Thursday, October 2, 2014

[Faces] Quick Chat With The Fabulous M.A.C Senior Artist, Romero Jennings

As a Senior Artist for M.A.C Cosmetics, this fabulously talented Romero Jennings creates lavish, exotic and handsome looks for a lively list of celebrity clientele including Toni Colette, David Schwimmer, Naomi Campbell, Momoi Kaori (Memoirs of a Geisha), just to name a few. A true to M.A.C's credo, he worked with all ages and across different types of projects, from creating makeup for Broadway plays, music videos, fashion shows (from New York to Milan) to fashion magazines (from Vogue to Vibe). 

His fascination with vibrant colours perhaps stems from his Kingston, Jamaican background where he was exposed to in his very early years. According to Romero, "Colours in Jamaica are more saturated than anywhere else I've travelled, it's like if you look at a hibiscus flower in Jamaica, it's the most vivid red that you will ever see! Therefore, I see inspirations, in colours, everywhere".

We were really lucky to be able to attend the recent M.A.C Cosmetics Autumn/Winter 2014 Makeup Trends Presentation (previous blog post here) where Romero was presenting, personally, to show us what are the up-and-coming makeup trends, as well as recreating some of the looks on the models. We even had a quick chat with Romero himself. Here is a glimpse of what we talked about, that very late morning. 

What do you love most about the latest makeup trends?
What I love most of the looks is that they are very very versatile, the runway looks that you see here, which we have presented can be easily transferred into your everyday look, no matter where you are and what you do! That's truly amazing, I feel.

How does one achieve that glowing and radiant skin? 
Like any other work before the real actual work begin, makeup is all about prepping the face. It is very important so that you get the best makeup result out of it. Some of my favourite products to achieve that glowing look: Lightful Softening Lotion to condition the skin as it is full of high-power active ingredients. A cream colour base sometimes is added to create a certain colour effect that I would like to achieve on the skin. Of course, finish off with a dust of Mineralize Skinfinish to achieve that luxurious velvety-soft glowing look.

What do you believe most in makeup?
I believe placement is essential and I love colours. I believe that makeup should look like you, but enhancing your features further with makeup and I am a strong believer in innovations when it comes to the art form. I would go all the way out to create a feather or even paper eyelashes myself for a photo shoot if that is required. I adore pushing the envelope with what I can achieve with makeup.

"I Dream With My Hands That Anything Is Possible" said the passionate Romero Jennings

What would you be doing if you were not a makeup artist today?
Well, I would still be some sort of an artist, I believe. It's in my blood. I love gardening whenever I have the time!

Well, Romero confessed that he loves to be the key makeup artist for a runway show, he likes the interpretive synergy whereby he could get the inspiration from the designer and create the look and get everything ready for the team. One has to be passionate about what one does, that's what he strongly believes.

We definitely had an awesome time talking to this friendly and absolutely professional Romero. You can actually follow Romero's latest work, including his most recent backstage makeup for big fashion shows via his instagram feeds here and more on M.A.C Cosmetics here.

Our special thanks goes out to Sim for arranging us the interview and for inviting LUMINNEJ to be a part of this great presentation. We shall share more with you on the latest makeup trends in our future post soon! So stay tuned for more. All backstage pictures courtesy of friends at M.A.C Cosmetics Malaysia. Can't get enough of M.A.C? We know you want it >>> Here for more.

Till our next FACES personality chat, have a great weekend ahead *_^

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