contact number? Don't think I have yours though... email la when you are free to meet *_^ looking forward to that!


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