Friday, October 17, 2014

KLFW2014: The Signature of Sandra Azwan

This is our last installment of a series of blog post on the recent Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014 and this post is SO fashionably late *_^ Sorry about this but guess better late than never, right? Sandra dear Sandra, where shall we begin?

We knew Sandra way back in 2007 when he was a graduating fashion student back then, joining the Mifa8 Fashion Forward competition that year, a competition as well as a fashion TV reality show which we produced and directed (PATJENN FILM, my full time work!) and Sandra was one of the top8 finalists! What we remembered most about him has always been his sketches and drawings of his designs. Very SANDRA! That was how we knew Sandra. Perhaps that was also one of the reasons why we got ourselves a front-row seat invitation, specially arranged by this young designer friend of ours (whom we love him so much for! Seriously). Watching fashion show up-close makes a world of difference, really. 

Sandra has always been a fashion designer who is willing to push the limits and we have always remembered him being this very fashion forward sort of a designer. He was extremely confident about his design work and will always be proud of them, no matter what others may think (even the judges included). We love for a fact that he found his VOICE in the world of fashion, during that very early stage of his fashion work, which can be easily drowned out by so much influences out there. His style is apparent, even till today, his latest showcase at the recent KL Fashion Week is no exception. We could not have been more happier for him, truly. 

This latest collection of Sandra sees a whole lots of colours, his signature geometrical designs is still very much prevalent, but the use of jersey materials, with a touch of sportiness was a little different from his usual leather materials and structured silhouettes. But the whole collection looked so fun and breezy. The models walked down the runway showcasing an array of colours and designs that could make you feeling all young and happy all over again.

We love the jacket pieces, most definitely. There is something cool about the collection that we find intriguing, don't you think so? Boy, we are glad that we got to view the whole collection from such a close distance, though our picture snapping technique is still not up to par yet *_^ But guess you have an idea of how they looked and felt that day during the fashion runway. If not, you can always check out more details at Sandra's official website here.

Our friend, Sandra is always looking cool in picture! Can never get him to squeeze a smile *_^

Congratulations to our young designer friend, Sandra for a successful show and we look forward to your collection next year! (please give us front row seat again, please *_^) The electric purple picture above is one of our favourites of Sandra previous collection! Aren't they looking so cool? If you would like to keep more updated with him, read his blog then. He is pretty active over there too *_^

Guess this is the end of our fashion show series. We hope to catch more shows next year around, if the opportunity permits. Till then, have a luminous and happy weekend ahead!

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  1. The geometric color blocking definitely makes his designs stand out. How cool that you've gotten to see his career evolve and grow throughout the years.

    Happy weekend Jeann!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Yes, Rowena, am pretty lucky in this way! Always amazing to see how a designer evolves through the years and his/her collection!

      Thanks for dropping by *_^


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