Sunday, October 12, 2014

[Star Gazing] Shin Se Kyung In Black And White for Elle Korea

Our very first impression of this young lady was way back in 2006 when she first star alongside the charming Korean heart throb Hyun Bin in the korean movie, A Millionaire's First Love... or is it? BUT hey no! On second glance, we could be SO wrong! Which our dear blogger friend, Rowena has kindly pointed out to us in her comment below, she is NOT Lee Yeon-Hee whom we initially thought she was, but mistaken her for SHIN SE KYUNG! Thanks my dear friend for pointing this out to us *_^ We have made such a big mistake. Our sincere apologies. (digging a hole to hide ourselves and secretly wishing that Shin is not reading our blog post now! Yucks)

We love the simplicity of these shots. She exudes a certain kind of sensuality, amidst the simple elegance of the outfits. Quite some awards under her belt (mini series, When A Man Loves and drama Tree With Deep Roots), we are expecting more great things from Shin. We shall leave you with the rest of the pictures. Visuals from Elle Korea.

Till our next Star Gazing moment, have a beautiful and luminous Sunday! 

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  1. I'm sorry to have to tell you this but the woman in this editorial is Shin Se Kyung not Lee Yeon Hee. Alot of these actresses do kind of look alike though O_o

    Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend Jeann!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Hi Hi Rowena,

    Thanks so much for highlighting this to me! Such a big boo-boo I have made here. I will make the changes or perhaps delete this post then.

    That goes to show how plastic surgery can be so realistic these days and it's hard to differentiate them all... but you would know best!

    Thanks again for the info, my dear friend.

    1. Having said that, am not suggesting that either one of them has done any alterations to their faces. Just that most Korean entertainers have gone under the knife at some point or the other... My hubby was just saying, the other day, while watching the Korean drama Angel Eyes, he wonders how the female lead looks like "before"...

      We will never know. Besides, it's personal choice after all.

      Have a great week ahead. My weekend has come to an end already *_^ Time flies.


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