Monday, September 29, 2014

[Inspiration] Photographer Crush | Fiona Quinn from New Zealand

New Zealand is a perfect canvas for great photography and this time around, our crush brought us exactly there, all the way to Auckland, New Zealand where this photographer, Fiona Quinn captures her beautiful editorial spreads for magazines like M2 Women's Magazine, Remix (just to name a few) and shoots for lookbooks, advertisements, campaigns, among others. We especially love her clean, easy and detailed studio captures of makeup and beauty shots for beauty brands. The makeup looks are vivid and pop right out in front of you. 

We love some of the regal, haunting beauty or a little experimental moody looks of the visuals done by Fiona as well. They look really enticing and seem to lure you into that fantasy world, momentarily. A great escapade, nonetheless. We are pretty sure there will be more exciting ones to come out of her. 

Let's go to the land of Lord of the Rings and see more, shall we?

Subject of the photographed is crucial in bringing out a certain mood or emotions, and further accomplished the intended purpose of a visual. We find some of her work truly captures that very reason. Here are some of our favourite LUMI pics.

Discover more of Fiona Quinn's portfolio here. All pictures via Fiona Quinn's website. You can also follow her latest work and project updates here via instagram. We hope you are inspired to capture great shots, as much as we have, by looking at Fiona's awesome work!

Stay luminous and happy, always and have a beautiful week ahead *_^

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  1. Fiona's beauty work is just stunning! Thanks for sharing Jeann!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Most welcomed, Rowena! Thanks for dropping by *_^


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