Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review: clé de peau BEAUTÉ Autumn/Winter 2014 Radiant Fluid Foundation and Vera Wang's Looks

Have you ever dreamt of having a radiant skin? Do you love to have a makeup look that is luminously beautiful, and you just look glowing? We absolutely adore such looks as we are one that likes our makeup look to not conceal way too much, but rather, enhance our look, and of course, makes us look just like ourselves, only BETTER! We believe the right foundation will help prepare such a canvas to achieve that look.

One of the most exciting new makeup items that came with the recent launch of clé de peau BEAUTÉ Autumn/Winter 2014 collection (event blog post here) is this Japanese brand's latest technology of liquid foundation - Radiant Fluid Foundation. We love liquid foundation (compared to compact and two-way cake) as we love the fluidity of it. This one from clé de peau BEAUTÉ is very  dreamy, we feel!

In fact, it was used by Lucia Pieroni, Creative Director and official Colour Creator of clé de peau BEAUTÉ and her team, to create barely-there-makeup looks for the models to Vera Wang's Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear runway show previously. Let's explore how the foundation was being used, shall we ? And what we think of it?

Tactile Experience
It comes in a all-black paper box, like most clé de peau BEAUTÉ makeup products, looking sleek and luxurious. The bottle has an almost golden-brass shining cap, with the sides designed like a fan-shape all-rounded that gives it that radiant element as it reflects lights from all angles. A beautiful clé de peau BEAUTÉ  logo to top it off on the cap. Exquisite indeed. Since it is not a glass bottle, it is surprisingly very lightweight and makes carrying around really easy (hand carry will be a breeze at airports as it is only 30ml *_^)

Texture & Finishing
Very lightweight and fluid, it is extremely easy to blend. We love the sheer texture of it as upon contact, it feels like it melts right into our skin, creating a canvas for smooth application of other makeup products after that. "A completely new type of foundation that veils the skin with layers of light making your complexion lustrously dewy and irresistible. clé de peau BEAUTÉ  technology controls the foundation powder particles on the skin's surface for a new level of beauty. Like liquid radiance, there's never been a finish quite like this". Now, that we do have to agree. It's not quite powdery finish, yet it's not matte either. It is dewy and fits the skin really well. It almost looks as if we had not really put on foundation, but yet, our complexion seems to even out and looks uplifted and refreshed, almost has a soft focus sort of effect *_^

It looks like the natural bare minimal makeup look was what Vera Wang was going for during her Fall2014 Ready-To-Wear runway show recently. All models's skin were prepped well and layered on with this latest radiant fluid foundation. They look almost hardly had any makeup on, don't you think? All head shot pictures of models via here from

If you are a big fan of natural looking and radiantly glowing makeup, especially base makeup for your face, this would be a foundation that you may be interested to look into, though the price can be steep. It is retailed at RM395 for 30ml. Available at clé de peau BEAUTÉ boutique at Pavilion KL and Suria KLCC.

If you are keen to discover how lashes are loaded up and took centre stage at the Rochas runway show using the other makeup items from clé de peau BEAUTÉ Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, here for more. Really really pretty, we must say *_^ More on the brand and their latest collections here.

Till our next makeup discovery, stay luminous and happy always *_^

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  1. Wow! It looks like it is the real deal, I love a no makeup makeup look! I need to look for this! thanks.

  2. Hi dear Arely,

    Yes, do test it out at the counter. Not too sure if you have this brand in NYC though, but I LOVE their lipsticks! Really nice and luxurious. Though can be pricy as casing is sold separately for lipsticks, as well as eyeshadows!

    But it's a brand worth checking out if you have the extra money to spare and would like to pamper yourself once in a blue moon or for that special occasion.

    Thanks for dropping by. Hope you are enjoying your time back home!



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