Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Soiree To Discover The Art of Enamel by Jaeger-LeCoultre

Take a stroll around, flip through the pages, have a peek, bath yourself in the breath of light fresh orchid scent mingled in the beautiful Tuesday afternoon air, that was what we told ourselves, as we shall take a quiet walk back in time, in a period when the art of exquisite detailing work was painfully mastered through years of practice, where patience is indeed, very much a prized virtue.

Splendidly embodying the love of detail that has always characterized Jaeger-LeCoultre, that art of miniature enamel painting highlights the absolute beauty of the horological feats accomplished by the Manufacture. We of course, were privileged indeed, to be invited to marvel at the masterful pieces brought in specially for the occasion, all thanks to Jaeger-LeCoultre Malaysia!

Miniature enamel painting, is a century-old art and discipline that is hardly taught in today's world, but as a loyal guardian of the finest watchmaking traditions, the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre perpertuates the most ancient techniques applied in decorating watches. It delights in seeking out the most authentic enamels, which it then entrusts to the expert hands of its enamel artists. In fact, Jaeger-LeCoultre hosts one of the world's only workshops with the know-how to produce miniature painting on enamel.

We were particularly intrigued by this piece showcased that afternoon - Jaeger-LeCoultre brooch watch in Art Nouveau style called Circa 1910, from the Pioneers of Time For Women Series Since 1833! Jaeger-LeCoultre made wrist watches, pendant watches and brooch watches, all embellished by the finest engravers, enamellers and gem-setters. It was to commemorate and celebrate the rise and importance of women pioneers who were eventually being recognized in the 19th century. Such a meaningful piece of work, we feel. More about the series here.

Of course, the main "star" of the afternoon, was in fact this other piece of work-of-art, a wrist watch Reverso Eclipse. The lovely Country Manager of Jaeger-LeCoultre, Reena Tan explained, accompanied by a lovely model holding that exquisite piece, that this is also a part of the enamelling watch that Jaeger-LeCoultre is truly proud of due to its high craftsmanship and meticulous details. She even showed us how the paintings can be concealed by winding it and you will then have a Reverso watch to read time with! Simply amazing indeed.

The three enamel miniaturists now working in the Manufacture have mastered all the traditional techniques: grand feu, champleve, translucent and cloisonné. Still driven by the same thirst for discovery, they have recently developed an exclusive process which gives the subject extraordinary depth. Just slightly tilting the miniature under a light source reveals colour variations and unsuspected perspectives and nuances. How cool is that, right?

It was indeed, a wonderful afternoon full of surprises and new discoveries for us! The world of enamel painting is one full of mysteries, wonders and most of all, elegance in subtlety and endurance of this fine art itself. More of this wonderful brand here. All pictures on the art of enamel painting courtesy of Jaeger-Le-Coultre.

We shall leave you with one video on Pendant Watch The Pioneers of Time Since 1833 for your viewing pleasure, which we absolutely fall in love with *_^ We sure look forward to our next event with Jaeger-LeCoultre! Till then, have a beautiful week ahead.

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  1. wow beautiful! so original ! thanks for sharing!

    1. beautiful, right, Arely? Love the detailed work! so amazing. thanks for dropping by!


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