Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Beautiful Scent of The Rain With My Burberry

Listening, listening, to each of your echoing call, each of your note, 
that is left beating, against the corner of my mind, the shadow of my happiness, 
to be, to be, that drop of rain, that lingers upon the wondering melody, 
the scent of roses, beneath the folds of pouring rain, 
you are more than just my first encounter, to the wanderlust, the world of scent, 
that only captures the imagination, of a woman who is looking, for that 
very note, that is who she feels she may be.

You are more than the scent, that captures the heart, that awakens the senses, 
that leaves a mark, to be yearn upon, 
again and again, 
you are that mystery gift, that breath of fresh air, 
that can only be called, my one and only
My Burberry

Listen and listen, listen to the voice, singing for the rain, 
for it holds so much of a lullaby, 
that is ever so irresistible. Have you ever wondered,
how much the rain holds, a discovery to the world, 
a world beyond words, and can only be felt, 
through those smells that come with the falling rain?
Rain oh rain, please stay, 
the sun can come, another day.

A beautiful scent such as My Burberry, has that sort of magic, to transport one's imagination, and take you into a whole different world, onto a journey of self discovery in the world of senses. My Burberry came to us as a pleasant surprise (thanks to Burberry Malaysia *_^), at a time when we were exploring fragrances. The last we had was way back during our uni time, and we never really owned another fragrance since, as we are quite sensitive to scents (some will give us slight headache and dizziness). 

My Burberry came in a nice earthy-coloured paper bag, simple and no-fuss and the bottle is packed within a brown paper box, as simple as the paper bag. We read about My Burberry briefly on Elle Malaysia magazine just the other day that, the famous perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian says that everything has its structure, including creating fragrances. Together with Christopher Bailey, they build the notes to My Burberry one step at a time, starting from concept, the story to the notes and the various layers and ingredients (read about the makeup of My Burberry via our previous blog post here). According to him, My Burberry is unpolished, unlike a French fragrance, but it has character, it is quintessentially very British, interesting indeed.

When we first had the fragrance on, it somewhat hits us, in a grand way, almost feels as though the scent is trying to make its presence to the wearer, not quite the imposing way, but rather, a little sophisticated sort of feel. As the time passes, the scent gradually mellows down to a soft enveloping feel of dreamy quality, almost as if, like a veil, slowly slipping away to reveal its true sensual nature, peeling away the mystery behind it all, as though the woman in us, has finally arrived... and that, makes us happy and contented, in so many ways,

It does feel like a breath of fresh air right after the rain, and like any rain, no matter how long or how heavy it may seem, eventually, it makes way for the glittering sun, as it has finally decided to come out and play. Beautiful indeed. The best part is, we had ours monogrammed as LMJ and it will be our treasured grand floral fragrance for a long time to come. More details on the latest My Burberry here.

My Burberry EDP retails for RM205 (30ml), RM315 (50ml), RM465 (90ml) and RM10,250 (900ml)

We wonder what is your signature scent and how does it make you feel?

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  1. I was walking around Mid Valley when they launched this fragrance and I was wondering what was that wonderful scent lingering around. Then the sales person passed me a scent strip and I loved it instantly! I might consider getting one for myself soon =)

    1. haha, yes, Yen, it is beautiful indeed. Hope you will love it as much as I do *_^

  2. Very informative post about My Burberry! I haven't gotten the opportunity to test it yet, but the bottle is gorgeous, and I can't wait to give it a sniff! I love pretty much all the other Burberry fragrances, and I'm hoping this one is no different. Beautiful photos, and great writing :)


    1. Thanks Ashley for the compliments, I do love their Sheer fragrance, had some strip samples previously, was thinking of actually planing to get sheer before My Burberry was launched *_^

      See you soon!

  3. I love love love this perfume! I have been using mine everyday <3

  4. I am trying to be diligent as need some getting used to putting on perfume as I have not done this before *_^ Glad to say that I am getting the hang of it and really loving MyBurberry!


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